Pilates Trainer | Deine nebenberufliche Ausbildung bei der ASG ? mit Lizenz [inkl. Testimonials]

Success through education – the Academy for Sport and Health offers you that Possibility to become a Pilates trainer in four days In this video you will learn everything you need to know about training

Pilates is an effective training method to strengthen the deep Core muscles Smooth transitions of the individual exercises and the conscious one Pilates is characterized by concentration on the execution of movements Training In the theory phases of the training you learn in addition to the technical correct pilate-specific anatomy The right Breathing and the activation of the powerhouse are elementary Ingredients Our qualified lecturers will get you started extensive repertoire of Pilates exercises

In addition to the methodical exercise structure, there are also posture and Movement analysis on the program You try them out together with other participants in the practical phases "I think the lecturer is good because she is very clear and structured" "I think it's good that they do a lot Practical knowledge means that you get active relatively quickly in training, but always alternately builds on the theory " "Yes, the variety is great here

" Our licenses are recognized across the industry and valid indefinitely The application focus has top priority for us, which is why in the training paid particular attention to the practical relevance of the content becomes We practice quality! In order to present this transparently, we submit to the well-known and independent Test organization T?V S?d If you have any questions about the training, just leave us a comment You can find more information about training on our website

You can find the link to it in the description If you like the video we are happy about a like You want more on the topic of career in the Fitness industry and your training opportunities at ASG knowledge? Then subscribe to our channel

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