today we're working with a small ball so go ahead grab your ball grab your mat and come work out with me hi my name is Gretchen founder of balance to the core I am here every week with a new workout so if you want to join me on a regular basis hit that subscribe button as well as the Bell next to it to get notified whenever my new workout is available I'm also offering two weeks free on my online membership club we are such an awesome group and we love Pilates and we work out together answer questions and talk and it's just really awesome so if you want to check that out two weeks free the link is below in the description just check out more about the core club so today we are going to work with the small ball the small ball is great for getting a little bit deeper into your abdominal muscles you're going to be able to open the spine a little bit more add an element of balance so I'm just gonna bring some more body awareness you're also gonna have this element of play so you're gonna have fun while you're working out and really who doesn't want that right let's enjoy the time on our mat so go ahead grab your ball should be about eight to nine inches and grab your mat and let's get started the first thing I want you to do is transition yourself here onto your mat so sort of just let everything go that was happening before and take this moment to just bring your focus inward the more that you can focus on this session and focus on how you're feeling the deeper your movement will be and you're gonna feel that much stronger we're gonna place the ball in between our inner thighs ah feel your bones getting heavy on your mat start aligning your spine in neutral fill your tailbone heavy feel energy out of the crown of your head so even while you're lying here you're thinking of this two-way stretch reaching downward pulling upward so you have lots of energy in your body let's start with some inter-site by squeezes so i want you to take an inhale to prepare on your exhale just draw your navel in towards your spine without tucking the tailbone under and on your last bit of your exhale give that ball a squeeze so you're just tightening everything up in this floor area inhale as you release exhale navel to spine and then pull inward to connect deeper okay you're going to do that three more times inhale exhale one more time inhale now you're going to hold the exhale you're going to hold that squeeze and then start to curl your tailbone up just a little bit and then just find everything sort of pulling in then you're gonna roll it back down through the spine and release that ball on your exhale draw the navel to the spine squeeze that ball tuck and scoop inhale it down so we're not lifting all the way it's just a little pelvic tuck exhale inhale one more time pull in the squeeze roll and then roll it back down good so from here you're going to take an inhale on your exhale draw the navel to the spine squeeze that ball and then flex your upper body up now notice did you tuck your tailbone under try to keep it untucked as you flex up and then lower it on down on your exhale you're gonna squeeze you're gonna draw the chest forward towards that ball and then roll it on down good so keep playing with that it's like little movements but there is sort of like a place for everything so you start with the navel to the spine then the squeeze then the lift so everything engages in a certain sequence exhale inhale exhale one more time and we'll hold it up there now stay right there keep pulling your chest forward and try to lift the arms a little higher keeping that chest bar roll it down and take those hands behind you right underneath the skull take an inhale exhale navel to spine squeeze that ball pull the chest forward take an inhale to prepare and then on your exhale we're just going to rotate one shoulder towards our hip as you squeeze that ball on your inhale you'll come through Center keep pulling that chest forward and then on your exhale shoulder to hip squeeze that ball inhale release the ball exhale squeeze the ball good inhale to Center exhale as you rotate try not to hug the elbows closer in keep them the same distance from your head go ahead and really make your belly do the work here and he'll exhale scoop squeeze rotate three more times keep your pelvis even and anchored you got one more keep the weight of your head in your hands come to Center and then roll it down taking your hands on either sides of your head if your hips anchor your bellies are taking inhale to prepare exhale anchor your belly into your spine you'd use that anchor squeeze your ball and then bring the legs up to tabletop we're going to bring our arms over like a 45 degree angle keeping your posture now what we're going to do is we're going to inhale squeeze that ball rotate your hips to one side and then on your exhale pull it back to Center inhale over so your hip lifts exhale back to Center so your shoulders are remaining stable now as you rotate it over and over on an inhale exhale up make sure that twist is coming from the waist the spine one more each side good come to Center hold right here take an inhale anchor the belly exhale squeeze that ball take your arms up by your hips flex your upper body up hold yourself here now take an inhale exhale anchor the belly squeeze that ball and try to pull your arms up towards the ceiling as you keep lifting the chest forward go ahead lower those arms down and then again scoop squeeze lift the arms inhale lower the arms exhale lift so it's very active and lower as you lift those arms keep drawing the back of your chest forward keep anchoring the belly and squeezing that ball good and then just lower your body down hug those knees in towards your chest and grab that ball alright so from here you're going to bring your legs back to a tabletop position this time they're squeeze together and that ball is going to go above your chest hold that ball in between your palms and then just soften your elbows from either wall to wall okay so you're going to take an inhale here on your exhale I want you to reach one leg away from you and as you do that squeeze the ball in between your palms and as you squeeze the ball into your paws deeper into the anchoring of the belly and then we pull it back in exhale anchor the belly squeeze that ball and reach and help in exhale anchor squeeze and bring it in and squeeze and now what I want to do is anger the belly squeeze your ball and keep that anchor and we'll just ship the leg shift shift now you can keep the ball as it is and try to pull your chest forward as well dive deeper the abdominals as you squeeze that ball we got eight seven six five four three two keep one knee bent in bring it more to a tabletop Circle that ball around switch your legs circle that ball around switch legs now you're keeping your chest pulling forward that's the challenge your opposite leg is reaching long as you lift that chest we got for you go around we got three we got two and one hello there here bring it to tabletop drop it down go ahead go ahead and take the ball in between your ankles all right and we're gonna come up onto our elbows next work good how are you doing all right so now as we have it in between our ankles we want to really make sure the shoulders don't creep up to our ears okay so go ahead pull those shoulders down your back and feel the the ears and shoulders pulling away from each other as you squeeze that ball pull your belly in and then just bring those legs up to a tabletop position so from here you're gonna anchor that belly and then just stretch those legs up and then bend it in we scoop me reach and then bend it in okay so try three more there lift that chest shoulders out of the ears two more times – good one more let's hold it up there hold it reach it now see if you can lower those legs just a little bit and then pull them back in keep that chest lifted keep the shoulders down keep the squeeze of the ball you have three more three to do great line we bend those knees down we take them down now let's go to our side but keep the ball in between your ankles all right so from here we're gonna hold our head in our hands and we're gonna find a nice long spine okay so really get that upper body engaged feel your head reaching one way that tail reaching the other stretch those legs long so your hips are facing forward your knees are facing forward your shoulders are facing forward as this top hand presses down into the ground pull that shoulder back and lift your waistline up all I want to do is take an inhale prepare on your exhale anchor the belly into the spine and squeeze that ball that's all you're not lifting the legs you're not doing anything you're just squeezing can you feel that deeper in your abs inhale release exhale scoop and squeeze and lengthen your spine in opposite directions and release you got three more and squeeze for three good squeeze for two one more time on your exhale scoop sweeties now hold that sweet and as you're reaching along you can then lift the legs up from almost like your waistline and then lower down scoop squeeze reach and lift and lower sometimes when I lower my head down it allows a little bit more movement to happen there you can gauge what it feels good for you but you're reaching out of the waistline and as you squeeze that ball you're working into that waistline two more losing my balance to come on grow longer out of your head don't start sinking get longer as you lift oh yeah now keep that ball exactly where it is you're just gonna turn to your side okay so as it's in between your heels here you want to really lengthen your body you want to really squeeze into your heels to feel that ball a little bit more okay let's take our hands right underneath or forehead so without moving your bones I want you to feel your muscles deeper so take an inhale prepare exhale anchor the belly into the spine feel your pubic bone down reach your legs long and give that ball a squeeze inhale release exhale scoop reach and squeeze now keep this movement going on I don't want you to neglect the upper body or the spine that's reaching this way so out of the crown of your head so as you squeeze that ball be sure you're also reaching out of the crown of your head feet and head pull away in opposition as our belly anchors into our spine as our pelvis stays anchored okay so now hold this squeeze and all I want you to do is just bend your knees Bend right here keep your pelvis down notice when your pelvis stays down you're going to feel your booty a little bit more but when you do that if you want to push it so far down that you are teaching your low back so draw that low belly in and protect take an inhale exhale squeeze into that ball find that isolation work and squeeze good as you pull into that ball you're going to feel that booty more you're going to feel your belly anchor into your spine more squeeze two more and two and one now keep that squeeze and lengthen those legs long take your hands by your sides and then just release okay so now take that ball you're going to rest it right under your chest and you're gonna keep your body over it okay so hi should feel really good actually as your your body just hangs over that ball now all you're gonna do is pull your shoulders down keep your legs long and start to lift reaching out of the crown of your head pushing your heart forward reaching out of your low back and lower down let it release over and then inhale it's like you're pushing your heart forward through that ball reaching energy out of the top of your head and lower all right let's do one more and inhale open it and exhale down good and then send your booty back to your heels give it a good stretch and we've got the other side of your lips so we're gonna put in between the inner thighs find it in between your ankles settle your head down and find yourself in one long line I'd like to line up with the back of my mat this front hand really is working in stability it's gonna help you pull that top shoulder back and down it's gonna help you engage the abdominals more and you want to make sure you're not hanging you're reaching long you're lifting your waistline up take an inhale to prepare exhale anchor the belly into the spine and then squeeze that ball can you find that two-way stretch of your body off the crown of the head out the tailbone inhale release exhale scoop them squeeze good and release you got three more exhale inhale two more squeeze it and release now one more time you're going to hold that squeeze get yourself super long and then you're gonna reach out of the waist line and start to lift those legs up and then we lower it down and exhale reach and lift inhale down you've got three more go on reach the opposite side of the room with both limbs meaning head and feet and then lift I guess your heads not really a limb is it you get what I'm saying though you know that two-way stretch anchor it in the belly and lift good you got one more and lift good and bring it on in good alright so we're gonna come up we're gonna put it into our inner thighs we're gonna hold right here now we're gonna roll halfway back all right so really halfway back and then come on up but come up to where you're off your butt bone so if I were on my butt bones I'm up here right I want to be off my butt bone so I have some flexion here and then I want you to sort of lift your heart squeeze your ball alright so the ball is almost like an oval shell shaped our belly is engaged and then I'm going to float my arms up so my arms become parallel with my thighs ah alright so now all I'm gonna do is I'm going to draw my waistband back draw it back drop back drop back and then all I'm gonna do is come flower to where I just started so I'm in back of the butt bones okay try that in roll it back squeeze your ball now anchor the belly into the spine squeeze your ball as you come that little way up so it's small but it's intense scoop squeeze good and my arms just stay parallel with my thighs one more now come on up grab your shins lift up as tall as you can feel that stretch we're gonna go back down into author buck bones into that little flexion and now take your legs up to tabletop all right now our legs and arms are parallel with one another we're gonna roll it back now onto our back alright so the legs stay tabletop now I'm going to roll myself up I'm going to follow the line of my legs with my arms and then off my butt bones as I lift roll back so I'm going to let my legs go to tabletop as I come up I'll have those legs to come forward a little bit good roll back and roll up try not to yank on your shoulders too much two more three two you can go back to those other ones that we were doing before you can easily do tabletop legs with just a few inches back just play with it one more and you're good and lower down alright take that ball right behind your mid-back take your hands behind your head and then allowing your body to just fall over that oh it feels so good alright so your pelvis stays down your chest is open your ribs are open ah feels so good because we spend so much of our day flex forward it's nice to reverse it in this opening position but we do have to move because we are in Pilates flats so taking aim helps prepare exhale as you reach out of the crown of your head so we reached out to the crown of the head and feel your ribs start to pull downward and your chest sort of come flowered so now you're super engaged here okay but you're not flexing into it where you're yanking you're just super engaged and then inhale as you bring it back over your pelvis stays heavy and exhale reach I was kind of the head and bring it down and and two more we got two and her back and then one more time lift good now take one leg in bring one leg in and then we're gonna rotate and rotate and over keep that chest pulling fuller just like we did in the warm-up for eight seven six inhale exhale inhale exhale we got four three oh all right hold that now you can take your arms out to the sides if you want you can stretch your legs long just hold it for a breath here lift your head neck and shoulders now from here the ball is gonna go underneath our pelvis so let's get it underneath our pelvis so we can balance all right and then we're gonna take a leg up we're gonna take a leg up find your your stability stretch your legs up towards the ceiling get length from the backs of your legs and I'm sorry if you lose my feet all right we're going to take one leg down and then bring one leg up in to us now hold right there make sure this leg that's pulling into you is stretching long from the hamstring we're gonna pulse it one two and switch one two one two soften your shoulder tension should be no tension no gripping I used to think if there's something in my body that's working harder than the other parts of my body I need to engage somewhere else so all your muscles should be working universally evenly so it's one big body unit four more four three two one take both legs up then we're going to allow our legs to come apart we're gonna take them down squeeze them together and pull them back up open out pull down and bring it up nice little circles here so we're doing five in each direction okay you ready to reverse it come up together and down up together down three two one good and then just hug it in excellent ha breathe here just sort of let it relax and breathe you're gonna get yourself off the ball alright so taking the ball in between our knees back thighs all right I want you to roll your pelvis up into a bridge position so you're gonna roll squeeze lift just hold it right there as you squeeze your ball really lengthen out of your knees feel your tailbone reaching to the opposite side of the room nice and long press the shoulders down to open that chest and then just squeeze your ball inhale release exhale scoop squeeze all right so give me a few more squeezes here everything working strong in five four three two hold your squeeze on one stay right there and then float your right leg up and try to stay square can you stay square lift those hips up one two three lower down square your body off give it a sweet other leg reaches hold it try to stay square hold 3 2 1 lower down get yourself even and stretch those arms back behind you and then just articulate it down hug those thighs into your chest roll yourself up let's sit a little mermaid style here holding the ball right underneath your hand we're just gonna stretch it over and come on up two more times up and over and come on up and if this is not comfortable sitting this way you can do crisscross applesauce you can sit on a chair or cushion it's good and go the other way and up and over good two more two so I hope you'll look enjoyed working out with me today I enjoyed being with you one more time and if you like these workouts definitely come check out my core club I have a ton we work out all the time together all right crisscross applesauce close your eyes here sit up nice and tall crease the ball right between your legs here ha notice how you feel hopefully you feel open and more evenly balanced focused take a nice deep inhale reach those arms up towards the ceiling pull your palms together and then exhale just bring it down front and center yes good job today okay I'll see you again next week take care

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