Pilates Stretches & Work : Pilates Lower Back Stretch

So, this next stretch is for the lower back and we make sure that you're completely flat onto the floor You're going to bend your right knee in toward your chest, like Alex has here

You're going to keep your shoulders completely flat, you don't want to twist your shoulders off Take a deep inhale and as you exhale, you're going to press that knee towards the opposite side so you get a good stretch in your lower back here Notice how Alex's left leg is completely straight Keep pressing all the way down Take a deep inhale and exhale, try to relax those muscles and stretch and twist in that waistline

Good So you're getting a good stretch for that lower back and stretch out your flexibility Bring it back in towards the center and we'll do it one more time Take a deep inhale and go for it yourself and exhale, press the right knee down towards the side Keep twisting the back, keep pressing that shoulder down, twisting that waistline and then exhale right back up Bend that knee in towards your chest and we're going to switch to our left side

Left knee comes in towards your chest Take a deep inhale and exhale, cross it over keeping that right leg completely straight, twisting that right shoulder all the way down Press all the way Deep inhale here and exhale, try to relax the muscle and stretch a little bit further than you did before Good

Deep inhale, bring it back towards the center Draw your leg all the way down That was our lower back stretch

Source: Youtube

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