Pilates Free Weight Arm Exercises : Pilates Free Weight Exercise: Box Out of Closet

This arm exercise is for the biceps and mimics what is done on the reformer with straps To do this exercise we go ahead and bring our arms up to 90 degrees

Our hands are straight, take a nice inhale and lower the weights out, exhale, squeeze those biceps and bring it back in Now you don't need to bring the hand all the way down that is wasted range of motion so inhale down here, exhale, keeping the shoulders locked down, they're not involved Inhale lower and exhale From this position we can go into an exercise of what I call box out of the closet, again keeping your shoulders locked down you are going to inhale up, exhale down, inhale up, exhale down It is a very small range of motion and it is also a very difficult exercise

Inhale up and exhale down and gently bring the weights down

Source: Youtube

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