Pilates f?r Anf?nger – Diese Varianten sind interessant f?r Pilates Anf?nger (Produktvorstellung)

Pilates for beginners / Pilates for advanced Hi, we are product junkiede

We are constantly on the lookout for the best digital products on the internet and when If you are looking for Pilates for beginners or advanced, we have discovered two really interesting products for you There are two different concepts It's a 30-day Pilates Challenge and a longer-term Pilates Course Group We will both compare and introduce you To make your decision easier in the end

The content comparison for you at a glance At the 30 Tageschallenge you get: -Detailed instructions from the Pilates professional, also suitable for absolute Pilates beginners – Over 20 hours of video footage – Step-by-step exercises -PDFs with photos and descriptions of the exercises for each video -Support for budding PilatesTrainer -4 more bonus videos to loosen up the Training in addition to the classic Pilates exercises – Continuous access to all videos, you can Call them as often as you want At Pilates and Friends you get: Exercise videos in all levels of difficulty videos in different lengths of 10 Min up to more than one hour – Brief explanatory videos for individual exercises Videos with Pilates small devices -Pilates on the studio equipment – also as Inspiration for trainer mat training – perfect for the home and business on the way -Barre Workout Completely new videos – no contract – termination is sufficient a short mail You get the 30-day challenge for a one-time payment, the Pilates and Friends for a small monthly fee To see the exact prices, click on the links below the video to go directly to to get their internet pages What are the benefits of Pilates? You improve your posture posture, you have a better body feel, in athletes the performance is optimized, you will become more attractive, your shoulder and neck muscles relaxed, you get a deeper breathing, you increase your joint mobility, yours Concentration, your coordination and your condition In addition, you reduce stress by Pilates If you want to start now with Pilates, you will find the links in the video description Both products have been rated very well and I can not accept the decision which Pilates course is better for you

Look at the course descriptions and see what suits you better I wish you lots of fun and, above all, good luck with your training goals Have a look at another video from us and subscribe to our channel, if you do not want to miss anything

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