Pilates Reformer | Core & Legs 20 min Workout

Hey everybody, welcome back This is Agatha for another week of Pilates workouts

I thought it would be really fun to do a Reformer workout, and on this Reformer workout, we are going to be focusing predominantly on legs and core, so in just 20 minutes, get ready to get a little bit sweaty, and really feel those muscles working If you don't have a Reformer, don't stress out Be sure to watch my video next week, because I will take all the exercises that we do on the Reformer today, and bring it to the mat, so that should be a really fun one to watch Now this particular workout assumes you have some experience with the Reformer It's not for beginners

Watch out for some new videos that I'll be posting on the basics of Reformer, and how it all works Be sure you know what all the safety guidelines are as well, and let's not waste any more time and get started Okay, let's go ahead and get ready This is a Balanced Body Reformer, so it works on five springs Three are your high resistance springs represented by red

I have one medium resistance, which is blue, and a light resistance, which is yellow, which is rarely ever on We're starting with footwork series, so we get four springs up You want to come to the front corner of your carriage, lie down on your side, and then just flip yourself onto your back so that you're ready to go for your footwork series Now leave yourself a little bit of space between the shoulders and the shoulder rest We want to hold our spine together nice and long, and not keep jamming up against a shoulder rest, and compressing your spine

So think about that when we run through our footwork series today Arms are nice and long, and just a couple of times we're going to just do some breathing Two to three times Inhale, reach the arms up, fill those lungs with air Exhale and release down

As you release, connect the pelvic floor, abs, pull up and in Inhale, reach up, fully expanding into the ribs Exhale, press down Think about all of those connections, and one more time Inhale and exhale, release the arms

Let's start with the footwork Inhale, we press out nice and long Exhale, resist the springs on the way back Keep thinking about as you inhale, you lengthen through the spine Exhale, resist

A little faster, in, out Press in, out and in, out and in, out, and in Four, three, two, and one Bring it in Next one, high arches

So almost at the bottom where the arch and the ball of your foot meets We wrap the toes over the foot bar Press the heels down as well Keep the legs parallel Inhale, press out

Exhale, bend it in Resist Don't bang the carriage Out, and in Inhale and exhale, out and in, out and in

Five more Three, two, keep lengthening through the spine, one and bring it in Next one is on your heels Flexing the feet Okay, make sure, think about now pushing into the heels, without moving the carriage, and just feel how that engages into your sit bones

Keep that engagement, press out, and resist it in Inhale, and exhale it in, out, and in, out, and in out, and in, and five, four, three, two, and one Beautiful Let's work on the calves and the ankles, so you're on your toes Lift your heels a little bit and press out, not lowering those heels

Exhale as you lower the heels below the foot bar, don't collapse into them There's a difference here in how to lift them up again and we repeat Exhale, slowly lower the heels Inhale, up Exhale down, and up

Just make sure that as you're coming up onto your toes, lifting the heels, that you're really working through all the toes And up, good, and four, three, two, on one, stay lifted Slowly bend it all in Let's do one last bonus one, open out wide Stay on your toes

Heels slightly lifted This will continue to strengthen into the calves and the ankles Inhale, press out Exhale, in Out and in, out and in, out, and in, out, and in

And five, four, three, two, and one Bring it in Beautiful Transitioning to our 100, some of you may have Reformers, but you can slide your foot under to drop the foot bar This is not the case with mine

It has a protection So I will come up, twist to the side, and I will lower my foot bar Good And then go back down with control Sliding your hands into the long straps, and pressing them up to the ceiling table

Top your legs, getting ready for our 100 So breath can either be percussive, inhaling for five counts, exhaling for five, or you can do a long inhale for a count of five, and long exhale for a count of five, up to you So we prepare by inhaling, on the exhale as you press the arms down, lift the head and shoulders and extend the legs to 45 degrees, or lower or higher if needed Start pumping One, two, three, four, five and one, two, three, four, five

And out In and out Keep pressing into those straps Halfway there, in and out In, and out

Three more Two Last one Bend those legs, reach the arms up towards the ceiling, beautiful Let's do another transition here

Both straps to one side We press up, keep the feet lifted off the floor If you can't, keep working on your core, and remove two springs So we now have the two heavy springs on the outside, and go back down Okay, when you're ready, table top your legs, reach your arms up to the ceiling for coordination

We are going to bend those elbows, press them into the carriage, lift the shoulders and head off the mat Inhale to extend both legs open and close two times One, two, bend, and bend again Press out Now we do three

Three, two, one Bend the knees, bend the elbows One more time Inhale Imagine you're squeezing a resistance for four, three, two, one, bend, and bend

Excellent Let's come off both straps to one side Again, side, and up Bring your feet down Good

I'm connecting the straps for this one, and then go ahead and grab your long box Okay These are the leg lifts and donkey kicks This is a workout and a half We need to remove one more spring, so we are now down to just one of the heavy springs

Okay You're going to come onto your hands and knees on the box This is an absolutely fantastic workout for your core You will feel when you're working through one leg, how the opposite of bleak has to hold on tight to stabilize you So I'm starting with my left leg

Grab ahold of your left strap, slide your foot into the long strap and you want it to be at about arch level Okay? And we're going to have it just to the side of the box to start off with So just make sure your hands are nice and wide apart We try to use all the corners of the box, and on an inhale we lift that left leg up and back, and then to this side And lift it up, and to the side

We have three more here You should be feeling that right side working hard, and two, and one, bend it in Get ready for donkey kicks You can switch the position of your hand here, and press out with the heel, your legs face parallel, and bend Press, and bend

Press, and bend Two more Press and in, one more, stay out, open to the side, and slowly let that strap come off your foot Beautiful Same thing, other side

Okay, this is what I mean This is where it gets very sweaty, very quickly Slide your foot into the strap, middle of your arch Get yourself situated there and then stretch your leg to the side of the box Inhale to lift it up and back, and to the side

And up and back, and to the side And up and back, to this side Two more, and exhale One more, and we bend it in Now it's your donkey kicks, and press out, and in, four, three, two, one

Leave it straight Bring it to the side of the box and slowly let it slip off your foot Good Come off the box Okay

While we still have the box, let's go ahead and do a bonus abdominal series on it Lie down on the box Head is going to stay lifted, shoulders are going to stay lifted You have no choice here If it really feels uncomfortable on your neck, it's okay for you to keep your hands behind your neck to support you through the series

Otherwise, we stay lifted Pull the left leg in, right leg extends to 45 degrees lower or higher if needed Abdominal series, here we go Exhale, switch, single leg stretch And

And Four, and three, and two, and one Beautiful Both legs in, double leg stretch Inhale, stretch the arms and the legs Pull those abs in

Exhale in Make sure you squeeze those inner thighs together, and in, and out Exhale in Inhale, and in, and out, and in One more, and in, scissors and one one, switch

Make sure the leg that goes down stays nice and active So you're pressing through the back of the leg, and you're reaching that leg long, and pull pull, pull pull, last two, last one Hands behind the head, and lower, and lift, down two three, up two three Down two three, up two three Down two three, up two three

Last one, and up Hug it all in, and you can liberate yourself from the box Okay, we can move the box off to the side Next we want to add one more red spring, so the the strong spring to the outside So you now have two springs on the outside

Lift your foot bar up again Make sure it's nice and secured Your head rest is still up, and we're going to get ourselves ready for long stretch So we want to set ourselves up in a plank position as quickly and efficiently as possible So you place the outside hand on the inside leg first, other hand and lift the other one up and back so you're immediately in a plank position, we are connecting like mad through the legs, through the shoulders, through the core

Inhale, move everything back Exhale, bring it up over the foot bar Inhale back Exhale, shoulders over the foot bar Inhale back, and in

Keep those shoulders nice and stable The abs engage, and in, last one out, and in Bring those knees down Okay Press your feet into the shoulder rest

We're going to move right into some knee stretches And just for spine safety reasons, we're going to stay with a straight spine, almost with a slight little arch in the lower back Abs continue to engage Hands are placed on the foot bar Nice long wrists

You're about a fist distance from your heels Inhale two, press the carriage back with the legs, keeping the torso in the exact same position it's in Here we go, inhale press back, exhale, pull it in Inhale back, pull it in Just be careful not to press so far back that your hips pop forward like this, and back and in, accent in, five more

Four, three, two, one Beautiful Now we're going to lift these knees right off the carriage Up we go, and press out and in, out and in, out and in, out and in In, four, three, two, one

Slowly bend the knees Press them down Breathe Very, very nice Okay, great job

Let's step off Have a seat in the front corner We're going to add two more springs, so you're back to four springs, which is the exact same setting that you had when you did the first exercise, which was the footwork series, and we're going to finish off with running and pelvic lifts So lie down on your back, toes on the foot bar, parallel legs and feet, arms down by your side Inhale, press the carriage out

Exhale, lower one heel as you bend the opposite leg and switch Same thing as before We're not collapsing into that heel at all It's a very controlled movement Your hips are staying nice and still

And then you can speed it up, slow it down Whatever feels like works best for you Coordinate your breathing with your movement 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one Lift both heels, press in, now open wide again, you're in the middle of your arches

You want to lift your hips off the mat, or the carriage, and you want your hands in prayer position Place them right under the sacrum That's the height that you want to maintain Slide your hands away if you can Inhale, press out fully, opening up those hips and in

Inhale, press out, and bring it in Inhale, exhale, it in In, and exhale Good Five more, three, two, and last one here, and bring the hips down

Beautiful Turn to your side, press yourselves up And fabulous job That's it That's our workout for today

Quick and effective If you liked it, be sure to hit that like button below If you haven't yet subscribed to my channel, and you like this content, then please do so, so you can stay informed anytime I post a new video That's it for now Don't forget about my mat version of this workout for next week

Thanks for watching, and I'll catch you next time Bye-bye

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