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– Hi guys, I'm Kimmy Kellum I'm the founder of East River Pilates and welcome to Trainer of the Month Club

Today I'm going to be showing you a full body Pilates workout preformed on all fours What I love about this series is that it is deceivingly difficult It looks really simple but it's really hard if it's done well And also, for my back pain people out there, like myself, this is a great series for you If you have lower back pain give this a try and let me know how you go

We're going to get started on all fours, so meet me down on the mat We'll take all fours position with the hands right underneath the shoulders So first and foremost get your alignment in check We wanna honor the natural S bend of your spine, so we're trying to avoid over-tucking or overextending the low back So find a place that's really in between a posterior and anterior tilt, where you have a little inward curve here

The hips are right on top of the knees and you are starting in a sunken position This feels really good, but that's not where we're gonna stop We're gonna continue to press away from the floor to set those shoulder blades in alignment So working on mobilizing the scapula Inhaling to lower and exhaling to press away

So your weight is really in your hands and you are trying to essentially squeeze a pencil between your shoulder blades and then lift and let that pencil roll off We'll take two more here It's also just a great way of showing your body how much mobility you have, and then how much stability we want to find when we continue with this series So now keep your shoulders as wide as possible We're gonna tuck the toes under and commence knee hovers

So to begin, take a deep belly breath and let your abdominals soften So unengage them As you exhale, hug your abdominals So think of drawing that belly button up towards your back, like you're putting on a back brace or a corset, tightening around that waist And then when you have no air left start to hover those knees, and then inhale to softly tap them back to the mat

So we exhale to lift We're drawing the abdominals in and up We're not changing the alignment of our spine, that stays totally still Inhaling to lower So keep going with this

We want to keep a soft bend in those elbows If you're finding that this is a little sensitive for the wrists, I encourage you to try fisting your hands, or alternatively you can also do down on your elbows with the palms facing up We'll take three more here Two, and now lower Last one, lift and hold it here taking a little pulse up and down

For ten, nine, eight, seven Again, nothing is moving except your knees Four, three, check that you're still smiling just a little, it does help Lower your knees to the mat Now, if you like that challenge and you want to stay up with the knees off the mat, hold them there and then we start to float one leg up behind us at a time

So taking a little single leg march Now you can also do this on your knees, which I highly recommend if you're newer to Pilates, or if you are battling back pain Also, my prenatal mommas, this is a great series for you I wouldn't recommend lifting the knees if you are currently pregnant So, we are simply floating one leg up

Nothing else changes, the knees are as low to the floor as possible We'll do one more either side, getting you nice and toasty And then float those knees back down with control Gorgeous So we now introduce bowed dog

You're gonna untuck the toes Again just take a moment to reset those shoulders, as broad as possible, and again we're only moving one body part, so we're going to be working with the arms first Make yourself comfortable, take a deep breath As you exhale hug your abdominals Extend one arm forward, inhale slowly, float with control

This is where I was talking about it being deceivingly difficult This exercise, if you're doing it correctly, is really challenging Your chest is supporting your body Your obliques are starting to kick in to allow your body to stay still We're trying to avoid mobilizing the spine from side to side keeping everything really frozen

Great Take it into the legs So we slide one leg back at a time This is a little bit more challenging than the arms We're simply doing one leg at a time, nice and easy

Now the key thing I want you to focus on here is dissociating your leg from your hip joint So what does that mean exactly? We don't want to extend lower back here, so that's where our abs are on a little siesta, just having a little party We want to keep them engaged in this series We wanna really try and separate or isolate the leg from your pelvis So you wanna really keep the pelvis totally still

It might help you to have a mirror accessible to you, or maybe even a friend who can check out your technique, encourage you on as you do this series Okay, so we'll do one more to the left, and then we'll start to incorporate alternating arm and leg So as obvious as it sounds, we're gonna simply extend one arm and one leg at a time The supporting elbow does not hyper extend You keep it a little bit bent

That means your biceps, your triceps, your deltoids are all fired up as well If you hyper extend those joints you'll find that it's a lot easier, but not in a great way, in a more dangerous way, and you're asking for a nasty elbow injury So we'll do one more either side here We're exhaling to reach, we're inhaling to lower Pelvis stays neutral, everything else stays gorgeously set in place

So now meet me up with your right arm forward, your left leg back, that elbow subtly bent, all five fingers pressing down into the mat And then we take a diagonal reach So this is where you start to fire up a little bit more through the obliques and your gluteus medius Exhale to open, inhale bring it back to center Exhale open, inhale center

Exhale open, inhale center You can do this down on your elbows, it is a little harder If you are doing down on the elbows, I recommend having both elbows down and just the leg moving, okay? So finishing up with one more here Open, if you want you can hold it there There's a lot you can play with, but today we're gonna continue straight onto the other side

Again, check your alignment These guys like to get really lazy, so keep them active, push down through those hands, extend opposite arm and leg and we again prepare by exhaling to open, inhale to bring it back to center Exhale open, inhale center I'm starting to get a little bit shaky here as my balance on one side is not as controllable as the other You might notice that is also something that happens with you

Just embrace it and use it as a benchmark to improve the next time you do this series We'll do three more Inhale center Every time you breath out, think of fogging up a mirror That is a natural way of tiding a transverse of dominance

Gorgeous And then come on down, take a child's pose just to rest those hips and open up through the chest And we continue with a glute variation of what we've just done Today I'm going to demonstrate this down on my forearms You can clasp your hands together, but I want to challenge you today

Try with the palms facing up, and the forearms as wide as your chest So parallel to another, like train tracks We're going to start with donkey kicks We bend the right knee and try to kick the heel with our butt And then– well vice versa

Kick your butt with your heel On your exhale you're gonna lift that leg up as high as you can, inhale to lower with control Exhale to lift, inhale to lower Now again your dissociating your leg from your hip, so try not to make this about your back extending We're just extending the hip

We're just gonna do one more, I'm gonna show you five of each We then cross and lift We cross, exhale, lift three more Inhale, exhale Inhale

Do you guys feel your obliques starting to fire up? Last one, gorgeous, and then take it to the other side So staying lifted, again reset those shoulders Bend the left knee, kick your heel to your butt We exhale lift, inhale lower Exhale lift, back of the neck stays really long

Three more If you are not feeling it in your obliques yet, I encourage you to take your weight a little more over to the left And then we take it into that cross So, knee goes with opposite knee, then you lift up and find parallel So knee to opposite knee, and then find parallel

Keep pushing down through those forearms You've got three more here And two Last one Gorgeous

And then come on down and take a child's pose So there you have it, my all fours full body Pilates workout Now, I recommend that you try this everyday and notice how each time you do it your endurance is better, you feel stronger, you feel more connected to your body And as you notice the details of the technique, you'll find that it actually gets harder before it gets easier We'll see you again for another Trainer of the Month Club series next week

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