Pilates Mat Workout – Reformer Exercises on the Mat | Core & Legs in 20 mins

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I am excited about this week's workout because if you followed last week's video, you know that I took you through a reformer workout I know reformers are a luxury and not everybody has one This week, I have adapted those exercises to the mat You're going to get a complete full body with a core and leg focus in 20 minutes, maybe a little bit less If you enjoy this workout, don't forget to hit that like button below

If you haven't yet subscribed to my channel, go ahead and do so, so you can stay up to date on all the things that I post Without wasting another minute, let's grab our mats and get started Let's get started by coming to standing position on your mat We're going to replicate the footwork series in a standing position Let's start with our feet in Pilates pose, so heels together, toes are a little bit apart, about a fist distance apart

Aiming the tailbone right down to the mat, we're going to inhale as you bend the legs so it's not pressing those hips back or those sit bones back We want to make sure that tailbone stays down, and then come back up on the exhale, wrapping the thighs around, engaging those glutes, outer thighs and inner thighs glue together Here we go again Inhale, exhale, pull everything up In inhale, we're also engaging that pelvic floor

Abdominals are connecting, and exhale, and down, and exhale, connect everything, and five, four, three, keep wrapping and two and one Beautiful We're going to bring the heels apart Our feet are now parallel We're trying to mimic now the wrapping of the toes over the foot bar

I want you to think about lifting through the arches a little bit You're really digging the balls of your feet, the toes into the mat as well as your heels You'll feel some engagement in the back of the legs already Inhale, bend, same thing, tailbone presses down, exhale, lengthen All the muscles on the legs are working hard, in, and exhale, in, exhale, connect that pelvic floor and abdominal in and exhale and in, exhale

The knees are tracking right over the big toe and the second toe Four more Good Three You should feel the back of the legs working already

Two more Good One more Stay tall through the spine Very nice

Now heels, so toes are lifted We're pressing right down through those heels and we're going to add a little bit of arms Inhale, shoulder height Exhale, press back with resistance In, exhale and in, exhale, in, exhale, in, exhale

Five more, four, three, two Good One Nice Now tendon stretch

This is where we work the ankles and we work your calf muscles I want you to lift your heels just slightly off the mat We're still going to use the arms As you inhale, we bend down, still pressing that tailbone right down Exhale, come up, but don't lower the heels, and down and up

Make sure your knees are still tracking over the second toe and the big toe In, and exhale Let's do two more like this In and exhale One more in

In, exhale Now we go down halfway Stay there Heels are still lifting Now press the heels down

Lift them up Press down Lift them up Press down Lift them up

Two more, down, up One more, up Press the heels down Lengthen up We're going to go into the second position, so open your legs wider than hip distance

Externally rotate the leg, still aiming the tailbone right down to the map We're going to use the arms still just to get that whole body warmed up Inhale and exhale Press through those inner thighs Wrap the outer thighs

In and exhale, in and exhale, in, pelvic floor, abdominals, in, exhale Good Five, four, three, two, and one more here Beautiful Bring the legs together

Let's go down to the mat and get ready for the one hundreds Go down on to one knee to your side and then roll over on to your back Arms long by your side, lengthen up through the spine Back of the neck stays long Legs bent

Take an inhale Exhale to bring your legs up to tabletop Breathe in again Exhale to curl up Extend the legs and 45 degrees

It can be higher if it feels like too much on your back or lower if you can take it Start pumping the arms, and one, two, three, four, five It can be a long breath for one, two, three, four, five, out, two, three, four, five or pumping Do the breath that works for you Make sure on those exhales you're really scooping the abdominals in

Five more Two Last one Good Bend the legs in

Press the head down Great Continuing with coordination For this one, elbows stay pressed to the mat, but we bend the elbows 90 degrees, and our legs are also at a 90-degree angle Ideally the head is going to stay up for the whole exercise, so let's start with that

Inhale, exhale to float the head and the shoulders off the mat Now as you inhale, extend the arms and the legs simultaneously Open and close the leg three times like you're squeezing a resistance Two and one Bend the knees

Bend the elbows Extend both Open and close three times, three, two, one, bend and bend One more time Extend both and open and close, three, two, one

Bend and bend, and then release down Fantastic Now we're moving on to where we put our feet in the straps to do our leg series This is frog and leg circles It's going to be even better abdominal workout on the mat than it is on the reformer

We start with our legs in frog position Heels are together Knees are open as wide as your shoulders Hands go behind the head Take a nice deep breath in

Exhale once again to float the shoulders and the head off the mat As you inhale, extend the legs, wrapping those outer thighs in, bend it in, squeezing those inner thighs together in, and exhale Make sure you get the work through the legs as well Good Out and in, out and in, five, four, abs really needs to stay pulled in as you extend out, two, no arching through that lower back, and one

We stay out for circles, out around together Exhale up and down around, and up, down around and up You can stay higher if it's too much for you to hold here Good Reverse

Exhale and up and around, down, up and around Two more Make sure everything stays nice and tight Last one Bend, lower the head and chest

Take a moment to breathe and just notice all that work that you've done Good Let's go ahead and turn to your side and come to your hands and knees Now we're going to do the exercise that mimics the exercise that we did on the box, which were leg lifts and donkey kicks, focusing obviously on the legs but it works your core, obliques like crazy, glutes and so on Wrists right under the shoulders

Make sure the back of the neck stays long Abdominals are pulled in I'm going to start here with my left leg I'll just bring my left leg out to the side You're going to lift it up, touch the other side, lift and back over to the side that you started

It's an inhale and an exhale to come back Inhale and an exhale to come back Inhale and an exhale to come back Good In and exhale back, in and exhale back, and one more, in and exhale back to the side

Bend the knee in Keep it floating off the mat Flex the foot like you're pushing through mud here Extend that like parallel to the mat and bend it in and out Inhale, exhale

Bend it in, and out and in, out and in, out and in, out and in Last one, out and bring it down Other leg to the side Here we go Inhale up

Touch the back, up to the side and inhale, exhale back around Four more Up and around, and three, and around, and two, and around Last one, and around Bend did it in

Keep floating that knee off the mat Flex the foot Inhale and in Press out and in Press it out and in

Press out and in Two more Press out and in Last one Press out and bring it in

Fantastic Take a nice inhale Exhale Sit back on your heels for just a moment Come up

Turn to your side again and roll over on to your back Getting ready next for our abdominal series that we also did on the box last time That was definitely a little bit more challenging for the upper body because you have to keep your head and shoulders floating so it doesn't fall back on the box It's still going to be hard on the mat Single leg stretch

Pull the left leg in Right hand on the inside of the knee Left hand on the outside of your ankle Other leg extends to 45 degrees, lower or higher Make sure your foot is touching that stretched leg and pressed against each other so we continue to activate through the legs

Float the upper body up Here we go Exhale Engaging those abs even deeper with every exhale Three, and two, and one more

Double leg stretch, feet together, knees apart, hands on your shins Inhale, extend the arms and the legs Exhale Wrap it all in Inhale and exhale

Again as you extend, the absolutely stay pulled in tight No arching in the lower back Two more One more This is where we can give our head a rest

Scissors, pull, pull Let them touch each other and then change Good One, one together, together, exhale, exhale, together Make sure that your hips are not doing a dance of any sort so they're staying nice and still connected and wrapped

One, two, up, one, two, up, one, two, up, one, two, up Last one, and together Let's bring the feet now parallel Hands behind the head for lower and lift Lower down, two, three, up, two, three, down, two, three, up, two, three, down, two, three, up, two, three, down, two, three, up, two, three

Bend it in Bring your feet down Turn to your side Excellent I don't know about you, but I'm sweating already here

Next one Long stretch on the reformer, plank position here on the mat, but it's going to be a little bit of a moving plank to challenge the body a little bit more If the moving part of it is too much, just hold the plank That's also fine We're going to bring the forearms down to the mat

Your elbows and your shoulders are in the same alignment, extending the legs behind you, making sure that those hips don't stay up like this We are down as flat as we can be Belly pulled in Inhale, come up on your tippy toes Exhale, lower the heels

Up and lower down, up, lower down Two more Up, lower down One more Up, lower down

As a bonus, inhale, lift the left leg, bring it down Right leg, bring it down Left and down, right and down Two more Left and down

Last one, up, down Bring the knees down, hands under the shoulders Inhale, exhale Round the spine, up to the ceiling Release

Fabulous job Variation now with the knee stretches Your wrists are still under your shoulders You're taking a nice inhale Curl the toes under

Exhale, floating the knees off the mat and then bring it down Exhale and up and down Every time we lift and float those knees, we're engaging into the core We're engaging into the pelvic floor especially Inhale and up, and lower, and up and down

Good Exhale up and lower down Exhale up and lower down You can continue to just float the knees up for the next one or the next challenge is going to be we float the knees up and we're going to just extend one leg behind us and back Three times on one side, three times on the other side

Inhale, exhale, float it up and without letting the hips drop, and press back and in Press back and in One more here Press back and in We switch sides

Press back and in, two, one more and down Take a nice inhale Exhale back on to your heels Nice deep breath in Before we do running, we're actually going to do the pelvic lift, so we're going to reverse the order that we do this in on the reformer just so that we do everything we need to do on the mat before I get you standing

As you inhale, lift the hips up, keep the ribs pressing down to your hips so we're not floating those ribs open, we're connecting, and then lower down Just focus on the opening of the hips here Inhale, press up and down Inhale, press up and down Inhale, press up and down

Good Inhale, press up and down, and press up, lower down Good Up and down Two more

Inhale, up and down Last time, up and exhale down Turn to your side Hands and knees Come up to your knees

Press one leg out in front of you With control, just come right up to standing We have our feet in parallel position again You're standing nice and tall through the spine Just feel equal weight across all points of your feet

Shoulders are engaged You're reaching your fingertips down to the mat with control We come up on to the toes, lower one heel, bend the opposite leg Inhale, exhale when you lower, up and down, up and down The hips again are not doing a dance

You stay tall You keep reaching the crown of your head up the entire time When the heel drops, you're not loading that hip Feel like you're always floating up and keeping this very light Exhale

You can go faster or slower Eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, three, two, one Lift both Press both down Congratulations

You have completed this workout Thanks for joining me I hope to see you here next week Bye-bye for now

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