Pilates Workout Anf?nger-Mittelstufe R?cken/sanfte Pilates ?bungen zum Nachmachen ohne Hilfsmittel

hello nice you again stopping by on my channel today i have a pilates beginner or intermediate video for you the exercises should be too difficult just go back one level make the exercises a little easier for you you should always make sure that you work in the pain-free area or the exercises so that you adapt them can really exercise controlled if you like the exercises leave me a like or a comment and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for FREE otherwise I wish you a lot of fun with the exercises we start today on our back Extend both arms to the ceiling alternately pull your right arm a little higher and drop it again shoulder blade lifts off the mat pull both arms up and drop them feel as if through the gentle impact on the floor Your shoulder girdle is massaged and relaxed one last time Slowly bring the lumbar spine towards the floor and take it off again activate your powerhouse and raise your right leg arm and change make sure your stomach is flat left again tighten the belly and raise your second leg as you inhale, push both legs forward, closed pull them back on For starters, just try to feel it in your pool floor in your powerhouse your stomach stays firm pull your knees all the way up inhale and stretch it as far forward as possible if you want, raise your head your shoulder blades your neck remains free inhale stretch legs exhale pull them try to pull your legs up so tight that you feel – press your thigh the air from your lungs automatically hold your belly tighter with each exhalation and put the upper body down turn your head slightly from the right and left to relax your neck put your hands under the bottom lift your head with your inhalation and roll up comes back slowly if you want to step up and include one leg with inhalation raise your head with the exhale roll and back again really only if you have a pain-free back embrace both legs and come up with the exhalation lift your head, relax your neck with your exhale roll inhale back with the exhale and one last time come up and put your legs down tries to stretch your legs and open they are about the width of a mat pull your spine out first just try to pull your shovel so tight that your heels stand out from the mat then briefly dissolve again stretches the arm to shoulder height wiggle your thumb very briefly you should hold your arms so that you see the thumb in the corner of your eye push your shoulder blades down build tension in your arms pull your shovel back up and hold your powerhouse is active your spine is long and dissolve very briefly relax yourself a second time stretch your arms aside push your shoulder blades down push your arms down pull the shovel back on feel the stretch and the strength in the legs the length in the spine the tension in the arms and especially the upper back and dissolve gently raise your legs again hands on the kneecap with the exhalation wede round with the inhalation stretch yourself again exhale and breathe drag yourself out stay one last time and stay round lift your arms off your shoulder blades towards the ground turn your left palm to the ceiling and pulls the elbow close to the upper body change sides as you exhale, pull your elbow past your upper body with your inhalation stretch your arm make sure that your stomach stays completely flat your pool floor your powerhouse is active hold one last time are the right arm a bit forward the elbow back and changes sides Your left arm pulls forward in front of your right elbow breathe a stretch your arms stretch your spine and dissolve again roll slowly backwards into the supine position how it is most comfortable for you stretch your arms and legs and breathe deep into your stomach feel the length in the body then lead the arms forward put one leg after the other the legs are wide open at the hip joint slowly roll up into the shoulder bridge if you want, clasp your hands under the bottom bring your shoulder blades even further inside push your breastbone to the ceiling raise your right leg if you want stretch your leg to the ceiling and bend make sure you push your leg firmly into matte hold the leg axis you should notice that the exercise is still too difficult leave the leg angled or put your leg on the floor your back must be on everyone case be painless keep short take a deep breath and exhale put your leg down again open your arms and roll down slowly, vertebra by vertebra Easily move your pelvis and change sides that rolls up again, vertebra by vertebra push your right foot into the ground your hands fade away and lift your left leg off stretch it back to the ceiling and bend if you want if you can your back is definitely pain free your pelvis remains very stable keep breathing calmly and fluently and hold one last time push your pelvis a bit higher and put the leg down again open the arms and you slowly roll down again pull your legs up and easy aius walk lightly from right to left enjoy the pleasant massage in your back again your head may like to go in opposite directions come back to the middle with inhalation raise your head and roll up come to the four-footed position put your toes on and the buttocks back on the heel you spread your fingers again come straight forward with your inhalation exhale up into pilates V come deep in with the inhalation with the exhale sit back breathe come up your back is very straight you shouldn't be able to stretch your legs like to let them bow comes deep keep your knees in the air and push back with inhalation come forward with the exhalation back into the V once again the knees stay in the air and you push yourself back like an accordion should that be too difficult for you just keep your knees on the ground again always choose the variant that is comfortable for you to keep and which you can still exercise in a controlled manner go deep with your knees take a short break if you want, take your hands back to your feet and relax your back slowly bring your arms forward look forward to the tips of your fingers come forward with a straight back and sit back down try to walk gently with your shoulder towards your fingertips breathe in come on bend your elbows very easily come back up and push yourself back come a little bit lower, push yourself up again and sit back down go ahead go go deep with inhalation come back up with exhalation just try to go so deep again that you get the tension can hold in the belly in the back and in the shoulder come deep one last time and put your breastbone down and then the rest then the arm stretches forward place your forehead on the mat push your pubic bone down angle your arms shut your hands now try to pull your elbows to the ceiling make sure that your shoulder blades direction per hike and you keep the tension in your whole body ie from the toes to the apex your body is tense Staying upstairs makes very small, quick movements you should put the tension between feel your shoulder blades not at the top of the neck you should just untie it beforehand take a deep breath in and out and dissolve again easy cure put your hands on the right left pull your toes and push yourself up with a straight back roll forward straight back then stay in the four-footed position and push your left arm under the right nice rotation in your chest spine change sides try to push your tailbone to the ceiling while walking vertically and comes in alternately takes a deep breath and tries out the tension between the to solve shoulder blades changes one last time you can slowly rent again sit down are always tailors then sounds right lane legally shoulder could be in a nice house with the change because the Hervester is long it sticks to have a right sends the head very easily went the hand is a collection the tension then is icy on ABC change side in hand the head nods against the hand me trying too hard to build up my gentle tension next 6 to should be free has a hammer rathmann land with deeper inside twice a this time three times on May 2nd the very long now you will hold your breath for a moment very slowly in a very deep breath

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