Pilates from a social distance

Hey everyone! Come on in grab a mat, take your shoes off My name is Amy Hendricks

I'm a fitness instructor with Penn State's Campus Rec Fitness and Wellness We are still on lockdown here so we're going to need some exercise to help keep you mentally and physically active while we can't really go out and do anything Before we get started there's a few things you need to know put on some comfy exercise clothes, take off the shoes and socks so you don't slide, clear the area and make sure there's no furniture in the way, wipe down your equipment before and after you use it, make sure you get some water just in case you need to hydrate Feel free to take a break at any time Anything that we do today should be a pain free range of motion so if you feel pain please stop if you feel dizzy please stop

If you have experienced shortness of breath then please stop as well I don't have any music for you so put on your favorite playlist, and we'll get started We're going to start by standing with your feet hip-width apart Alright your two middle toes are under the knees, shoulders are open you're in great posture right here You're going to start by rolling the shoulders forward up back and down and breathing along with it

Inhaling and exhaling Inhale is in through the nose, the exhale out through the mouth Really nice deep breaths you wanna think about filling up the lungs, and then getting rid of all the air out of the lungs Good Shoulders come down, we're gonna bring the shoulders up to the ears and then drop them down

Inhale up, feel that tension, and relax Inhale up, exhale, relax Inhale up, exhale relax Just one more Just like that

And relax it down Good We're going to stand at the back edge of our mat So, again, you're gonna put your feet parallel to start, and then things are going to change So we're going to take a nice deep breath in, come up on the toes, and bring it down

Two more just like that, and then we're going to add in a roll down So inhale up, come down Nod the chin, scoop up and over an imaginary barrel You want to try to keep your hips right over top of your ankles You're going to feel like you can fall forward

Top of your head down to the floor Shoulders are back and down And then take a deep breath in, scoop the belly in, and roll your way back up Two more like that Take a deep breath in

Good, scoop in that belly Think about drawing yourself up tall, up and over an imaginary barrel and rolling down top of the head down to the floor looking right through those knees Inhale, exhale and roll your way back up Good, one more like that Inhale up, exhale, nod, scoop

Again you're gonna feel like you're gonna fall over Bend your knees if you need to so that you can bring your hands to the floor or if you can't touch the floor that's fine too And then scoop in and roll right back up again Now this time it will be a little harder of the hamstrings You're gonna bring your heels together, squeeze the inner thighs, activate the inner thighs, activate the glutes

Pull the abdominals in Alright, deep breath in here, now roll yourself down Scooping in, pull a little tighter on the hamstrings Inhale here, exhale, and back Good

Two more like that Inhale, exhale, and roll it down Now your feet are in this little V position that should just be or get a little slice of pie not too big, just like a hundred calorie slice Whatever flavor you like All the way down

Good Now, we're gonna roll about three more times, you can stick with the first version, you can do the second version, or we're going to be a little more challenging again So the third version is staying up on the toes So, you're gonna balance right here, keeping the hips right over top the ankles, and rolling down while balancing Little more challenging

And inhale, exhale Staying on those toes And hopefully rolling all the way up Good Okay, let's do that again two more times

Inhale up, stay on those toes if you can Nodding the chin, scooping up and over It's really important to keep the hips right over top of the ankles here, because if you don't, you really will fall over Inhale, exhale, and come right back up again Maintaining that balance Great, one more time like that

Inhale up, stand on those toes if you can, nod, scoop, roll your way down Good, inhale here Exhale And right back up again And down

This time with about any of those ways you want, we're going to walk out into a plank and then hold it I'm going to try to count to maybe 20 Okay, so inhale up, exhale, stand on those toes or not, nod, scoop, roll your way down And then you can bend your knees, walk your way out to plank Now, it would be a high plank here

Palms are directly under the shoulders, shoulders are back and down, the abdominals are up and in Alright, think about dropping your pubic bone towards your heart, and pull them together Nice straight, strong plank here If you need to modify it by coming down to your knees and that's perfectly fine too Just breathing in nice and deep, inhaling and exhaling

Let's give it two more breaths, one more Drop down to your knees sit back in a shell stretch Deep breath in, come on up Good And we're gonna start with a half roll back

So come forward so that your feet are towards the front of the mat You're gonna move your little flabby bits out of the way So you're right on top of your sitz bones And sitting up as tall as you can Ideally, you want your shoulders to the over your hips

If you can't get there it's okay, or you can bend your knees a little bit and that's okay too That might just feel a little more comfortable Sitting up tall is really hard for a lot of us, okay We're gonna do a half roll back So with this half roll back I'm going to ask you to bring your arms out, retract your shoulders

Now in your hands take an imaginary bar, got that bar, and then bend it like you're bending a bar of steel, and when you do that you should feel these muscles right here fire up okay? And what that does, you can't see it here, bending that bar, cannot lift your shoulders go ahead and try it You can't do it If you relax, the shoulders can move, okay So if you're bending that bar, shoulders are going to stay in place, and that's where we want to keep the shoulders So take a deep breath in, sitting up tall, bend the bar

Good We're going to tuck the tail and go down as far as you can comfortably You don't want your feet popping up So if you feel the feet pop up, you're going to stop right there, okay? Scoop the belly in And we're back up tall again

Alright, let's do that again a couple more times So inhale, bend the bar, roll down tuck the tail under, scoop in, just hold it right there Inhale, exhale Right back up again Great

One more like that and then we're going to change it Inhale, exhale, roll it down, scoop it in, hold it right there, inhale, exhale, and up Great job So, if you want to we're gonna make it a little more challenging, okay? So, bend that bar, inhale, exhale, tuck the tail, roll down, scoop your belly in Bring your arms up to your ears

Bring them down And come back up Good, and then inhale again, tuck the tail, roll it down, scoop in, keep those heels down And then back up Good, two more like that, inhale, exhale, roll back scoop in, arms up, bring down, and back up

We're gonna do one more and hold that, okay? So inhale, exhale, roll it down, scoop in, arms up for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, bring it up You can come over an imaginary barrel ,fold yourself into a nice little C curve, and then I'm gonna take a deep breath in, I'm going roll all the way down to the mat This time we're going to start with some bridges, okay? So the bridges are going to be your nice, easy modification We're gonna start with those feet planted nice and solid, again your two middle toes right below your knees Knees in line with your hips

Hips in line with your shoulders Okay neutral spine, neutral pelvis here So, keep it going through the hip bones and alignment, pulling the roots down so they are all in the same plane Lift up the back of your neck so you're looking a little bit forward Shoulders are open, palms are down

Take a deep breath in here Now you're going to flatten your back by pressing those ribs down, and then moving your hips up Once you lift the hips up, the gluts are on, hamstrings are on, the flexors are stretching Inhale, exhale, and roll your way right back down into neutral And then do that again

Pull the ribs down, press your spine in, lift your tail up, hold it there, squeeze those glutes Not too hard, you just want to make sure they're working Inhale, exhale, and come back down Good we'll do two more like that Inhale, exhale, and up

Inhale, exhale, and down Good one more Inhale, exhale up Now this time, if you can, you're gonna hold it here If not, just continue with those bridges on the down

Hold it, and we're gonna bring one leg up into the air Try not to let your hips move They're gonna stay low Bring one leg up You're gonna point up, flex down, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale

Now I'm gonna do four more, but take a break if you need it Three, two, one more bring that foot down, and down Great, now we do the same thing on the other side So inhale, exhale, up into your bridge Take the other leg extend it long, point it up, flex down, keeping those hips nice and stable

Inhale, exhale Good Four, three, two, last one Bring that foot down, and come on down From you can give yourself a hug, pull those knees in and massage

From here we're going to go into the rolling like a ball So grab on to the backs of your thighs, or the front of your shins You're gonna curl head up, scoop in, look at your belly button or in between those legs Take a deep breath in, you're gonna roll up, and balance Okay, now we're gonna do that same thing

We're gonna roll back just onto the shoulder blades, not onto the neck And then come up and balance again Inhale, exhale Roll back

Balance Roll, balance Roll, balance Roll, balance Exhale, exhale, inhale

Exhale, exhale, inhale Exhale, exhale, one more And balance Great From here, stretch your legs out

We're going to go into spine twist So again, we want to sit up nice and tall If it's really uncomfortable for you to sit tall, you're going to find something to sit on, like a little pillow, or even a yoga block Just a little bit taller so its more comfortable for you Flex your feet, keep those heels down

You want to make sure there's just a slight bend in your knees, okay? Because if it's too flat, then the heels lift up That kind of means your leg is hyperextended We don't want that So you're sitting up really nice and tall You're gonna bring your arms out

Roll the shoulders open Turn the palms down Pull something heavy down from the ceiling Now, without moving the lower half of your body, you're gonna twist You're gonna rotate, you're gonna push And back to the center

Inhale, exhale A little rotate, and come back to the center Inhale, exhale, exhale, inhale Center, exhale, rotate Good, now things I don't wanna see while we're doing this, I don't wanna see foot pedals, okay? It's not like you're driving a fast car, and I don't want to see knee bends, okay? That means your hips are moving

Keeping the hips absolutely stable with that twist It's upper body Now, we can turn this into the saw if you like So, you're gonna do your twist, give it that extra little push Come up and over that imaginary barrel, saw off that little toe, come back up, rotate, up and over, saw off that little toe, and back up

Rotate, up and over, saw off the toe And again, lower body is not moving, its all upper body Reach Inhale up, exhale, up and over Inhale, exhale, up and over

Good, just one more on this side Good, one more on that side And relax down Great, we're gonna go into side series So we're gonna lay down on the side

Bring your toes towards the front of the mat Your rear end goes a little more towards the back of the mat so they come forward, rear end goes a little bit back Arms come forward Alright, so we want to make sure that our hips are stacked top to bottom and front to back, so you don't want this hip coming way back here it has to stay right over top of the other one

take your top leg stretch it a little bit longer and create just a little lightness right here underneath the obliques Okay, the other thing I want to avoid, is I don't want you to come up like this You come up like this, it throws the spine completely out of alignment here, so if you're going to come up there's another option for that but I don't want to do that today So just bring yourself down, make it a little mouse house, stretch out nice and long Take that top leg reach it long, rotate it outward

Bring it back Externally rotate it out, bring it back Out and back Rotate it out, and then keep it that direction Alright, arm here can help you out

Inhale you're gonna bring it up, exhale press through the heel bring it down Think about drawing something up really heavy from the floor and pulling something heavy down from the ceiling I like to pretend like I'm attached to springs One on the floor one on the ceiling, pulling in each direction Inhale up and exhale down

If you go up too high for me that makes my hips rotate backwards and I don't want that You want to stay in alignment the whole time Good, last one Bring it up Bring it down

We're still externally rotated Stretch it long, bring it up a little bit higher Then you're gonna do circles Circles forward and stop Exhale, exhale, exhale, just trying to keep the rest of your body really stable while this leg is moving around

So that's where the core work comes in Two, one, we're still going the opposite direction One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, last one, good Now that leg is rotating out, drop your heel to the front now internally rotate and drop your toe to the back Remember the rotation is coming from up here

Heel front, toe back Heel front, toe back Four times And then click both heels together One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, squeeze

Is your mouse still alive under here? Good Heel front, toe back Heel front, toe back Inhale, exhale, and click One, two, three, four, five, six, seven

Good again Heel, toe, heel, you can bounce a little higher if you like as long as your upper body isn't moving And then click One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, good, and eight We're going all the way up until eight

And click Four more, we're halfway there Make sure it's not the ankle that's doing the twisting and click And go heel And click

Two more And click Good last one Starting to feel that Oh I like that burn! Good and click

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, good Now that leg's not externally rotated anymore, it faces front flex the foot Give me a kick with a little extra push in front, and then a gentle squeeze with the glutes to the back Kick, kick, exhale, squeeze Inhale, inhale, exhale squeeze

Inhale, inhale, squeeze Inhale, inhale, squeeze Good Four more Three, two, good last one

Kick, squeeze, good Relax, turn it over on to your back We're gonna give that cheek a little bit of a stretch So just cross one leg over the other, you're gonna pull that leg in So you're pulling the tail in, pulling that knee in, and pressing the thigh outward

And that should give you a nice stretch in that cheek we were just working Good one more deep breath in And then we're gonna flip over Let's see Let's flip onto our stomachs first and do swimming, but don't let them forget the other side

So flip over onto your side You're gonna press right into your pubic bone So for swimming I'm going to start out with a slower one first, and then we'll speed it up a little bit So reach your arms out long Retract the shoulders

Legs are wide, about hip width apart Alright so you're looking, almost like a giant X here on your mat You're looking straight down into to the mat not looking up, there's nothing to see up there Just look right down at the mat Now deep breath in, you're gonna reach right arm, left leg

And then switch Inhale, exhale switch Inhale, exhale, switch Reach, and reach But now if you're ok with this we can speed a little bit

Bring all the arms or legs up and then move Inhale- two, three, four five Exhale – two, three, four, five Inhale Exhale

Trying not to wiggle from side to side Holding things as steady as you can And then relax Press up into shell stretch Relax

Breathe deep again And then we're gonna make a little mouse house on the other side So I'm going to turn over, not forget the other side And we're gonna do our side series here So, again line down

Alright, feet a little towards the front glutes a little towards the back, and the upper body is just resting right here So again, get the hips stacked one on top of the other Take that top leg, rotate outward, good Bring it in, rotate out, in, out, in and rotate out Hold it there

Now, hips are stack right We're going to lift up, and flex down Point, flex Inhale, exhale Inhale, exhale

Good Four more Bring that leg up and circle Circle up, still externally rotated, upper body stays nice and steady, while the lower body is moving around Four, three, two, go the other direction

Circle, two, three, four, five, six, seven, good They're still externally rotated Drop that heel to the front, toe to the back Heel front, toe back One more, and click your heels together

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, squeeze, and go heel, toe, heel, toe, heel and click One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, squeeze How's that mouse house, still alive under there? Yes And heel, toe, heel, toe, you got this And click

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, squeeze Heel front, toe back Breathing with it, and click Halfway there Heel

And click Good Heel Heel And click

And again Is that our last one, or do we have one more Let's do one more just for fun And click Good

Now that leg faces front flex the foot, give me the kick to the front, and a gentle squeeze to the back Kick, kick, exhale, squeeze, flex foot, and point, flex, flex, and point Four more Again, try not to move the upper body, just this leg Everything else is stable

Two more Good, last one And good You turn onto your back again We're gonna cross that leg over the other

Pull your knee in So, you're pulling in, pressing your tail away, opening up that thigh Good, we're going to finish off on the final stretch here So, let's just soles of our feet together Press them together, pull the ankles in open the knees wide and just breathe right here

Inhaling and exhaling Make sure your neck is nice and long Good, one more deep breath in And as we exhale I'm going to stretch the leg out Point and flex

Good bring those legs back together Hug the knees in, give yourself a little massage again right here Good, we're gonna extend one leg down to the mat bring the other one up to the ceiling Good Point, flex here

Good, circle the ankle around, just the ankle Leg shouldn't move Circle the other way Now bring your arms out to the side, turn the palms down We're going to externally rotate, bring that leg out to the side, keeping this hip down, point and flex

Good, now keep the right shoulder down as that right leg crosses over the left The right, it can come up but the shoulder stays down Good, one more deep breath in here You can hug that leg back in And you're gonna switch the legs up

Bend the other one, pull it in Straighten it up Point and flex Good, circles Good, circle the other way

Good Externally rotate, drop that leg over to the side Keep this shoulder down, keep the hips down Point and flex Good, bring that leg up and over across your body, keep the opposite shoulder down

You can look at that shoulder if you like Good Take a nice deep breath in here, and come back to the center We're just gonna roll up to a seated position One more quick little stretch and then we're done

So through the side here, think about reaching up to the ceiling, reach really deep Shoulders are relaxed and down Good, then rotate and bring that hand down to the mat if you can Shoulders still it back and down Breathing in as deep as you can

You really want to focus right into here, to your ribcage Good deep breath in bring that arm up and over Same thing on the other side of the lengthen through the side reach up to the ceiling breathe deep again Really try to breathe right into here, as deep as you can Good

One more, and then bring that hand that's in the air down to the mat if you can And breathe deep again Inhale, and exhale Make sure that didn't bring you hip up, keep that hip down So it's a little tighter on the side for me, can hardly get this hand down

Good One more deep breath in The arms come up and over And that's it for today, so thanks everybody Again, my name is Amy Hendricks

I'm with Penn State Campus Rec Wellness and Fitness, and hopefully I'll see you again soon Stay healthy, stay happy and namaste six feet away

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