Pilates Tone Workout

hello and welcome to the full energy Channel so we're gonna begin with a basic warm-up just to warm up the spine so we're gonna contract we're gonna go forward keep your nose to the floor and we're gonna go up into the upward facing dog lower down again back into child pose extend the arms up to the sky lengthening out the spine contract and hands on the floor nose on the floor and go forward once again into the upward facing dog so lower the chest head go back into the child pose once again we're gonna keep doing this until it got a nice warm back so lengthening out the spine contract hands on the floor and we're gonna go up again into the upward facing dog cobra one lower down back into the child pose up towards the sky contract cobra so now raise the legs and beat the legs again – really work those abductors so squeeze the bottom point your feet and beat the legs together so this is like four eighths beating the legs pointing your feet to get a nice tone on those glutes I'm gonna raise the the back up so back in the legs raise your chest and your legs together and hold it for a second and you're gonna lower again chest up legs up feet pointed and lower down so remember to squeeze your glutes as you do this okay so I'm gonna go back now into the Child pose and we're gonna continue so extend the leg backwards and bring in backwards bring in inhale extend the leg exhale contract inhale you extend the leg hold that balance point both feet leg straightened relax repeat the same on the other side now extend the leg and bring the leg in so inhale extend exhale contract the leg comes in and inhale extend and leg comes in 1 more time inhale extend and back into the child pose this fire hydrant left side and and we're going to extend the leg backwards gonna take it to the side and take it back again from the top 2 fire hydrants here extend the leg back big nice and straight to remember feet pointed take it to the side back and in so my straight leg you know that to work those muscles yeah so feet pointed back to the side again so 5 each side we're working those glutes and those thigh muscles back to the side back and in so feet pointed take it to the side to the back and in again so this is really ideal for the glutes to really work that glute muscle and we're gonna touch it tap it side to side again now when I see a nice straight leg don't you just point your feet and let's tap take a leg from one side to another keeping the leg straightened so just relax here repeat the same on the right side now 2 fire hydrants to the side to the back and bring in 2 fire hydrants take it to the side to the back bring in again 2 fire hydrants to the back and to the side and to the back and in 2 four hydrants take it to the back to the slide back and in so really work that glute and let's get it toned repeat the same with the straightened leg and we're gonna tap tap tap the feet tap the foot on each side behind you the left remember only when the leg is straightened will you get the work you desire we took you will only tone if the leg is straightened always work at the leg stretched so 8 times through on each side so now we're going to draw the leg up to the knee we're gonna lower really slowly so up to retire position and extend lower down so four times on each side so nice and controlled and extend and lower the leg extend take it out to the side flex and bring it in so I just do this exercise make sure the opposing hip the left hip doesn't lift up it must remain flat and square and flat so that way we're working those leg muscles without interfering with the placement so as you bring it in your feet is flexed now you can see here for example as that right left leg I'll show you in a second so I'm gonna begin of just taking the leg up the foot up to the knee and we're gonna extend the knee onwards now on this part I draw the knee in I extend them from the knee onwards I take it out to the side I should notice the right hip remains square and it doesn't it doesn't rise up which is very important then you keep that placement okay it doesn't tilt with the leg yeah you gotta have control here so nice and controlled the working leg flexes in but the opposing hip remains flat and the supporting leg the feet remains pointed as well so once again we're just gonna lengthen out the spine stretches in feet pointed legs fully stretched let's go on now beat the legs one more time together so 16 times feet pointed working those ABS now you need to keep that height and we're going to flex and point those feet keeping the legs turned out as you can see the feet are turned out slightly now we're going to do the full ab exercise we're gonna go up curved back extend the leg we're gonna turn towards the right back to the front and we're gonna lower and uncurl the back so repeat on the other side you come up with a curved back extend the leg they pointed turn towards the left back to the front touch the toes down and uncurl the back so remember to breathe out as you come up so really work those abs hold that position and then back as you go down so breathe out extend the leg up turn towards left feet pointed up and inhale as you go down to recover so exhale this works your entire midsection you feel it and benefit so just keep working on this uncurl the back as you go down gently head last remember okay as I go down as you as you know to say my lower back shoulders and then my head head shoulders and not her lower back so control it as you go down and remember keep it nice and controlled turn towards the front for you now so just gonna relax the back I'm gonna go back against the wall now adjust the camera because there's a bit of a wind so let's get a nice stretch on those legs are keeping them nice and straight so pull those legs towards you feet pointed so here working the ABS regain the stretch on the legs at the same time so as you get warmer you can gradually really pull that leg towards you even more final stretch forward fold so I really do one leg press hip raise the hip up keep the feet pointed as you noticed the leg extended in the air it's fully stretched so let's push those hips up give it all the energy you have and hold it for a couple of seconds on the final one eight times each side push up hips up feet pointed and hold control same exercise just going to the forward fold 1 more time warm up just for a second just get a good stretch I'm getting the same exercise but this time we're gonna do grand battements okay so we're gonna raise the hip up and we're going to do grand battements kicks one two and three so lower down slowly yeah fast up slow down to really tone them eight times on each leg the other side now one gonna go – we're gonna go free we're gonna go four five six seven eight okay stretch into second feet pointed stretch over get a stretch on the side extend the arms up on a diagonal line and on the other side repeat so nice stretch swing round go up you hand on the floor and we're going to lift up hips give it a leg stretched stretched swing round lift up hips and leg stretched good three times in each side so we are okay nice forward fold one more time so that your hold on to your toes extend the arms up breathe out exhale and take the nose to your knee so thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this pilates work out and please like and share punch that like button and I will see you soon I'll have any more pilates videos coming along the way on this channel so please tune in click on the notifications and you'll be notified as soon as the video is released so thank you for watching again and see you soon you

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