Pilates workout at home – Ebook

Hello all well? My name is Leonardo, I have been a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor for 9 years Over the years I have realized that some people do not have access to a Pilates studio, or because of traffic or parking, they spend time and money on this commute Even a public health situation can prevent you from leaving home, isn't it? Thinking about it is that I developed a practical Pilates guide at home, which will teach you step by step how to do Pilates at home or anywhere, applying all the fundamentals of the method

When purchasing this ebook you will have 100 practical exercises in the palm of your hand whether on your smartphone, notebook or tablet, without using expensive and professional equipment That's right, using the principles of Pilates, my experience and knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology you will get flexibility, mobility in the joints, gain strength, balance, postural improvement and say goodbye to back pain Divided into basic and intermediate exercises you will fall in love with Pilates like hundreds of other practitioners throughout Brazil and the world

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