Welcome to Day 22 My name is Gretchen and founder of Balanced to the Core we're on a 30-day journey together whoo-hoo and we're on day number 22 so hopefully you're feeling fabulous and super smoggy strong like a superhero you haven't done those previous workouts hit that eye over there and make sure that you are doing this as a progression okay and hit that subscribe button as well as the bill next to it so you're notified whenever I'm on because after this challenge I'm still coming on I'm still going to give you a great content so work with me enjoying the community okay so let's get started the goal of this ten minutes is to give your body what it needs so if you're feeling tight in certain places hold the pose enjoy the stretch if you're looking to get a little bit more movement you just move your body listen what does it need you're gonna give it okay so let's take our hands behind our head and let's lift our elbows slightly we're taking an inhale here on our exhale but you just flex the chest up without tucking the pelvis and then we roll it back down exhale lift inhale down keep hugging that belly in to your waistline into your spine let's add a little knee lift with it maybe a little rotation with it just layering on your four more four three two one we're gonna do some rich lips now so lift it up and the lower and articulate it down and lift it up and down keep going finding your rhythm warming the body let's hold this next one up hold right here and then we just lift and lift just like we did before toe taps we're now doing it in a bridge lift up your head form our four three two one come right here lift your arms up strut to your booty up we're reaching the arms behind you we're going to articulate it down stretch your legs nice and long give you a nice deep inhale as you pull those ribs and exhale peel it up off the mat and stretch for those toes roll it all the way up through the spine here let those legs come wide we're gonna take a spine stretch forward as you just dive it and roll it use that belly or belly controls the movement and then we're gonna go into a little saw here so rotate and stretch up rotate it stretch it one more each way good come to Center and release it down turn to your stomach come here keep your legs heavy we did our brush stroke yester next let's add on to it today so we're gonna start with the regular basic brush stroke first let's just lift and lower finding that inhale exhale inhale exhale now we're gonna add the arm reach so we inhale exhale reach inhale lift reach and lift keep going you got one more here and then we lower it down we're gonna bend our knees we're gonna flip our heels like we did yesterday as well and just squeeze at the heel to feel the sneak connection so as I pull my heels together I feel more of my seat and my pelvis just grounds into the mat like an anchor good we have all these points on the mat to help us and pretty soon we're gonna have less points on the mat so we want to remember what it feels like to really root into the mat for energy okay now we're going to add so we're gonna squeeze the heels we're gonna lift the chest we're gonna stretch the arms long and now as I pull back I'm gonna school he's into my heels and then me flip my knees a little bit and then we reach it and squeeze in a little lift not so much where you're searing into your low back just enough where you're stretching your back and squeezing your seat and lift and reach and two little coordination right one more time oh and lower down go ahead press it how'd that feel little clunky good ah and then come forward so just remember just add on when you're ready to add on you don't have to go to the next progression you can stay where it feels like you're getting enough of a challenge so grab that mat and as you grab it you're going to start to use your hand muscles and less of your wrists alright let's do a little couple cats here so we're just going to tuck press the tops of your feet into the ground and your belly up to the sky and then articulate the other way opening the chest and feeling that marvelous stretch okay keep that chest open reaching through the tailbone reaching through the crown of your head always getting that two-way stretch tomorrow all right then come to neutral tuck those toes under all right so find a really strong belly here draw your ribs your belly your your chest pull them up into your spine and we're going to take a nice deep inhale and under exhale you're going to lift your knees up and just balance turn the creases of your elbows towards the front of the room and really try to widen the upper back take it down take an inhale to prepare and again exhale we're going to lift and drop it down inhale prepare exhale lift it we're going to hold it there now without letting the knees lift I want you to give me a cat stretching like you did before and then bring it back to a flat back and drop it down try it again and we lift we exhale scoop we inhale exhale down inhale up exhale scoop and neutral down one more up scoop Center down good if you need to get off those whispers second go ahead we still want more okay so from here we're going to lift up and we're going to hold it remember to grab that max and now from here what I want you to do is you're going to lift one leg up and then drop it down there like lifts so we've done these sort of glute marches before but the knees have been doubts you can always drop the knees if you want lift six notice for your knees lifting higher try to really keep it like an inch or two off the mat two more two one lower down take a breather those toes lift it up again now we lift in leg up we stretch it long we drop it down we lift it up down and up four more four three two one bend the knee bring it down drop it down set it back for a second I want to talk to you for a second so I watching it as it gets challenging really go back into those principles are you stretching your spine in opposition eyes your chest lifting off the floor are you gripping the mat with your hands okay all of those things are here to help you your breath alright so work into those principles for a second set turn the pieces of your elbows forward lift up alright we lift this leg up we stretch it long we drop it down and lift from the seat four more four get square and three two one bend it in lower down drop it down set it back good job ah nice work so this is our super strength series you can do it we're gonna come up Condor elbows keep those wrists a little break all right flank slide your plank okay get yourself settled just hold there and breathe so now what we're gonna do we're going to take right this is my right hand here I'm just gonna turn the hand towards my left elbow so all did it was turn in and then I'm going to take my body over and I'm gonna find a nice long straight plank you can stack the feet or keep one from the other you're lifting the hips lifting the waistline lifting the ribs we're going to take our top arm up and we're just gonna thread it through so twist and come back up and twist and good job four three sorry for the noise switch sides if you're hearing that always when I start recording goes on out there it's another way oh sorry you go to plank all right find your money alright get through there pull everything in nice and long two-way stretch everything working then turn your hand into your elbow the turns and it's right under your shoulder okay one leg can be in front the other or you can stack them up really doesn't make a difference whatever sort of feels right for you lift the hips the ribs the waist get connected and stretch twist six total go two more breathe okay lower it down whoa nice job it's a mermaid liked I hope you're not hearing too much of that sort of distracted by it but hopefully you're with me all right hips where find swerve Ness as much as you can in this position arm up by the year and then I want you to sort of stretch out of your spine and take it over oh now you could drop the elbow down if you'd like now stay here for a second so it's important not to Sag in the underside you wanna get stretch and Linkedin that side as well and then we come up let me go the other way do it again excellent source I'd settle it down and even just staying here great stretch for the hips haha settle everything in center yourself and over so when ever this work gets challenging you want to breathe deeper you want to sort of sort of embrace the craziness and see if you can find an enjoyment in it so if you want to go back to this series later and try those series when our knees were up and see if you can just sort of embrace the challenge make it feel fun and not dread and come to Center I know that completely changed the way I worked out come up nice and tall and let's just sort of take our body and circle it around him you know dreading like a plug here we go you know and now I'm like oh plank reverse it let me see sort of how I can take this movement and really soften as much attention as I can and I really have found myself get stronger faster good I'm here and then just scoop it back and then open it up so it's really all bit as mind games you know like we get to move or lucky we get to move so how can we enjoy it more and make it more like play rather than all right I have to do my workout now you know how can we make it so it's like yes I get my workout now so psyched and you might be there and that's great cool you're exactly where I want you and come to Center but you know some of us it's hard to get there but takes practice 10 minutes a day is great seal' those fast are those hands together taking it now exhale pull the energy into your heart pull it in pull it in everything that you just created all that strength take it in you yes good job today you did phenomenal we are moving right along and I will see you again tomorrow take care

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