Pilates For When You Don't Feel Good

Hi guys! It's Robin from The Balanced Life Welcome to your "Pilates for when you don't feel good" workout

This routine is going to be perfect for the days when you're low energy Maybe it's that time of the month, maybe you're getting over a cold, maybe you're just feeling blah and you know you need to move but you don't know what to do This gentle routine is going to be perfect for you Let's go ahead and start in a seated position Just sit comfortably however your body wants to sit today as long as you can find an upright spine

So you may pad a few blankets or put a yoga block underneath you if that feels better on your hips You may sit on the edge of a chair or the edge of a couch We just want to get you into a nice tall spine so you can breathe in a way that is functional and effective and just relax your arms So place your hands on your knees, feel the shoulders relax, and go ahead and close your eyes for a minute Let's just focus on lengthening the spine

Chances are if you're not feeling good, you've felt a little bit tense, you've felt tight, and so we want to try to get some of that length back in the spine from feeling hunched over, crunched down, rolled forward Good And now breathe with me So let's just take a nice big inhale and as you inhale feel the belly expand As you exhale find a little bit more length in the spine, gently nodding your chin

Inhale breathe into the belly Feel the whole belly expand as well as the entire rib cage Fill the lungs up with air, fresh energizing oxygen Exhale release all the air back out Two more big breaths like that

Inhale, and exhale One more Inhale and as you exhale, open your eyes and continue to sit nice and tall Let's take your right arm down to the mat Let's inhale the left arm up

Exhale stretch up and over, just opening up the side body Lengthening from your fingertips all the way down into your sit bones So reach the sit bone down into the mat as you lengthen the top arm up and over Beautiful Let's do the same thing on the other side

Again we're just finding more openness, more length in the body, and breathing Good One more time Come back through center, bring your hands behind your head, bring your head back into your hands Again that posture coming back into place

Start to draw the waist in So wrap the waist, wrap the spine Inhale rotate, exhale back to center Inhale rotate, exhale center Good

Keep the head back in your hands Resist the urge to push your head forward One more to each direction Good, and release the arms Go ahead and come down onto your back

Slowly roll yourself down Good Find the length in your spine Let gravity stretch your body out Take a big deep breath as you allow your body to settle into the mat

Feel the collarbone open and widen With your feet pressing into the mat, inhale As you exhale flatten the spine, start to roll your spine up one vertebra at a time, coming into a pelvic curl Now at the top here you want to feel like you're in a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your knees So lengthen out

Reach the knees forward over the toes Activate the hamstrings and glutes Inhale and as you exhale, soften the chest, roll through your spine one vertebra at a time Just take it easy Let's do four here

Flatten the back and roll up Stretch the knees over the toes Inhale, exhale articulate your spine down one vertebra at a time, taking your time so that you get the full movement and mobility Good Rolling up

Inhale, exhale soften and roll down Last one here And soften and roll down Good Walk the feet together, bring the palms to the sky and the arms into a low V

As you inhale you're going to let the hips and knees go to one side Exhale bring it back to center Inhale, and exhale Now this is the most gentle version to get some movement in your lower back while also working the abdominals but if you want a little bit more of a challenge, if you're feeling up for it, bring your knees up to tabletop and exhale to come back to center Just pick what feels right in your body today

It's not a competition This is all about just taking care of yourself and doing what feels good Helping you to feel a little bit more energized and a little rejuvenated when you're done Good One more to each side

Good And then give your knees a big hug in toward your chest and just kind of rock side to side, so massaging out the lower back Keep your right knee hugging in as you stretch your left leg long down the mat Good Feel that length through the front of the hip

And extend your leg up to the sky Now from here we're going to do leg circles It's a way to work your abs without having to do crunches or something that might be upsetting to your stomach So we're just focusing on stability with a small leg circle The thigh bone stirring in the hip socket, circling around and up, around and up

One more in this direction and then let's reverse it Circle out, over, and up Out, over, and up Try to stay as stable as you can in the pelvis Good

One more circle, and hug the knee back in Give yourself a nice hug Stretch the leg down the mat, the other leg comes up Stabilize through the pelvis If you need to bend your bottom leg, you absolutely can

Circle one, and two, and three, four, nice and easy here, we're just getting a little bit of core work without overdoing it And beautiful Reverse the circle You're doing great Keep breathing

Last one Good And hug the knee in towards your chest Stretch the legs long down the mat, bring your arms up by your ears We're going to come for a roll up just to come to seated

So inhale head, neck, and chest Exhale roll up, sitting nice and tall Stretch forward beyond the toes Try to keep this lift here so like a beach ball in front of your belly, rounding over it Good

And stack your spine back up From here let's come forward for rolling like a ball This is a great way to get just oxygen flow through the spine, blood flow, warmth, getting rid of that tension, and it's very energizing So we're going to come to the front of our mat and you're balancing just behind your tailbone Hands come to the outside of your ankles

Pull your belly button away from your thighs to create a round spine, a C curve, and set the shoulders firmly on the back Inhale tuck your tailbone underneath you and roll back onto the upper back and come back up and hold Good Just finding your balance, your core strength Inhale massaging out the spine, exhale hold

Inhale, and exhale Good Three more And two, and one Good

From here put your feet on the mat, send your legs forward and your hips back Come into a V with the legs so your legs are about as wide as the mat Coming into saw So the arms come to a tee We're going to twist, we're going to stretch forward, we're going to lift tall, and come back through center

Twist, stretch forward, lift tall, come back to center Inhale, and good So here we're getting that beautiful rotation This is energizing It's also great to release tension

You can do it! Let's do one more to each side Twist, stretch, lift, center Twist, stretch, lift, center And release Go ahead and cross the legs in front of you, roll forward coming onto all fours

You're in a cat-cow position So you're on all fours Shoulders right over your wrists, hips right over your knees Take an inhale and as you exhale, round your back This is the perfect weather to do a workout like this here

Go ahead and drop down into cow It's a foggy morning here in Santa Barbara You can actually hear the fog horn blowing probably if you listen closely Round through the spine, drop your head, and back down Drop the belly, open up the front of the rib cage

Now come back through neutral and we're going to do what's called wag the tail So this is fantastic to get tension out of the lower back So you're going to just send your hips over to the left, and send them over to the right So literally like you're wagging a tail, if you had a tail, and you were sending it over to one side and sending it over to the other So this is going to be great for loosening up tension through the hips, the lower back

Good And good From here we're going to come down onto our tummy Keep the hands directly back by your rib cage as you rest your forehead on the mat Take an inhale, lift your belly button up off of the mat as you come up into a swan stretch

So lengthening the upper back, lengthening out, keep the back of the neck long, and lower down Inhale we lengthen to lift up off of the mat, and lower back down One more nice and easy Again if you've been laying on the couch for a while we have to get this upper back opened up, back in shape, back into your good posture It's going to feel so good

And lower down Pushing up go ahead and widen your knees so they're about as wide as your mat Sit your hips back over your heels, rest your forehead on the mat, and let's end with some breathing Inhale feel the rib cage expand Fill the back of the ribs, fill the whole lungs with air, the whole capacity

And release and relax Inhale expand Feel the ribs expand, the back expand Exhale relax and release One more time

Big breath, big exhale Good Slowly come back up to a seated position and you're done for the day! I hope you enjoyed this restorative routine Come back to it whenever you're just not feeling well but you know you need to move your body You should be very proud of yourself that you did something to take care of yourself, to feel better, and to promote healing

So if you enjoyed this workout and you want to see more, please click "like" and be sure to subscribe to my channel and check the link below for more access to full-length Pilates workouts you can do from home Thanks again for joining me I'll see you back here very soon! [Music]

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