Pilates Workout Core – Pilates Plank Exercises

Hi guys Lindsey here with Jim raw I have a tiller plank Pilates workout for you today So we will start by warming it up

We'll take a step at the back of our mat Take a big inhale and sweep your arms up feel winged from head to toe and then on your exhale round your spine Dive your hands toward the mat and then begin to walk yourself out into your first place Hand's underneath shoulders and then start to walk your hands back in keeping your legs straight Feel a big stretch through your hamstrings and then we get to roll it up through the back once again big inhale we rise up and Exhale to fold stretching through the back and the legs Walking your hands out into your plank position drawing your navel to your spine I've been walking your hands back in keeping those legs nice and straight Rolling it up vertebra by vertebra Take an inhale at the top Here there's an exhale round the spine dive the hands to the mat and walk yourself back out into your plate If you haven't already be sure to download the gym raw app for three hundred plus videos at your fingertips on your exhale round your spine and press yourself back into a downward dog and Then roll your spine back into your plank position shoulders come over the wrists Exhale belly draws in round the spine take it inhale drop the heels to the map Press the chest back towards the thighs and then exhale round your spine Finding your plank position So from here making sure your hands are underneath Your loaders legs are strong and firm we'll take our right hand and tap our left shoulder and then plant our right hand take your left hand tap your right shoulder as we're doing this go nice and Slow and try to keep the hips from rocking It's not the easiest, but it can be done We'll take about three more to each side here Keep lifting those low abs in let's not forget to breathe Good one more to each side right hand to the left shoulder left hand to the left shoulder From here finding your plank re lift your core on your inhale lift your right arm and your left leg It's not so easy good and then plant that side other side left arm right leg lifts nice and slow and An exhale to Lois keep lifting those ribs in and up inhale right arm left leg exhale release inhale left arm right left Exhale release adding on as we lift our arm and leg up this time Exhale round your spine drive your knee to your elbow and then inhale to lengthen exhale plant and left arm right men Exhale knee to elbow in how to plant coming back into our playing position will lift our right leg up to a hover and On your exhale bring your right knee into your chest And he'll stretch it back behind you Exhale right knee goes wide to the right elbow inhale lengthen back Exhale right knee into your chest and he'll stretch it back

Exhale knee to elbow Inhale lengthen exhale knee to elbow round the spine lift the core and heal lengthen exhale squeeze your knee to your elbow by med oblique and He'll stretch it back now pull your right knee into your chest little pulses Good use an exhale draw your abs in and up We'll find five and four stay strong last three and two and one Step the right foot back, press your hips I'd find a down dog Take a big inhale And then on your exhale roll yourself back into your plank for our side – from here lift your left leg up to a hover exhale draw your left knee into your chest around the spine and Then inhale lengthen it back Exhale left knee goes wide squeeze it towards your left elbow and inhale step it back exhale knee to elbow and Hale bank, I'd so Nina elbows squeeze the left oblique and He'll stretch it back one more round Exhale knee to nose scoop And he'll stretch Exhale squeeze your side body And he'll stretch EXO knee into the chest little pulses four five four almost there three Two on one step your toes back Bend your knees sit your hips back into a child's pose But nice work guys stay with it take a deep breath here let those shoulders relax Then we'll roll ourselves out we'll set up for some side lanes

So for our first side playing let's talk about the alignment we'll plant our right hand directly underneath our right shoulder and then we'll lengthen our legs out to the side and Stack our feet We're lifting from our outer hips to keep our waist nice and high I will take our top hand onto our hip So from here, we'll lift our left leg up floor left leg down with control inhale to lift and exhale to lower Inhale up and exhale down nice and slow keep it fluid Good last one here lift that left leg up and then step it behind your right leg Extend your left arm to the sky keep those hips nice and high on your exhale tap your left hand to your right leg Inhale lift and lengthen exhale tighten into the core inhale stretch last three Last two Last one feel the shake Squeeze into your button good and then gently release bending those knees Grab your legs and stretch your right arm puff it over excitement And gently release will come into a forearm side plank now Plant your right forearm on the mat Shoulder is directly on top of your elbow and then step your feet back out into a nice Extended leg side plank hands behind to your head hips are nice and high on Your exhale bring your left knee high to your left elbow And then inhale reach it away from you exhale knee to elbow and inhale stretch you got three more exhale knee to elbow and Hill stretch keep it up for two Last one here need a elbow Stretch your left leg long reach your right arm overhead Exhale tap your hand to your foot Inhale stretch apart Let's go for four Add three last two and One stack your feet and we'll take it all the way down Let's come to Center We'll take a butterfly stretch

You deserve it before we do the other side grab your ankles Press your knees nice and wide and then let's fold forward Deep breaths here I know it's not easy, but that's how we get those results So it will take about ten more seconds here let the heart rate recover if you ever need water or need a break pause get right back into it and Keep it up Okay, we have side two So people plant our left hand now directly underneath our left shoulder Extend our legs long feet are flexed But at our top hand we'll go on to our hip check that the hips and the shoulders are stacked From here exhale as you lift your right leg up Inhale lower it down exhale to lift and Inhale to lower keep pressing out of so your supporting arm to keep your left waistline lifting Let's find three more And two Last oh I lift the leg up and then place it behind you Take an inhale and reach your top arm to the sky on your exhale tap your right hand to your left foot inhale lengthen exhale Crunch into the core Inhale chest stretch Let's do it for three good, keep it up for it to last one and release Bend your knees bring it all the way down big mermaid stretch reaching the left arm up and over Back and catch your breath And then we'll lift it all the way up coming into our forearm plank we'll place our left forearm down on the mat elbows underneath shoulders and then extend the feet with flexed toes Top hand will go behind your head on your exhale Bring your right knee towards your elbow Inhale lengthen last four Inhale stretch exhale squeeze Let's do it for two Keep pushing your hips up almost lost it last one Stretch it long reach that right hand overhead last five here

Exhale tap the hand to the foot inhale lengthen exhale hand to foot inhale lengthen last three staying with it Brit two last and what and Gently release bring it all the way down Let's cross our legs Take a big inhale Sweep your arms high exhale bow your chin towards the ground releasing through the low back Touching your breath Recovering and then we'll roll it up Okay Meet me back on the match We'll come on to all fours hands underneath shoulders Knees we'll go underneath hips from your full lecture toes Lift your belly round that low back just a little bit So we're not arching into the low back and then flip your knees off the mat you a hover From here

We'll take our right hand to tap our left thigh and Then we'll release our right hand back to the mat Left hand taps the right thigh and release the hand back to the mat So the challenge here is To not let the hips or the knees shift side to side But we'll take two more here on each side right hand left thigh and we plant Left hand right side and we play that last one right to left And plant and left to right? Way out find your all-fours position coming into cat cows keeping your knees at a hover Inhale arch your back Lift your chest in your tailbone to the sky and exhale round big C shapes Pulling the belly in and up puffing the shoulder blades to the sky Inhale arch and exhale round and scoop Inhale chest up tail up Exhale lift the navel Finding a flat back lowering your knees take a big inhale sit your hips back Stretch through the spine And then we'll roll it back for it You almost made it through your plank workout or coming into a forearm plank Hands or interlaced elbows are underneath your shoulders Brown and scoop your belly and then stepped your toes back to the back of the mat Chest is lifted from here We'll dip our hips side to side dip your right hip to the right exhale lift Center left tip to the left Exhale lift Center as you're dipping your hip and coming back through Center pull your core in tighter to meet the spine That's where you want to feel like There's almost a contraction happening in your core When you lift your hips back to Center inhale to the right Exhale pull Center and hill to the left exhale pull Center

Let's go for 10 more seconds guys Stay with it You've got eight Last six Keep breathing for four Last two and One come down on to your knees and roll it up from here We're gonna take a front plane See if you've never been in white I'll walk you through it Take a seat on your map You'll plant your hands pretty narrow in line with your shoulders right behind your hips fingers facing Bring your weight onto your hands and then you'll lift your hips up and walk your legs forward Let's turn our toes and knees out so we can find a Pilates feet heels together inner thighs squeeze Press out of your hand and then press your hips to the sky really strong glutes here But pop your chest up Relax neck keep the work in the arms and your butt I'm your inhale lift your right leg up Lower it down and switch sides left leg up Lower it down and switch sides We'll go for three

Ah three smile through the work Bert you Add two last one here We'll bring it up through one And one and melt those hips all the way down to the mat flex your feet Take a big inhale sweeping those arms up and then an axe Hale as we fold forward reach for your feet keeping elongated spine and Then completely release into your stretch Letting that heart rate to come back down and Then gently release the feet And roll it up Good work guys that is a hard workout If you do that, I guarantee you results I am out of breath It's not supposed to be easy

It's not a show good work Well, this is Lindsey with Jim Rob Thanks for tuning in Thanks For working out with me guys I know that was a killer plank workout Please subscribe below if you haven't already and don't forget about our app Jim Robb downloaded at the app store

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