hi guys it's Bailey and today we're back with another standing ABS routine we're going to tone and tighten the waistline giving you a flat tummy in no time let's get started all right you guys let's get started holding onto one weight if you don't have a weight at home all good you can still do the moves without it let's get started with our feet hip distance we're just going to reach the arm up really taking that nice stretch through the obliques and then bend all the way down so we're lengthening on the other side reach and now it's really important that you get that stretching and bending because it's like we're doing a side crunch with that oblique and you should start to feel like it's a bit of work to hold that weight overhead and then you're really squeezing into that sideline muscle as you bring the arm down by your side so this one's great because it works our obliques so those are the sideline muscles that run down the side of our body similar to as if we were doing you know a side plank or something you really want to reach and stretch and then bring it all the all the exercises here are going to really help to activate not only our obliques those deep abdominal muscles but they're really gonna help support the entire core because we will be doing a little bit of balance and stability work there we go let's do another three oh I feel my obliques working nice and hard for two good hold this next one down little pulses here to make it harder let's bring that opposite hand behind the head good so you're gonna feel this side have to pull your body back up holding onto that weight and then you're doing that little contraction through the side waist this will give us those nice sideline muscles down the side of our abdominals- good little pulses here this one's also great for love handles such a good exercise for four three and one beautiful bringing it up reaching the arm out to the side I'm still working those same muscles we're gonna lift the leg and arm to me so I want you guys to think of those left side line muscles really sweep and lower down now you can keep this a little bit smaller range but we do want to control all of those exercises so each time that we lift our leg to the side we want to hold so it's like we're really working those side abdominals and then we lower it down just a little bit about as our work now if the weight gets to be too heavy I want you guys to just hold it in front of your chest or even take it into the other hand as a counterbalance but if you can folding it out to the side really squeeze those obliques good two more last one try to hold five four that's three two and one good lowering down we're gonna go into a superhero next so we're taking the same arm same leg and I'll just angle so you guys can see we're going to reach the leg back reach the arm forward and then squeeze our knee to our elbow really cinching those front abdominals reach good I'll show you guys from the front really round that spine Reach then tiger curl round the spine knee to elbow really good for our upper and lower abs each time you squeeze the knee and you're really challenging those low abdominals and then we have our deep core muscles really helping us balance if your balance is off today I just want you to reach the leg back and then pull your knees your elbows staying more upright as long as you're really coming to that nice forward flexion that little ab curl if you can you will get a little bit more out of it trying to add that balance challenge good last one here and then lower the foot down take the weight into both hands standing bicycle crunches still with that left leg we're just going to twist here bringing our knee to our elbow really use your exhale and twisting think twisting and tighten really squeezing those abdominals each time you use your exhale think of pulling your belly button back to your spine so this workouts great because it really keeps all the Pilates principles everything is coming from the core and it's really effective for toning our abs but with none of the neck pain that people get from their traditional Pilates classes good let's pick up the pace here for the last ten nine eight seven four five four three two and one good coming through Center just give yourself a little shake let's go on to the other side starting with our feet hip distance gonna reach the right arm up overhead this time feeling that lengthening of the obliques and then bending we really want to feel that stretch and then bending down so think of lengthening the muscles and then shortening the muscles that's why Pilates is so great it really does help to create that long lean muscles because you're strengthening while you lengthen holding our next one down for our pulse is bringing that little left hand back behind our head try to get nice and low you're gonna feel a lot of work through that opposite side resisting our heavy weight four three two last one beautiful from here taking that arm right out to the side press your weight down through your left foot we'll come into that nice oblique challenge lifting our leg to our arm and lowering down really thinking of squeezing into the side waist remember that weight can come back through Center still squeezing those ABS or to the other side which actually makes it harder to balance but if we can squeeze remember to hold two more we're gonna pull up this one four five squeeze those ABS four three two and one good bringing it in our superheroes here we go well let's do this one from a bit of an angle remember really works those lower and upper abs so really reach that arm forward and then make sure you're rounding the spine lengthening like up standing up crunch and reach good squeeze those low abs for two and one beautiful take that weight into the center finishing off with those standing bikes our leg comes out to the side elbows nice and wide squeezing that core coming into them twist here remember twisting is tightening it's working all those little corset muscles really try to get your elbow all the way past your knee really twist really feel those little muscles in your side working hang up the pace for our last 10 good we have six five four three two and one good work place that weight down take one arm up and over nice big side stretch through Center other side and then come on up give yourself a big round of applause great job you guys if you like this workout please give it a thumbs up so I know to film more Pilates standing abs and please subscribe because I post new workouts every week I'll see you soon Towel? Towel me No I'm Fine I'm good

You're like, you're not fine

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