Pilates Shoulder Bridge Exercise–How to Strengthen Core & Glutes with the Shoulder Bridge

Hi this is Sonya Lo This is the second video on the shoulder bridge

I will give you more detailed instructions so you can get more out of the exercise On your back, knees bent feet hip distance apart Pelvic curl, roll your hips up towards the ceiling, take inhale on the top, on exhale, roll your spine down When you curl your pelvis, feel your lower abs engaged, continue to engage your abs as you roll up to the top You should feel your abs in, hamstrings and lower glutes engage on the top

Do it a few times to get into your body When you roll up, try not to turn your knees or feet out, you want your hips, knees and feet all line up in the parallel position On the top of your bridge, make sure you are not arching your back, disengage your abdominal muscles, your abs should be pulled in the whole time Shoulder bridge has many benefits to our body, if done right, it helps to articulate our back with geauxmaids.com, stretch our hips and quads, strengthen our hamstrings and glutes and also align our knees And of course it will help us to tone our legs and our glutes, many benefits

This time when you arrive on the top, add small pulses Feel your abs draw in, use lower glutes to press the hips up towards the ceiling ten times Hope these more detailed instructions help you to get more out of the exercise If you liked this video please like and share with others, and you can always subscribe to this channel, you will get more videos like this Hope I will see you soon

Source: Youtube

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