Pilates for Weight Loss – Pilates Cardio Fusion Workout

You might look like this but feel like this join a gym or program and we'll have you feeling like this Hey guys Lindsey here with gym Rah, I have a cardio pilates fusion workout for you today So grab your water your mat and your tennis shoes and let's get started We're gonna warm it up nice and slow starting it with just an easy jog landing nice and softly on your feet keeping your knees gently bent That is it start to warm it up here shoulders are back core is engaged And we're getting into it

Here we go So to pick the pace up just a little bit Have you got about 30 more seconds and then we'll take it all the way down to the mat Hope everybody's having a good day just starting it with a workout so I know it's going to be Okay, we're bringing it all the way to the floor for our hundreds We'll finer legs extended out to 45 degrees heels together toes The knees apart hands it reach forward peel your head neck and shoulders up start to pump your arms Inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three, four five if you feel like this is too easy Take those legs down a little bit lower all the way to hover draw your navel in towards your spine Pinch your ribs towards your hips inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three Four five more than halfway there feel like you're pressing a ball into water Straight and strong through those triceps last two sets in hill for five And exhale for five last set inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three, four five Lassa here in Hill provide An exhale four five and we'll take it all the way up to standing Meet me right back into our little jog We'll go through two sets of cardio I'm two sets of an Pilates mat move each time advancing and Then we'll come into two more moves That'll be our routine for this cardio pilates fusion Now, let's pick those knees up a little bit pump those arms a little bit harder Keeping that heart rate up Landing softly as we hit the mat So you've got about 20 more seconds here Still in the beginning of this workout So just warming up all of them's muscles Last five and we're taking it back down to a variation of the hundreds Meet me on the mat Bring your heels together your toes and knees apart hands extend forward pump the arms and then beat the heels as you pump your arms squeezing into your inner thighs as You press your arms down feel like you're pressing your belly closer and closer towards your spine inhale Two three, four, five exhale, two three, four, five, inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three Four five squeeze your legs together on your inhale for five lower your legs And on your exhale lift your legs nice and slow long

Inhale I know long exhale the last one long inhale and a long exhale Hug your knees in and rock it up to standing for our next cardio segment Let's lift those knees up this time taking it into high knees Challenge yourself place your hands in a high position and see if you can get those knees all the way up to your hands Once again with all this jumping we want to keep our abdominals nice and tight so we can support our low back Good deep breathing in and out the nose You got about 20 seconds left See if you can push the pace landing softly toe ball heel Then let's bring it to the mat for bicycles Bring your hands behind your head draw your right knee into your chest Keep your left leg long curl up towards your right knee bring your opposite shoulder Towards your opposite knee and then switch left knee pulls in width of the left Exhale for one and a male for one every time you twist peel up higher stay off the shoulder blades Here's are supporting your head, but never pressing your head your top Is nice and slow inhale per one And then exhale for one And exhale for one blast to the left to the right and Let's take it back up to standing this time advancing that cardio hands behind the head drive the knees into the chest Navel to spine land softly if you have the gas in the tank pick the pace up here Good now, we're headed into the workout You should be pretty warm So if you have that energy you want to advance Really run it out here knees pull up high

Let's hit 20 more seconds, and we're back down to the mountain Stay with me Challenge yourself to do better each time You work out Last five Last one taking it to the mat for our bicycles around 2 this time We'll do four bicycles Hello, and then we'll lift up and do four bicycles Hi Take it back down for bicycles blow Take back up for bicycle time Each time twisting Yes inhale exhale Inhale exhale lift it up and keep the breathing going Last two sets to the right to the left Turn back up last two to the right To the lab Let's take it into our butterfly quick stretch We not heart rate down nose to toes take a big inhale here and Exhale let's come all the way up

Just standing And we'll bring it into our jump rope grab your imaginary jump rope We've all done this soft hops on the feet Good Nice Louise your biceps nice and tight towards your ribcage gonna keep the pace fluid Then once again, we're jumping so keep the core contracted so we can support our back About halfway through this cardio Let's keep it up We got 15 seconds left enjoy the goo take your mind off of it last 10 and 5 4 3 2 n 1 bring it to the mat for a double leg stretch Bringing your knees into your chest On your exhale curl your neck and shoulders up and he'll link this everything away from you Exhale hug your knee then peel up a little bit higher Inhale lengthen keep the chest high Exhale hug, peel it up and he'll stretch squeeze your inner thighs Exhale hug, peel it up this time Inhale lengthen get longer little flutter kicks up the arms I legs for 10 9 8 7 7 6 5 4 3 2 on 1 Let's rock it up grab 2 jump rope in here we go little hops nice soft landing keep the pace up so that we can keep the heart rate up and burn tons of calories a Little bit of cardio a little bit of toning best results in my opinion Strong heart strong mind Halfway through this one Maybe if you're feeling good push the pace a little bit Make sure you're not holding your breath here Hydrate when you need to Last five ad for Derby two And one let's take it to the mat little variation on our double leg stretch We'll bring our heels together our toes and knees apart And send our legs up to the sky a little more advanced take them down to 45 degrees All of the back is pressed into the mat arms reach overhead On your exhale peel your head neck and shoulders up Bend your knees in Extend your legs away from you and then lower down we're going for two exhale curl up inhale Bend exhale squeeze one more inhale Bend exhale Legs and take it down inhale exhale Take it up

You guess we're going for 302 when you lengthen pull your belly and last one stretch the legs away from you Lengthen the arms inhale exhale peel it up a little bit higher each time first four And three inner thighs and glutes on the legs last you Last one lengthen the legs and heel stretch it back and still peel the upper back up first five and four, ah Three and been an extent rapport And by taking all the way down We're decreasing back to four Three keep reaching for the front of the room last two And I will go for three exhale lift first three Peeling the chest off the mat last two Last one here We have two more set Stay with me in Hilde Exhale, peel it up for one Bird to the last side here Inhale lengthen

I'd still been Extant and hug it in Take a breath take a big inhale And we're going back into cardio Let's take it up to standing a little cardio variation jumping jack arms with scissor legs one leg jumps forward one leg jumps back We'll add the arms Catch your breath here breathe it all in Landing softly on those feet Once you feel recovered start to pick the pace up a little bit Halfway through this cardio segment Last 1090 vo cooker eight seven six five four three two and one Take a big inhale, breathe it in exhale Let's just swing our upper back side to side Release the back Catch your breath And then let's bring it down to the mat we're finding all fours here hands will be underneath shoulders Knees under hips challenge you a little bit of stability We'll take our lapped hands to the outside of our head and extend our right leg straight back behind us lift your low abs And he'll tap the floor with your right leg Exhale lift up so really slow pace on this one It's really more about challenging balance and our stabilizers throughout our body And of course, we're probably feeling that right glute hamstring Hips are square to the ground Pressing out of our supporting hand Keeping our heart lifted Squeeze into your tush on the left Let's find five more That's four Stay with it for three add 2 Plus 1 then that need let's bring it up to standing back into our scissor jacks soft landing soft shoulders tall neck Stay lifted breathing in and out You ever need to take a break during the cardio take a break grab a sip of water get back to it It's all about getting better You got to push yourself a little bit

Sometimes it's not fun, but it's worth the reward 20 more seconds to go Hey nice and soft First time That's five, we're taking it to know Matt to the other side And we're bringing it down so coming on to all fours Hands will be underneath your shoulders And then we'll Bend our right hand and place it behind our head Extend the left leg straight back behind you lift the hops Exhale lift the left leg up and he'll tap it down exhale lift inhale tap Ribs are pulling in and up spine is staying still as we lift and lower the left leg Squeezing into our hamstring left toes and me face the ground Deep breaths, let's find about five more your first five Ads for Blast 3 Add to squeeze at the top and take it down Coming to standing we'll turn our toes and knees out come into a little jump squat We'll sit nice and low bring your hands to the heart as you jump up Bring your legs together and then jump it back out into a low little slot jump up bring it together Jump out and squat up and together Out and squat as we go out into that squat keep your chest lifted Imagine your back is flat up against a wall toss mine We'll go for about 10 more seconds See if we can pick the pace up just a little bit adding a more of a hop to it Last five four three Two and one Let's just twist it side to side catch our breath And we'll take it into a wide legged forward fold Keep your toes and knees turned down dive it down to the Mount release the back and shift your hips side to side And then come to send me bend the knees and roll it all the way up, okay, we'll take it to the mat We'll lie on our belly for this one And we'll extend our arms overhead coming in to swimming So lift your abs, press your hips into the mat and squeeze your butt lift everything up to a hover Maybe even the chest a little bit more and insert to flutter kicks the arms and legs like you're actually swimming in a pool We'll find this for 10 seconds get longer through the body reach the toes and hands in opposite directions last eight and seven six five four three two One hands underneath shoulders Let's press up big Cobra stretch take of an inhale draw the shoulders back to the spine stretch through the core And then exhale bend your knees And we'll come on up to standing We'll take it back into those little pop squats toes and either turn down to give big inhale Hands to the heart sing nice and low in that squat as the legs come together We stand tall and we jump it back out and stand low Allanon Keeping the toes and he's turned out the whole time Open chest and stay with the breathing Last 10 we take a quick break eight seven six five four three Two and one lift it up inhale the arms up exhale Forward fold this time walk both of your hands over to your right foot and bring your nose towards your knee And then let's walk both hands over to the left foot bring your nose to your knee And then roll it up from Center back to standing and we'll lie it all the way down back onto our belly Legs will be long behind us We'll make a little forearm pillow with our arms Bend your knees and bring your heels together and toes the knees apart So that's your hips into the mat Squeeze your tush and see if you can lift your thighs up to a hover and from here pulls to your legs up So You should feel the work in your gluts and in your hamstrings Pealed are squeezing tight to one another make sure they're touching and we'll go for ten and nine eight seven six five Four three Two and one press those legs hands underneath shoulders, press it all the way up big Cobra stretch And exhale we'll bring it down coming up to standing You've made it to our last cardio move We're going to jumping jacks with a little switch of the legs everything jumps open and then the legs will cross Everything jumps open and this time the opposite leg will be in front open and cross Open and cross Once again, we're jumping

I know we're getting tired We're near the end of our workout, but keep those abdominals engaged and stick with me Let's take a Popeye's pick the pace up just a little bit You've got fifteen seconds left here Whatever you have left give it to me last ten nine eight seven six five four three two and One March it out Catch your breath We're sitting it down to the ground for our last Pilates move Deep breathing grab a sip of water if you need to and then bring it back in Let's take it to the mouth So we're lying it down We'll find our bridging position with our feet hips distance apart neutral spine little bit of air between the low back in the map on your Exhale lift yourself up into your bridge and then we're gonna stay here So Imagine you have a hula hoop around your waist

We'll draw circles with our hips to the left Lower down right come Center to the left lower down right come Center So imagine you're in a hula hoop and you're swirling your hips and they're big circles try not to drop too low really pressing your hips up to the sky and Reverse take your hips up to the right lower down with to the left Squeeze into your glutes on the left You got five add four four three and two Last one lower those hips down hug your knees into your chest and we'll rock it up to standing Head one more time through this cardio one more bridge move and you've done it Here we go Jumping jacks with a scissor switch of the legs Stay with it If you have to take the pace down that is completely fine If you need to March it out here March it out There's a modification to every levels if you feel like you're much more advanced than me, let's pick that pace up You've got 10 seconds guys, ten nine eight seven six five Four three two, and one awesome Let's hit the mat Let's do this for this bridge will hover he'll down in our toes up Take your feet as wide As the mat and then press your hips up to the sky from here Little pulses of the hips up an inch and down an inch draw the backs of the shoulders into the mat Keep the chin off the chest

So if you feel like you're here Either your hips are too high or you're tucking your chin to your chest So check your alignment Let's keep our body safe You got 20 forces left and you've made it through this workout Breathe with me I'm out of breath and sweating I know it's not easy last ten nine eight squeeze two left four six five four three two One take it all the way down Give yourself a hug And let's bring it all the way up We worked out hard We've got a stretch charge Taking it into a pigeon stretch We'll leave our left leg forward The shin will line up with a front edge of the map and we'll extend our right leg back behind us Your right knee in toe top of the foot will face the floor We want to square the hips bring the right hip forward pull the left hip back in space If this feels really intense you can be up on your hands will ease the intensity to stir If you need a little bit more for the stretch, you can take it forward Folding over this top leg You should feel it in this left outer hip low back area

That's where we're targeting Catch your breath here rehydrate But hold stretches for about 30 to 60 seconds for them to really Do their job just holding it for five seconds Is it going to do much? So you didn't learn anything from this video Please give you'll maybe we'll keep that in mind Breathe into it Okay from here we're gonna take our left foot and Plant it at the front of the map Both hands will be inside of our left foot and then we'll lean our hips forward So we're working into our right hip flexor here the front of that right hip we want to find a deep stretch This isn't doing it for you you can also come down onto your forearms That may deepen the intensity Up on the hands is great as well Keep breathing And then we'll send the hips back and lengthen our left leg Flex your foot and then pull your chest forward So really lengthen the spine here rather getting really crunchy in this situation Stretch your chest towards your toes Tailbone up behind you Next nice and long we should feel a deep stretch through the back of this left hamstring Let's step this left foot in we'll take these stretches on the other side So starting with our pigeon stretch We'll bring our right foot forward and heel toe the foot to the left Send our left leg long behind us knee faces the ground So starting here and if you need a little bit more pressure for that right hip we'll lean into it To keep breathing here still slowing that heart rate down Hold this for about 30 seconds total Leaning to the left to square the hips off of it Keep reaching the crown of the head forward keeping the spine long And then we'll take it into that hip flexor stretch We'll come up onto our hands and plant our right foot in line with our right hip bring the hips forward So We're feeling a stretch for this left hip flexor if you want to breathe get down to the forearm option That's great or sit up on your hands Lean into that left hip And we're gonna take it into our final stretch for this workout Send your hips back over that left knee straighten and lengthen your right leg flex the foot and pull the chest forward Take your tailbone out behind

You Stay really long through the spine Maybe you deep it into it a little bit keeping the length through the back And that is a will step that right foot in Thanks for joining me guys I know that was a tough cardio workout and quite a few Pilates moves as well You did awesome See you next time Don't forget to subscribe below and remember our free gym raw app is available on the App Store And Google Play with tons of routines 300-plus check it out I want to invite you to join one of 50 free workout programs at gym recom You're never gonna get bored and you'll have enough workouts to keep you busy for years to come I know that's exciting You'll never get that workout Plateau

Let me show you a little bit about what you can expect When you sign up for a free account on gym recom you'll be asked whether you'd like to be assigned a program based on several Basic questions about your fitness level and goals if you'd rather browse the programs and weigh your options click on no, I do not want any programs head to the program's tab and scroll to find a program that fits your needs as You can see we cover everything from weight loss to toning and sculpting yoga Pilates ABS Upper body we have it all Now, let me show you how the programs work If you've chosen to be on a program when you log into gym or comm you'll be directed to the my program page Featuring your workout of the day All you have to do is press play and start exercising To see details about the workout click on more info The animated gifs below are the individual moves in the routine Here you can see your workout at a glance You also have access to your personalized weekly and monthly calendar You can change your program by clicking on the change program button Simply click on see all then select your desired program Watch the introduction video and check out the details by scrolling down the page If the program looks like a good fit for you, then simply click on switch to this program and you're all set Your new program will start automatically if you're unable to do the workout save it for later by clicking on the plus button Next to the title This adds it to my list I want to thank you for using gym rat I know you have a lot of options We've spent so much time and effort here to bring you world-class trainers of huge variety of workouts And it's all for free

So thanks again for joining me I hope you enjoy the free workout programs and we'll see you soon

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