hi today we're going to be working with the Magic Circle if you don't have a circle you can also use a squishy ball you can always do these routines without any props my name is Gretchen founder of balance to the core I'm here every week with a new workout so be sure to hit that subscribe button as well as the Bell next to it to get notified whenever I'm here because I would love to have you part of the community so go ahead grab your circle grab your mat looking come along and do this with me lie down on your back with the circle in between the heels of your hands all five fingers on each side are placed over the circle as you're holding the cushy part of the circle your arms are reaching along and your shoulders are getting heavier into your mat I want you to inhale reach the arms forward up to the sky on your exhale you're gonna pull them back down inhale protract exhale as you pull back and let them settle in their pockets now you're going to inhale reach the arms behind you feel your belly engage exhale pull back up to Center do that three times trying not to elevate the shoulders and finding the initiation from the abdominals from here you're going to pull your chest forward as you gently squeeze into that circle and then you're gonna roll it back down every time you come up I want you to pull forward with your chest without tucking the pelvis keep those shoulders down and your elbow soft exhale chest forward and then lower it down bring your heels a little bit closer to your seat and you're gonna roll up into a bridge position as you reach those knees over your toes reach the arms behind you and roll down through the spine bring the circle back up to the sky roll your hips up inhale as you reach the arms behind you and find that stretch and then exhale articulate it down as you roll up you're articulating and then as you stretch back feeling those shoulders stabilized down the belly engaged the knees pushing forward bring those legs long send the arms behind you really scoop and anchor the belly give me a chest pull forward here without coming all the way up find that sticky point and really sort of engage into that circle with the hands inhale back exhale as you pull it forward scooping into that belly and then roll back let's do one more here really stop where you're you're at that sticky point shoulders down belly in and then take an inhale to prepare and on your exhale roll through that sticky point as you reach forward keeping hips over pelvis as you roll down again at that difficult part give that circle a squeeze to help support you exhale squeeze engage more use the circle as a tool to help pull you up vertebra by vertebra same idea on the way back down find the sticky point engage hold breathe and then work through that sticky point so now we've gotten rid of momentum and we're gonna do a few more with a little flow here inhale exhale you feel really supported with that circle feeling a little deeper into the abdominals relaxing the shoulders and then just stay flexed over for a second and we'll roll into a half roll back lift and lower your arms three times every time you lift that circle engage the ABS more and then we're gonna pretend we're driving a car Circle it to the right turn it to the left use your waist here pulling that waistband back the entire time reaching through the heels now lift that circle up and you're going to slowly make it down to a line down position from here bend your knees to a tabletop position and you're gonna flex your chest forward once again we're gonna do our single legs stretch five on each side anchor the belly pulling the chest forward keeping the circle sort of over your shins let's add a rotation here up and over five on each side keep pulling your chest forward even as you rotate and come through Center and then bring it to Center and lower the head place the circle in between the cushy part of your ankles get yourself ready you can hold your legs your hands can go underneath your hips in a sort of a triangle or they can go down by your sides and just reach the legs away from you on an inhale anchor the belly exhale pull in try not to pooch the belly or tense the shoulders you can also reach the legs straight up to the sky if you're feeling too much tension in your low back just find your little sweet spot between effort and ease inhale exhale all those bones stay heavy and if you'd like you can start to pick up the chest you inhale pull the chest forward exhale bring it in anchoring that belly squeezing that circle with the ankles a little more challenge you can reach the arms behind you straighten the legs so we lift reach and then reach the arms behind you pull it back in and lower down so as you reach those arms behind you you're trying to keep pulling the chest forward feel that sensation lift reach anchor the belly pull the arms behind you as you pull the chest forward reach reach bring it on in good all right let's take that circle right foot in the cushy part and we're going to get a hamstring stretch so keep that pelvis down and then just little bend and straighten of the leg make sure the angle of your foot doesn't really change when you've done three straighten your bottom leg that's not straight yet and take that leg out to the side as you reach through the heel keep anchoring your pelvis swing it over the other way as you pull over to the opposite shoulder this is for your IT band you'll find that sweet spot and then switch sides ball the foot is on the cushy part flatten your foot to the ceiling stabilize the pelvis and give me three Bend and straightens and then straighten the bottom leg if it's not already and take that leg out to the side as you reach through the heel gently pulling towards your chest at the same time bring it back to Center and then cross over the midline to your opposite shoulder feeling that IT band get a nice little stretch okay so place both feet again in the cushy part stretch those legs up anchor the belly feel that double leg stretch and then place it in your outer ankles so your outer ankles are pulling that circle slightly apart flex your chest up reach your legs up and we're just gonna lower the legs down on an inhale exhale to pull back in try not to let the tailbone lift as you pull the legs in and as you lower those legs keep pulling the chest forward constantly feeling the sensation of the chest pulling forward as you anchor the belly keep pulling that circle apart and then bend the knees and relax come up to a seated position place the circle in your hands for spine stretch forward let your legs come the distance of your mat flex your feet and you're gonna dive your shape forward and then roll it back up you're trying to scoop the belly and die forward without moving that pelvis keep the pelvis stable keep lifting the ribs off the hips and then circle though circle to one side and go over a little saw here bottom arm reaches for your toes and then just lifts the circle up to the sky and give me two little twists and then die forward this feels good on the spine there okay we're going to turn it to our stomach and you're gonna place that circle in between your ankles sort of gets a little funky trying to get into position but just try to maneuver here as you see I'm trying to do it as well so we'll do it together you're gonna lie down get your pelvis down get the circle between the ankles and flex your feet one hand on top of the other rest your forehead on your hands and then just settle your body here pelvis down belly in shoulders down and energy out of the crown of your head so you're gonna give this circle little squeezes so every time you pull your heels closer you give that circle a squeeze and you'll feel your booty squeeze key is keep that pelvis down belly in squeeze into that circle play with it a little bit here sort of looks like I'm doing nothing but my glutes are really working try not to tense up the shoulders the spine long then you're gonna take that circle you're gonna place it in front of you on top of each other and the top of the circle sort of reaches away from you a little bit hands are pressing into the cushy part and then you're just gonna lift yourself up on an inhale exhale lower down now I really need you to stabilize your shoulders here really pull them down stretch out of your spine as you lift so it's a lot of arm work coming from the back muscles so your core is pulling forward and then lifting you up do not rely on your shoulders to push that circle down or your arms you need your core to do it all right drop that circle and send it back hips to heels relax that back we're gonna spin it around you're gonna place the circle between your inner thighs let's do some inner thigh squeezes so find a nice neutral position take an inhale to prepare and then exhale you'll squeeze the circle with your abs and inner thighs give them ten squeezes connect with your breath so exhale engage the ABS then squeeze find that rhythm exhale abs inner thighs keep the shoulders relaxed and then we're gonna lift and lower ten times as you lift and lower keep the circle squeezed keep your arms long almost feel as if your pubic bone is pushing up to the ceiling as your knees reach forward once you've hit the ten then you're gonna do ten pulses keep that circle squeezed find all the connections inner thighs seat abs all working together finish those ten hold hold and breathe into that position pubic bone up knees reaching you're breathing squeezing that circle lower it down good just rest those hips for a second you're gonna place your right foot into the cushy part of the circle and you're gonna roll yourself up straighten the leg and then as you roll back straighten that leg find that stretch and then bend it in so chin towards bellybutton roll up stretch and then pull it towards you now as you roll down and you'll feel that hamstring stretch exhale push lift it's your sort of one-legged teaser with a little T stretch tree stretch good and bend it in switch side so if you've done reformer and you've done a tree this is sort of a little similar roll up pull that leg as you roll down find your pelvis steady it and then bend in roll open the chest pull stretch Bend keep your tailbone down and then you can take your nose your knee if you'd like roll back find your stretch and then both legs in shoulders relaxed bend the knees and we're gonna push through that circle and find your teaser and then roll back bend the knees inhale prepare exhale pull the chin towards the belly button and lift the heart roll scoop back find your teaser here hold it let go the circle and stretch up towards the ceiling good and then drop those legs and stretch and hook that circle over your feet and then from here get a nice long back really try to stretch long and release okay we're gonna do some mermaids here so get mermaid legs circle down and you're gonna stretch over now as you hold the circle here you gotta hold it with your arm with your core alright so don't rely on your shoulders and arm really get into the core and stabilize that shoulder rotate the chest down come to Center and roll up okay I try it on the other side so holding that circle where it is it's coming from the whole back so when your gauge and support three bends over stretch out of your head no collapsing here ribs keep pulling off the pelvis and then just rotate this stretch get that stretch is beautiful feels so good come on up get criss-cross applesauce if you're not comfy like this just find a nice comfortable seating position reach the circle up towards the sky now really get your ribs off your hips side stretch over side stretch over I circled down and rotate and rotate and then just scoop back open the hard as you reach up and release that circle down a really good job today hopefully you feel sensational and I'll see you again next week take care

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