Pilates Intense Mat Workout ? Tools For A New You | BELIEF

i think at the end of everything we start thinking about our goals commitment patience with our bodies giving ourselves time everything that encompasses that is the idea of belief if we don't believe in yourselves then none of those things are going to affect us in the way that they should meaning that you're not going to to achieve the results that you are meant to achieve if you don't believe in yoruself you want to live a healthier life you just have to believe you can do it thats the missing step you can do all the exercises i the world but if you don't believe it the first time the going gets hard you're going to stop its that believe that challenges the voice inside your head you're in the middle of your yin yoga practice you're in a pose that just driving you crazy and its that believe that shuts that voice down and its going to be a long road but that belief will get you through it you know if you truly set out on a journey to change your life to do something that you've never done before the believe has to start within your heart because thats what is going to help you get up when you fall down its that belief deep down inside youself that you can do it and you have to truly believe that no one else wants to see you succeed no one else wants to see you live a healthier lifestyle then they are because it makes them think about themselves and what they believe in you have to shut all of that out and just believe in yourself first and formost and when you believe you have to believe in the plan you set out for yourself you have to believe in the path and the journey that you have created for yourself when you have that belief when you have the focus the commitment the patience with yourself all of these incredible things are going to work together in getting you to become the best version of yourself

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