Pilates Leg Workout at Home (Just 5 Mins!)

In this video, we are targeting your legs from your ankles all the way up to your glutes, working a lot with your hip stabilizers All, you need is a mat

And in under five minutes I'm going to get you toned, strengthened, and defined See you in a minute Okay, we're going to start in standing Your feet are parallel and connect through the pelvic floor, through the abdominals And when you inhale, let's bend the legs and straighten and again bend and straighten

And two more Bend and stretch And one more bend and stretch Now we're going to bend, lift the heels, straighten the legs, lower your heels and bend, lift, stretch, and lower And bend, lift, stretch, lower again, bend, lift, stretch, lower

Reverse and up bend the knees, press those heels down, and stretch and lift Bend Press the heels and stretch and lift Bend Heels down Stretch one more time, up, bend, heels and stretch

Good Let's open the legs out to the side A slight external rotation Open a little bit wider than your hips and as we bend down, lift the arms about shoulder height That's your inhale

Exhale, press up Let me just turn to my side Be careful You don't want your butt sticking out there You want aim your tailbone straight down to the mat

So you're pressing down and engaging those glutes to come back up And here we go down and up, and down, press through the feet, engage the glutes And exhale Inhale down, exhale, press it up Engaging the core and press it up

Inhale and exhale up and down and up, two and up One more Stay here We're lifting just one heel, don't let the upper body move and press down Inhale

Exhale press down Up and down Up Press Down, up press down, up press down Let's lift both up, and lower up and lower and lower and lower four more and three and two to make it nice and fun

Stay there Press for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Lower the heels, straighten the legs Good Let's solidify the work with a nice side lift series to work your hip stabilizers

So align yourself with the back of your mat You can rest on your arm here Lift the waste off the mat, bring your legs a little bit forward, keeping that top leg parallel to the other Rotate the heels so that the heel and the little toe are in the same alignment and lift and lower and lower and down Up and up and up

Four, three, two, one Circle front and circle back If you need to get a few fingers there to help you support, but I don't want to see any upper bodies moving all over the place Connect two and one, reverse back and four, and three and two and one Roll over onto your stomach

Keep the legs lifted and start to tap the heels together Opening them as wide as your mat For ten, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one again, ten eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Turning over to the other side Ok, lifting the waist

Immediately going in and down and up Keep lifting and keep connecting everything Up, up, five four, three, two, one Circles in five, and stabilize that upper body, three, two, one Reverse and five, four, three, two, one

And together You are done! Beautiful job If you feel you need a stretch, you can watch one of my stretching videos right here and incorporate this whenever you need it It?s sure to give you a nice little, hey, it'll give you a nice little workout anyway Thanks for watching

I'll catch you on the next one Bye

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