Pilates Power

OK guys, this is our Pilates Power workout It means it's Pilates inspired

Now if you need modifiers, you are going to be watching our girl, Elle And I'm going to be honest with you, this girl here is the Pilates master Shannon has helped guide me so that I can queue you guys appropriately And we hope we created something that you'll really like As I said, it's Pilates inspired, which means it's 10 minutes and it's pretty hardcore

We're going to begin with pelvic lifts So we're going to come down to the ground And from right here we're going to go up on the heels, then switch to the toes and slowly lower down Feet flat Up on the heels

Slow lower on the toes Now what we want to do here, we want to focus on articulating the spine as Shannon taught me Which means you want to slowly roll bone by bone back down to ground, lifting all the way up This is all you, Shannon Perfect form

And the modification is going to be keeping your feet flat on the ground Still the same motion Pelvic lifting up, slowly articulating the spine and rolling the body back down to the ground This is our last one Beautiful guys

Now we're going to come down to the ground and we're going to roll on our side We're going to do an exercise called Clam Ready guys? Show them how it's done Now the modification here– Elle's got her top arm in front of the body, palm on the ground OK? We're working those glutes, squeezing that booty, heels together

More advanced modification, thank you Shannon, is going to be to take that top arm and place it behind the head Opening up chest, squeezing those buns And we've got three more here Focus, breathe, you're doing a great job Last one

Wonderful, now we're going to straighten the legs We're going to do something called Side Kick Reaching, OK? And let's show them how it's done So it's like a traditional leg lift, but side kick reaching– always reaching, always lengthening Toes stay pointed This form is incredible

I'm going to fail in comparison with this incredible form And just remember, this woman is the master at this So if you feel like you don't have the flexibility or the strength, she's been doing this for years and years One more Beautiful guys

Now we're going to roll over and we're going to do a move called Swandive First we're going to stay with Shannon She's going to show us how it's done Then I'm going to show you the modification Shannon, take us away

So notice she's got her back slightly arched Buns tight Very tight Hamstrings engaged Toes pointed

Let's go over here Let's check our modifier Elle is keeping your hands down the entire time But notice she's keeping her eyes forward She's not craning her chin up or straining her neck

Really good, guys Give me one more Beautiful job Now we're going to go into something called Knee Stretches with Donkey Kicks So we come up onto all fours here

Hands under the shoulders And from right here, we flex that foot and press the ceiling away, OK? This is the modification with the knees on the ground If you want to get a little crazy with it, then you keep your knees off of the ground, alternating donkey kicks Foot Is flexed This one's– this one's hard

So look, do me a favor Try a few here, and then if you need to modify, you modify Last one Now we're going to drop onto all fours, fantastic And we're going to go with Quadruped Leg Circles

Shannon, show them OK so we're on all fours and we;re circling the leg Toe is pointed look at her form Her body is totally straight

Core is engaged the entire time Unbelievable Great work All right I'll be honest, I don't really want you to modify There is no modification for this

If you need to, you could make smaller, tighter circles That's how you would make the move easier Looking really strong, guys Give me one more And now we're going to turn over and we're going to do an exercise called Snow Angels

We're kind of building off a couple Pilates moves here with this one This is not traditional It is challenging And Shannon and Elle are going to take us away in 3, 2, and 1 So we're bringing arms back, circling them around, bringing the legs up

This is unbelievably hard, OK [laughing] How does it feel? Awesome Right Unbelievably hard OK so when it's unbelievably hard, we try one or two

If we've got it all day long, wonderful We Stay here If we're dying, the mod is going to be to bend your knees instead of bringing the legs off the ground So Elle is scooping and as she's doing so, she's sitting up nice and strong Opening up the chest, shoulders back, knees are bent

We got one more Beautiful, you guys OK now from here we've got Single Straight Legs, OK? Let's show them how it's done 3, 2, and 1 So the modification on this is going to be bending the knees, right– and bringing them into the chest

And Elle's got her upper body relaxed on the ground The more advanced version looks like this So Shannon has her entire upper body off the ground, legs are completely straight Her range of motion is ridiculous And she's got a little pulse right there

Little Abdominal pulse, stretching, and strengthening The last one, man Beautiful guys OK here we go This is our last move in the circuit before we begin again

It's called the Sit up Side Twist In 3, 2, 1 So we sit up, pivot, and rotate and opening up the chest Look at the form Slowly articulating the spine

Back down to the ground I got a little wink My teacher approves here [laughing] I should have just– I don't why I didn't let my frigging Tomb Raider girl do this for me Such a good job

All right guys Let's go over to my modifier over here So our modification is going to be that we're not rolling to the ground, right? So Elle stays up, perfectly straight spine, posture is superb Bringing up that knee and rotating and twist Last one here

Beautiful Now we go back to the beginning Pelvic Lifts Up on the heels, down on the toes So we reset taking it up to the toes and down

Remember modifiers you're going to keep those feet flat, OK? The ankles are going to stay under the knees The neck remains relaxed If you feel any tension in your neck, I like to shake my head side to side for a minute and make sure that it's loose Shoulders should be relaxed, chest is open, hands are on the ground More advanced version– remember we're coming up on those heels, switching to the toes, and then slowly rolling the spine back to the ground

This is our last one Beautiful, guys Now we're going to rotate over and we're going to switch side for our Clam exercise We're going to work that glute on the other side In 3, 2, and 1

All right remember, toes are on the ground, heels are together If you can, you want to get that bottom heel about an inch off of the floor Let's not forget our modifier, OK? So the modification is to come down to the ground here Plant that front arm in front of you, squeezing and raising the leg Still keeping those heels together

Squeezing those buns Breathing– think about what you're working Give me one more Love it Now we've got Side Kick Reaching

In 3, 2, take it up OK modification would be a decreased range of motion, although I know you got this I've seen your kicks, girl Yeah, OK So she can do it

Shannon over here crushing it Perfect, beautiful, gorgeous Three– try one right here Just give me one and then if you need to modify, you modify Last one

Swandive Swandive– Ready? 3, 2, and 1 Guys take it away OK this one is just flat out hard I think it's the hardest one on the entire workout

I want you to dig in and try You're not going to get hurt You've got this, and we're going to take a little stretch on the lower back after this one Really push yourself Squeeze your glutes, squeeze those hamstrings, focus on your breathing

Give me one more and then we're going to walk into a little stretch for our back There we go Take a minute, catch your breath And from here we're going into Knees Reaching with Donkey Kicks in 3, 2, and 1 Beautiful

Remember I want you to keep this leg bent in a 90 degree angle, OK? We're not pressing it out straight this time We're going to flex that foot Push the ceiling up to the sky Knees are off the ground in our advanced version Try a few like this

If you need to, we modify over here with Elle We drop to the ground on our knees Both of my girls have perfect form They're keeping their hips square to the ground Their spine is straight

They're gazing forward making a triangle with their eyes and their hands This is our last three, last two, and one Now we come onto all fours for Quadruped Leg Circles Opposite leg 3, 2, and 1

Pointing the toe, nice Of course, the range of motion is going to make this more challenging So if you've got more with good form, do them But if you're finding that you're becoming unstable or you're opening up your hips, then shorten those circles Make them a little bit tighter

I guarantee you, you will still feel the fire, OK? Give me 3, 2, and 1 We've only got three more moves We go into our Snow Angels Flipping it over I like to watch Shannon do these

It's the only thing that I even see you break a sweat Ready guys? Hit it We're just going to stay over here on you [laughing] None at all Toes are pointed

Legs are straight OK give me one more And now really exaggerate that articulation form in the back so we can see it Perfect, guys Excellent job

Now we're going to go with Single Straight Legs OK? 3, 2, show them OK Remember, it's stretch stretch, and pulse pulse with the abs Stretch stretch, pulse the abs Same time

Stretch and pulse, same time? Did I get it? Stretch and strengthen Stretch and strengthen Yeah I have the best teachers Wonderful, and my girl over here– give me the modification

She's got the upper body down, and bending the knees We got 3, 2, 1 Last move, guys We're going to sit up and turn around to make sure that we work the other side This is our Sit Up Side Twist

Elle is modifying, right? 3, 2, take it away So when you're rotating, whether you're modifying or you're doing the more advanced version as Shannon's doing, we're going to bring out the lungs This is Pilates lingo How am I doing? My girl's teaching me Which basically means exhale

And it's meant to detoxify the body I like to think about, honestly when I'm exhaling here, letting go of all the stuff that's stressing me out– all the stuff that's on my mind Focus, breathe One more Perfect

Beautiful job, guys You did fantastic I want to see you next time

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