Pilates Theraband Exercises : Pilates Theraband Exercises: Arm Stretch

This is an arm stretch designed to help you pull your shoulders back What you do is you take the band in your hands and you bring it about a little bit wider than shoulder distance

And you don't want a whole lot of tension on the band to start with Take a nice inhale, bringing the band up, keeping the shoulders locked down and then exhale, bring it over bringing the arms straight down Allow the arms to come back So notice how I am from the back Take a nice inhale here, exhale, push the arms out and bring up, inhale over

So after you've done one, you do want to choke up a little bit on the band because that's going to pull your shoulders back even farther So take a nice inhale and exhale, inhale up, exhale, arms out and over Allow them to come back Inhale, it's okay if the ribs pop, and exhale out Don't let your arms bend like this to come up

So out, up, and over Choking up on the band one more time Take a nice inhale, and exhale out, inhale up, exhale over allowing the shoulders to be pulled back Inhale here, and exhale out I don't even have any room on this band to stretch

Exhale out, inhale up and over

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