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I have an ab burner for you today I hope you're ready So we're gonna take it all the way down to the map Hug your left knee in nice and tight extend your right leg to a hover Curl, your head neck and shoulders up through the tips of your shoulder blades are off the mat pull the left knee in twice We go pull pull and then switch the leg pull the right knee in twice tall pool We'll take an inhale inhale and an exhale Exhale every time you hug the knee in see if you can lift the spine up a little bit higher off the mat Drawing your ribs towards the hips Warming up through the core So you'll exhale exhale and an inhale inhale last one here exhale exhale hug, both knees into the chest pull the belly in crump a little bit higher on your inhale extend your arms and legs away from each other Circle your arms around hug your knees into the chest Inhale lengthen exhale circle and hug Inhale lengthen exhale Pull your belly in and up on the next one Inhale lengthen and hold beat the heels together for three we go one two three exhale draw in curl up high two more like that and Else try to beat the legs together One, two, three, exhale hug the knees in Inhale lengthen squeeze those inner thighs on the beat we go One two, three, exhale hug your knees in rest your head Send the leg straight up to the sky Let's flex our feet super straight strong legs hands come behind the head Tuck your chin curl your chest up on your inhale

Take your legs down nice and slow Keep your low back Press into the mat exhale quickly lift those legs back up and he'll take it down nice and slow squeeze those inner thighs exhale pull and plug the low back into the mat and He'll the lowers stay nice and high on your chest exhale to live last one and he'll take it down Egg fill lift it up split the legs hover The last leg hug behind the right leg draw yourself up nice and close pull your right leg in twice we go pull pull Switch the legs pull pull feel it stretch behind the back of the leg that you're drawing closer and closer into your face I will find our breathing wheel inhale inhale and an exhale exhale Inhale inhale and an exhale exhale last set we go inhale inhale and an exhale Exhale switch the leg pans behind the head curl up higher twist towards your top leg pulse your chest up twice Scissor the legs curl up towards that left leg twice we go one two scissor curl up one two Scissors with the chest curl up one two scissor – it's the chats curl up one to two more Good use your exhales to lift a little bit higher Lock that here taking it to the right and to the left and Relax, hug your knees into your chest Oh Core is probably pretty warm Rest the right leg long on the mat extend the left leg to the sky hug behind the thigh if you're more flexible walk your hands up a little bit higher as Long as it like stays straight if it starts to bend keep the legs the arms a little lower I'll give yourself a nice pool stretching through the back of the leg Take a deep inhale Relax the nape of the neck Keeping your left hand on your left leg open your leg out to the left Stretching the inner thigh open keep the right hip heavy on the mat and then we'll switch the hands bring the right hand to the outside of the leg and draw the legs across the body just a couple inches Okay that IT band and Then we'll gently release We'll take it to the other side stretch the right leg up to the sky hug behind the thigh if you have the flexibility Let's take those hands up a little bit higher I Draw the backs of the shoulders into the map Take a big breath Keeping your right hand on the outside of your right leg open your leg out to the right stretching through the inner thigh Good and then you'll bring the leg back to Center Take the left hand to the outer Right leg and cross the body just a couple inches if you need more bring it closer to your face And then we're going to release this thigh Right leg will stay straight up to the ceiling left leg to a hover hands behind the head Peel your chest up with your right leg draw a really small circle Across to the left down out to the right three more like that across to the left down out to the right inhale across exhale circle around Inhale across exhale circle around let's reverse to the right lower down left come Center and three And you as the leg let's pull the low abs in last one switch The legs left leg goes across to the right down around and lift inhale across exhale lift the ABS last three Add two stay tall in the chest last one and we reverse to the left Lower down right come Center Spinning that leg in the hip socket final two Last one hug the knees and release your low back take a breath And we're getting back to it hands come behind that Press all of your spine into the mat imprint the back and then send the leg straight up to the sky Exhale curl the head neck and shoulders up We'll lower the legs down together Separate at the bottom lift and connect inner thighs are tight on the way down Blowback is heavy into the mat as we lift two more big leg circles Put AB leg go down engage those low abs more and we're reversing at the top inhale to open lower down connection list and how to open blow it down squeeze the inner thighs up the center last to Stay straight and strong in those legs last one

Ah Let's hug those knees in We're gonna take it into our Pilates roll up extend the night the legs nice and long Flex the feet glue the inner thighs together reach the arms overhead take a big inhale to feel the length through the body and then on your exhale pull your navel in tuck your chin and Peel your spine up and over I'm reaching for the front of the room with my hands I'm pulling my core in with my abs and then slowly I'll start to melted out and control this go as slow as possible Tuck the hips squeeze your butt and heel arms reach overhead Exhale round the back pull the belly in tighten The ribs hands reach forward belly pulls back and Then on our way down slow it down squeeze your hips pressing your hips to the sky Inhale feel the length Exhale peel your back up off of the mat one inch at a time Jacking the sign at the top sit up nice and tall taking it into our spine stretch stay tall in a low back with your right up against a wall on your exhale round your upper back forward stepping you're Separating your shoulder blades and then inhale sit tall restock the spine exhale hands reach forward as a belly reaches back and then Inhale to sit tall let's find two more like that big stretch through the back as the hands reach to the front of the room And then in how to re lift and get a little bit taller working on those postural muscles Exhale pull the core in reach the hands forward And then inhale lift Separate your arms into a big wide t-shape hips stay still will twist at the waist right around the ribcage take it inhale sit up taller exhale twist to your left and then pull through the waist for one and two and three Inhale through Center get tall exhale twist to the right getting deeper and deeper and deeper Inhale tall through the spine exhale Pulsing it four three two, you like that wring out a towel sensation in your waist Inhale for the height exhale for the core Inhale through Center get tall Exhale twist to the left this time dive your right hand outside of your left leg Maybe you can reach your foot maybe your shin press into the leg to rotate big stretch through the body Gaze towards the back hand And then gently release coming all the way through Center sit tall for your inhale Exhale twist, right? Reach your hands forward To the outside of your right leg find a place you can hold on to and then push your leg away from you to help You twist And then exhales coming all the way back to Center and we're gonna take it back down to the mat Hope everyone is feeling okay Add some here we'll go into our teachers We'll be on our sits bones holding behind our thighs sit up nice and tall and then on your exhale give your pelvis a little scoop rounding your low back and Bring your legs up to a hover squeeze your inner thighs nice and tight seeping at your ankles at the same level as your knees Now reach your arms forward plug your shoulders back in space tall chest chin off the chest Inhale arms float up Exhale arms lower down get taller in an ellipse Exhale to lower smile through the work inhale up exhale Down arms are on inhale lift Exhale lower hands stay at chest height inhale Send the legs away from you exhale pull them back in and heal inner thighs squeeze together Exhale knees Bend as you linkedln those legs away from you deepen the connection with your abdominals The last one here stretch those legs long from your inhale open your legs hip distance exhale squeeze them together inhale open exhale squeeze as you're squeezing your legs back together imagining you're squeezing into a really Tight ball and you want to pop it? Use some resistance the last one squeeze those legs together little flutter kicks like you're swimming in a pool Pump your chest up towards the sky four five add four three Two and one crisscross those legs working into those inner thighs with a smile last three and two and One cross your legs

Let's fold it forward take a little stretch And then we will come on down to the mat let's play it all the way down Feet will be in line with your hips neutral spine little air between the low back and the mat tailbone is heavy on Your exhale lift your hips up into your bridge keeping your back flat like a board squeeze your butt Inhale tap your hips back down to the mat exhale hips lift inhale hips lower collarbone is nice and wide backs of the shoulders, press into the mat as My hips lift up I'm squeezing into my glutes and my low abdominals On your next one hold your bridge Well move into an exercise called marching Well lift our right leg up into tabletop Without our right hip dipping and then slowly plant that right foot back down to the left The left foot looks lips up into tabletop and then slowly float it back down So imagine you have Well, if it's Monday a cup of coffee and if it's Friday a martini right here below your belly button and try not to spill it I Love Oh pelvis the whole time And we'll go for one more change left leg to tabletop Left foot down I'll bring that right leg back into table top and let's pulse those hips up an inch and down an inch Stay in the top range of motion You can do it last eight and seven six five four three Two hold at the top plant the right foot float that left leg into tabletop and find those little pulses Make sure that your right foot is planted on the inside of the foot and the outside of the foot Weight is evenly distributed through out the foot and last one to play out the left foot and roll the hips down Moving into our pelvic curl, we start in the same neutral spine where our tailbone is heavy Our lumbar spine is lifted that low back area and then our back ribs draw in from here imprint your spine Press all of your back into the mat

Tuck your hips and peel your spine off of the mat one inch at a time So it's really slow and gradual At the top stay there Inhale reach your arms overhead and then roll down from the top part of your back that is lifted and Then the low back and then all the way to your tailbone find the neutral Act so curl up reach your hands forward reach for your ankles and then roll it back down Neutral spine exhale tuck the tailbone peel the spine up one inch at a time Inhale arms reach overhead and then roll down back ribs mid-back tailbone Exhale abdominals tight ribs Come towards the hips curl up and then Articulate back down exhale tuck the tail roll it up piece by piece nice and slow Right to about your ribcage area and he'll arm stretch overhead Roll the back to the mat nice and slow Find your tailbone and then exhale curl up And roll it back down Let's find one more like that wide chest exhale Tuck your hips peel it up This one feels really good on the back Pausing at the top inhale reach the arms overhead Chest is wide shoulders are out of the ears as you roll the spine down to the mat find your tailbone anchoring and then exhale peel it up hands reach towards the front of the room and then exhale take it all the Way down Really nice give those knees a hot And then we're gonna take it all the way up to a seat Then we'll find our butterfly stretch take the soles of the feet together grab your ankles And then pull your face toward your toes

Let's stretch out that low back area can get pretty tight when we do Pilates so let's give it a little love And just listening to your breathing slowing the heart rate down And Then we'll bring it all the way up to a seat So I'm going to throw a challenge at you So we're gonna do open leg rocker prep give you a couple stages Let's see how far we can get So the first thing we'll go to is grabbing our ankles and we're balancing on our sits bones our tush Okay, there's a little tuck in the low back, but our chest is nice and wide it feels a little wobbly Slowly we'll start to lift and lengthen the leg as the legs extend pop the chest up Staying with me Let's hold it here for ten pull the chest forward up It's pretty challenging last five and four three two on one Awesome job guys I hope you enjoyed this ab workout Once again, my name is Lindsey and this is Jim rrah Thanks for joining me in my ab workout guys if you haven't subscribed yet click the subscribe button and don't forget to download the free gym raw app with tons of routines for 365 days of workouts

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