Welcome friends to Day Number Five woohoo! How exciting! So, I forgot to mention yesterday was International Pilates D, ay so Happy Pilates Day! ah but hopefully you celebrated yesterday by doing your day number four

So hopefully, you've done all of the exercises before this day if not head of on over to day number one and continue through until you get here to Day number Five because it is a the progression we are getting stronger every day so hopefully, you feel good My name is Gretchen, Founder ofBbalance to the Core and I'm here every week with a new video so hit that subscribe button as well as the bail master to get notified whenever I'm on because I'm here now really every day during May so come on and get your 10-minute workout and no props necessary so you're ready to get started let's go we're starting up right today so get on top of those sitting bones close your eyes get yourself situated and centered roll the shoulders back sort of let go of anything that's happened before and just bring yourself here to your mat this is your time so we're gonna take a nice deep inhale we're gonna open that heart and then on the exhale we're just gonna roll back and feel that stretch and inhale as we come on up and exhale back one more time deep inhale open exhale back and then allow the fingertips to slide now down the thighs so you make your way down to a lying down position so we're going to bring our legs a little bit closer and we're going to pull one leg up and drop it down feeling the stability and the pelvis as we March those legs anchoring the pelvis anchoring the ribs anchoring the shoulders let's take one leg up and hold it there and then bring the other leg up and then we'll tap this way and if that's not comfortable just keep the other March and if you want to pick up the pace you can tap four three two one bring it back up squeeze those thighs together turn your palms up and let's bring our knees over to one side keeping them sealed shut and then take them over the other way good we're feeling that rotation and the spine should feel good as you relax the upper body and the shoulders let's go three more three and two squeeze those thighs and one come to Center and let those legs just sort of lower and then pull them back in and if you want more stability take those arms in so notice I'm not just lowering the toes I'm actually reaching the thighs away two more one good and then reaching the arms up and I want arms going to go back as we tap and then we switch so now we're adding an element of instability by lifting the arms and just feeling that anchoring of the torso and the belly for three inhale exhale inhale exhale now both legs and arms squeeze those thighs together actually for a little stability here and anchor pull shoulders down two more times inhale exhale last time keeping the tabletop lifting the arms and legs we're going to pop the arms we're going to breathe in and we're going to breathe out keep that chest open breathe in and out two three four five keep folding up those lowest ribs if you want to stretch those legs out you can really anchor that belly anchor the backs of the thighs together I'm blowing through like a straw that's why you hear me breathe so I inhale through the nose exhale through a straw one more time in and out hug it on in dropping those feet down roll the hips up and find a bridge hold right here we're going to take the hips down a couple of inches and then we're going to press it back up a little hip down a little hip up in six feel your pubic bone reaching up towards the ceiling four five four three two hold it up there on one and we're going to march our legs here we lift tap down and lift keeping your hips up let's go three and two and one and a little lift here and roll down through the spine hugging the thighs into the chest roll yourself up and spin it around we're gonna lie down on our stomach here taking your hands underneath your forehead let's lift reach one leg up and lower so we're reaching and lifting like we've done before reach lift pelvis down belly and spine long one more each side and now we're gonna lift the upper body so draw that belly in anchor the pelvis inhale up exhale down grounding the feet as you lift and reach out of the spine let's do one more here inhale exhale now we're going to lift those legs we're gonna flutter them just flutter here so I want you to really take your time here to really reach the legs anchor the pelvis try not to wobble your body and we're going to take an inhale and then exhale down going my time in here inhale left holding it for a few counts and exhale down again inhale up and exhale down one more time inhale elbows wide and exhale down and release scoot back let's release that low back for a second and come to all fours taking your hands underneath those armpits angle that elbows to the back of the room tuck your toes under find a nice flat back take an inhale to prepare as you draw your ribs in stick your tailbone out and then exhale hover those knees up soften those elbows and then lower down we'll try that one more time inhale prepare and exhale as you pull up feeling that nice strong back and arms belly keep reaching the tailbone behind you and then lower now we're going to angle our body a little bit more forward so now we're here tuck those toes under you're gonna lift the knees up a little bit more challenging on the ABS soften the elbows make sure those elbow tips face the back of the room and then lower it down inhale prepare exhale sort of brace yourself and then lift the bracing happens by pulling the ABS in stabilizing the shoulders try that again we've taken inhale we brace belly abs back and then exhale as you lift and lower maybe let's try to straighten the legs so we're going to bring our body weight forward we're going to take it inhale exhale find your plank situate those feet and then we tap down inhale exhale one more time taking inhale tap exhale and then just lower down and release for a second okay we're going to take it over to the side okay we're gonna keep our hips down see where I am timewise all right we're gonna keep our hips down we're gonna keep our shoulder elbow right underneath our shoulder take your hands on your hips so your knees are going to stay down okay this is all about learning how to stabilize our shoulder so you want to pull that shoulder back feel your back muscles engage and then lift the ribs lift the waist and then lift the hips and you're gonna find your get a situate here find yourself into a long line you don't want to drop the hips here lift them up and get long and reach that top arm up if you'd like just feel yourself really pulling down with the shoulder on the ribs in and feeling yourself nice and strong and lower down so what I just don't I don't want you to rely on your rotator cuff to do everything get into the back get into the belly try it again and we brace and then lift so you prep and then lift situate here so imagine eventually we go on our toes right one more time and lift good and then lower okay so let's try the other elbow right underneath the shoulder maybe a little bit above the shoulder to give you room to lift all right you'll figure out your legs once you come up but pull the shoulder back so engage the back lift the ribs lift the waist lift the hips I see you already have to situate and then come here so it goes my back's working my belly's working nothing up here okay and then lower down grace you can reach that arm if you want so you're really reaching out of the head reaching out of the tailbone and Laura always having that two-way stretch one more good he and then lower down good and let's just turn it lifting your arms up towards the ceiling take a nice deep inhale exhale flex it over feel that stretch it's good right we roll it up through the spine good job to this you're finished with day five and remember if you have any questions in this foundational exercises just grab my companion that's below in the description and it will help you sort of get the basic exercises of Pilates so I'm so happy to have you here this is gonna be so fun continuing on we're only on day six tomorrow this is so great so I will see you manana okay bye

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