Hi, it's day number and we get to cross off and add the 4 We're moving right along! We're still in the process of building our foundation we're getting the body moving in all directions and hopefully you feel really good I would love to know how you're doing so be sure to let me know how you're doing in the comments and if you haven't gone through one two three yet please go back to the beginning this is a progression so I want you to come and join us when you're ready my name is Gretchen founder of balance to the core I am here every week with a new video so be sure to hit that subscribe button as well as the Bell next to it to get notified whenever I have a new video especially during this whole month of May when I'm here every day for ten minutes all you need is you and a mat and if you have any questions throughout this series about your foundational exercises please download the companion I have to this challenge and you can find all the information below in the description okay so you're ready let's get started we're gonna start on all fours today so take your hands underneath your armpits they're nice and wide elbows to the back of the room and soften them get your knees underneath your hips and press your tops of your feet down into the ground and let's just transition ourself here to our mat take a couple of breaths to center ourselves on your next breath you're gonna inhale exhale tuck the tail scoop the belly drop that head look between your inner thighs and just stretch take an inhale here as you start to articulate and open the chest into extension and tuck and scoop on your exhale moving with your breath getting mobility in the spine and then open it up we'll do that one more time and tuck and scoop inhale open come to Center scoot it back and take your hands to the left side of your mat as you stretch over bring them over to the right side of your mat come to forward again and from here like a bow and arrow we're just going to open up and reach up to the ceiling and then thread it through as we lift our hips we inhale up we exhale rotate good one more come to Center other way like a bow and arrow we pull we've been where you reach and then thread it through inhale up exhale over one more time inhale then exhale and then bring it back to Center scoot it back just for a breather and we're gonna lie down on our stomach come up onto your elbows so from here we're just gonna do a little lower body work so get your feet sit bone distance apart and you want to make sure you're not hanging out here right we want to push open that heart we want to get our back straight pubic bone down and really draw your belly in so my hips are off the ground and all I want you to do is slowly pull your heel towards your seat feel that stretch on the thigh and then lower down we're gonna pull so last time we lifted the leg this time we're going to keep the leg down because I want you to really focus on keeping the hips and pelvis still and you'll notice what happens right if you're gonna start to collapse stay long enjoy that stretch and your hamstring and C are getting that work one more each side good really loosening through those hips then we're going to lower down and you're going to take your hands like the goalposts and we're going to lift them up and hover and then lower it down so the arms come up the chest comes up again if you're unsure how to do this grab my cheat sheet give you all the information you need on this basic foundational loop one more time lift let's hold it here alright and now you're going to exhale as you reach the arms forward you inhale pull them back and open the heart exhale dive inhale open so you're keeping your belly engaged and working that upper body two more try to look up not crank it with the neck though and release it down go to scoot back hips to heels let's roll it up and turn it for our side so you're gonna take your legs out in front of you like a V sit up as tall as you can and then take your hands behind your head flex your toes so I want you to really try to get as tall as you can and then you're gonna rotate towards your thigh and you're gonna scoop it down without Yankee on the neck we roll it up come to Center we twist it to the other thigh we scoop and round it over roll it up and get that nice stretch in the back and rotate and over up Center and try not to let the pelvis get up tall one more each side and just lift the chest here and release it down good let's go to our side so cradle your head in your hand you can also keep that arm straight band your bottom leg and straighten your top leg and get yourself really nice and long hips stacked shoulder stacked and we're gonna flex this foot and get it in line with your hip you don't want it high you don't want it low really have it shooting right out of your butt bone push through that heel and now we're going to kick it forward one two and then we're going to point it back and kick kick and hold so you're probably like what are you doing this is course dream aren't you supposed to build my ABS well your core also involves your hips your seat so it's important to get all of that strong in order to get your core working properly so we want to get into all those muscles too more so your belly is keeping you stable here so you're not rocking back and forth in the torso really allowing that leg to have freedom and then take that leg straight out and we're going to circle it six in each direction and again try not to keep the torso wobbly at all the more you can hold stable in your abs and shoulders and upper body the freer your leg will be so we don't want to grip onto those hips right 4 3 2 1 lower down we're gonna come up here onto our side here we're gonna cross our ankles hand glutes toes are all lined up in the same line and what we're gonna do is we're gonna lift up your bottom knees gonna stay down we're going to push our pelvis forward as we side bend our body over and then come on down and you might want to situate you really wanted to try to stay in one lock line with all three points that are down on the ground so find that place where you can kind of feel that nice side Bend and lower it down okay one more time slide the shoulder down reach long in your bodies flex it over and then lower it down good other side cradle your head that leg can be long or arm can be long then the bottom leg top leg long all right so we're trying to get our body really long like we're standing right so reach through that heel really get out of the hip and then waistline up the other way kick it forward point it back so you're trying to keep it the same level like it's sliding along a shelf and again keeping your torso super stable so that leg is freedom to move sorry – one good and then allow it to come here and then circle it again this this exercise is in my cheat sheet the positioning and stuff so if you want to just check on your form you can check that cheat sheet up to one circle the other way gazes flower to shoulder back the shoulder tends to come forward in these keep it back one and release it down goes so now those side vents we cross our ankles so the key is why we are doing this is we're trying to do a side Bend without getting into this shoulder so pull that shoulder back engage your back muscles so feel your back first now feel your back engaged that lifts your hips your abs your waistline and then you stretch over your hips are pushing forward and your tables going down alright so I'll stop cueing so much and just let you do it inhale over exhale down good one more time now the more you do it the more you'll be able to set yourself up good one more exercise flip it over to hands and knees again you're going to take one leg back and you're gonna get like you're all four points or equal and then you're gonna lift that leg up and we're gonna hold it and then you're gonna flow the other arm up without sinking anywhere and then lower down and then try the other way first get that foot down get all four points equal and then use your seat muscles to float it up your abs in your seat and then full out the other arm up a little bit more AB power and then lower now let's try the other way get all four points first and then it's a nice easy float good and lower down I'm gonna try to find that like balance between effort and ease right just float no more one more each side on your own rhythm your own flow they're great to do everyday and then lower down and sit it on back because you are done whoo-hoo good job be sure to us use those comments let me know you're here because I want to know who's here and again grab that teaching if you have any questions all right see you tomorrow

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