Pilates Theraband Exercises : Pilates Theraband Exercises: Arm Pulls

This set of exercise is going to work a lot of the intrinsic muscles in your arms, shoulders and back It's not going to be working a large groups such as the biceps or the triceps

Go ahead and grab your band, bunch it up and give yourself about three inches in between where your hands are holding on to it Hold the band low, take a nice inhale and then exhale, close the rib cage and pull the band out as far as you can Inhale, resist that return And exhale, pull out Inhale resist

Now it's true that you can stand here and do this exercises or you can engage the abs at the same time One more time, take a nice inhale and exhale, pull the arms out Second position for this exercise is even with your shoulders, just a little bit lower because you never want them way up there Take a nice inhale and exhale Inhale lower and exhale

Inhale, return One more time, exhale, inhale, slow and controlled And the last one is to bring the arms up, but you don't want to bring the shoulders up You want to make sure that the shoulders stay down, you may need to bend the elbows to do this But make sure that you're not doing the exercise like this, but you're still using the whole arm to do the exercise even if the elbows are bent

So I do need to bend my elbows a little bit, take a nice inhale and exhale Inhale and exhale Inhale, one more time, exhale and inhale Notice how I kept my shoulders locked down the whole time The last one of this series is to bring the band behind you

Once again, you're about three inches apart with your hands Take a nice inhale and exhale pull that band out Inhale, exhale Inhale, one more time, exhale And inhale

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