Pilates Workout Challenge ? Best Ab Exercises For Results | Joshua Tree

hi friends welcome to Joshua tree national park we are here in the desert right now I've got a pilates challenge for you just like any of our other challenges on the youtube channel, the description to this challenge is below the video now for this particular class today we are going to be using yoga blocks the yoga blocks that I'm going to be using came from thrive market and you guys probably heard of thrive market before they're this organic non GMO whole sale price and they deliver your food literally right to your door when they approached us we felt so connected to their brand we truly support what they do and theie message they're making healthy food affordable for everybody and we think that its important for us to be able to nourish oursleves without having to pay a leg and ab arm for it so if you guys are ready I want you to gran your water and I will talk a bit more about thrive after the class but for now lets get into pilates thank you so much for watching we got you enjoyed this video a big thank you to thrive market for sponsoring this video and giving all of our subscribers a promotion if you use our code found in the description of the video you will receive a 30 day free trial with thrive market along with the membership you receive 20$ off each of your first 3 orders of 49$ or more and with all of this you get free shipping too thrive market has an amazing vegan options plus earth friendly home products and now yoga gear all delivered directly to your door at 25-50% off retail price check it out if you live in the US and we hope you enjoy it love and light and see you soon!

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