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– Hi guys, I’m Kimmy Kellum I’m the founder of East River Pilates and this is, Trainer of the Month Club

Today we’re gonna be working on a Standing Glute Series So, what I love about this series is, you’re targeting your glutes, your hamstrings and also is an awesome series to help combat the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time Let’s get started (electronic music) So, you’re gonna be begin with your Buy steroids in NZ feet as wide as your shoulders, or about as wide as your mat And before we do get going into our squats, I wanna focus on our alignment, which is super crucial, before we get going

So, the back of your neck is super long, shoulders are down, away from your neck, chest is soft Your pelvis is neutral and you wanna honor the natural curves of your back So, we don’t want to be hyper-extending the low back or tucking under, throughout this series We wanna honor that natural S-bend Coming down to the knees, you wanna keep a soft bend in the knees

Heavy through the heels, heavy through the inner big toe and the outer pinky Hands can be on your hips or reach them up, whatever feels most comfortable for you So we start! We take an (bell chimes) inhale to squat back, you’re sitting the hips down and back and then exhale to stand up tall Keeping those hips nice and open We inhale to lower, we exhale to ground down through the heels to stand tall

So keep going with this, as you’re moving you wanna make sure that neck alignment stays correct So we’re not letting the head drop forward, we’re keeping that neck back, like you’re holding a juicy peach underneath your chin So we’ll go for three more Exhale, press-up Inhale, lower

Exhale, press and on this last one we’re gonna hold it down here Now you should be able to lift your toes up at any point throughout this series, so really keep that tripod foot focus Now, spread those toes out, keep the arches of your feet lifted and we take some (bell chimes) small squats for a ten And nine now As you’re squatting, you don’t wanna be pressing the knees forward, you wanna keep those knees right on top of your ankles

Good, just five more, keep breathing as naturally as you possibly can No tension in the upper back, or the neck, nice and soft Good, one more here, and hold it down Gorgeous! So now we move on, you’re gonna sweep you arms overhead and take this into (bell chimes) a balance So, other leg is going to tabletop, you’re standing strong on that supporting leg

And you’ll notice already that this starts to engage your glute medius, so, those side glute muscles With your arms, you’re welcome to sweep them overhead and press down You can do the opposite, hands down by your side, reaching up, or maybe you’ll just take a simple prayer position Good, inhale to lower Exhale

Good, one more here Either side So there’s so many variations with your arms (rhythmic music) So, moving on to lunges (bell chimes) Little bit more challenging

You’re gonna start with those arms reaching up over your head, leg is tabletop You can also do this with your foot down on the mat We start with a deep breath in, as we exhale, we shoot the arms down and back Find a low lunge here, with the knees right on top of that ankle, spreading those toes out into the floor, grounding down through the heel We inhale to float the arms up, find a balance

We exhale, lower Inhale, lift Nice job So keep going with this You wanna make sure that neck alignment is still intact, so we’re not letting that head drop forward

Which, honestly, we do it a lot, ’cause we sit at computers for a long time during the day, most of us Really good We’ll just take three more Inhale, lift up Exhale, two

Inhale, lift Last one Meet me in this lunge, keeping that back heel lifted up, arms extended long by your side You’ll then sweep (bell chimes) those arms into a prayer position Press into the palms, take a deep breath in

As you exhale, lift the chest You’re also squeezing this left glute here, to help protect that hip joint We fold forward Exhale, lift Inhale, lengthening through the spine

Exhale, lift Grounding down through the heel, shoulders are back here We’re trying to avoid rounding forward or sticking our chest too far out, so we’re not hyper-extending the upper chest Good, we’ll take three more Exhale

Inhale, forward Exhale, press And, last one Nice! This is now loading the hamstring, a little more than those glutes So feelin’ nice and toasty, like a little mild curry, through that right butt cheek

(bell chimes) We’re gonna now hold it here, bring your hands now onto your hips We’re gonna transfer a little bit more weight into that front leg Take a little bit of a higher stance here And now, without allowing those hips to spiral to either side, we’re gonna slide that right leg in, keeping the back of the neck super long and then, simply slide that leg back We inhale, bring it forward

We exhale Now, as you’re breathing, think of hugging your abdominals So, on the exhale, I want you to breathe out like you’re fogging up a mirror (breathing out sharply) Inhale, slide in Exhale, (breathing out sharply and quickly)

You feel your belly button naturally pull in, towards your spine, with that exhale (breathing out sharply) And the purpose of breathing like this is, to help activate your transverse abdominis, that helps you balance So we’ll go three more Exhale, two Last one

Come on in, give a little shake-out We have one final version of this, Scooter to the Side (bell chimes) So we come down into a squat, preparing the same way, knees again, over the top of those ankles Knees in line with the second and third toes and then, bring your hands onto your hips You’re gonna slide that left leg in, tap down

On your exhale, slide that leg out and if you want to add a little bit more challenge, you can lift that leg and then slide it back in, with control So we exhale, reach You can do this, also, standing up, it’s a little easier The deeper you go, the harder it will be So again, taking that option, either just sliding out and in, out and in or adding that little lift, which really gets in to that right side

I’m gonna take the regular version today, we’ll take it for four more Make sure you’re still breathing, shoulders are open, really confident stance And, last one Good And, there you have it, that is one side done! And now, we’re gonna do the whole other side! (upbeat music) So, we’ll turn around

I’ll go straight into those lunges, on the left side now (bell chimes) So again, starting with that right leg, up in tabletop, sweep the arms overhead, take a deep breath As you exhale, stretch that back knee, check here that your knee is lined up over that second and third toe The shin bone here is vertical, try not to over extend, puts unnecessary pressure on your joints All right, here we go! We sweep, find that balance

Inhale, lift Exhale, reach it back Now, even though your knees aren’t touching, I want you to think of squeezing the inner thighs together So you have this inward pressure, building in and up Inhale, lift

Exhale, reach Inhale, lift Good Let’s take it two more times Just to be sure

You’ll notice that one side might feel a little harder than the other, totally normal And last one Hold it there (bell chimes) And now, taking those hands into prayer pose, press the palms together Allow your collar bones to open here, so, really broad chest

Take a deep breath Exhale, stand tall, squeezing that right glute here Leaning forward and standing tall We wanna move the entire body, in one piece, including the pelvis So we’re not just moving the torso, we’re moving the pelvis, separate to the legs

So we’re really trying to isolate, from the tailbone to the crown of the head You got it! Three more Pressing over into those toes, this is also helpful to strengthen your feet, so many benefits But that’s Pilates, it’s never one thing working, it’s like a million at once And then, hold it down there

We take our Scooter (bell chimes) So, hands on the hips for this one, chest broad, show off that gorgeous confidence that you have Come up a little bit higher, so less of a bend in the knee We slide the leg in, we stretch it back And you’re really not applying too much pressure into this leg

So, as I’m moving, I could really do it, with my foot completely hovered off the mat If you prefer running arms, having them out to the side, reaching forward, really whatever helps your balance I really encourage you to try different positions and find one that works for you I love this one, it gives me a little bit more support, that internal feeling of lifting in and up Good

And then comin’ up and we’ll finish with that (bell chimes) Side Scooter So, coming down into your squat again, bringing the right leg in As you exhale, stretch that leg out and again, if you wanna take that extra little lift, go for it! You’ll notice that, if I do this, as I lift, my knee kind of knocks in a little bit That’s not what we’re going for, we wanna really keep that alignment over the second toe So it means that I need to strengthen my glute medius

So I’m gonna keep it on the floor, so that I can honor my technique and do it as well as possible If you are lifting, just make sure you’re looking down and not allowing that knee to knock inwards So this is also a great one for anyone who does running, squats, for a living (giggles) Basically any human being, that has legs So, really good one for you guys

Good, and then come on in And there you have it, there is my simple Standing Glute Series As simple as that glute series seems, it is really intense if it’s done correctly So, hopefully tomorrow, you’ll wake up with a sore tush, especially the side glutes here, those glute medius muscles Your hamstrings, although not so much, maybe even your calves

Now, I really recommend doing this a couple of times back-to-back, give yourself a fun challenge To counter stretch, when you are feeling tight through those glutes, come into a figure four stretch, there’s so many ways to stretch out Want more Trainer of the Month Club? Subscribe right now! And we’ll see you next week (electronic music)

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