I can't believe it but we're closing in on two weeks! So cross off that 13 we are at day number oops hello doing this upside down day number 14 Woohoo, we are getting there, let's do this! Today we're gonna work into the seat

Our booty Our booty is one of our biggest muscles we got three big muscles in there specially the gluteus max so we got to make sure it's strong and so for many of us the glutes are weak and when they're weak that means you can get back pain you can get knee ankle pain so the glutes are really important to keep strong so we want to focus on them and build muscle there and so you have to put your mind there because you know what's funny is the glutes won't really turn on unless you mentally connect with them so that's what we're gonna do today we're going to focus on real focus movement work in the glutes okay my name is Gretchen founder of bounce the floor we are on a 30-day journey here to build our core strength so make sure you've done videos 1 through 13 hit that eye up there to get the rest of those workouts and if you want to really learn the foundation get my cheat sheet below and you can get access right away alright so let's get started you're probably gonna lose my head that's okay it's more about what the hips are doing so let's sort of warm up the hips a little bit we're gonna go into a little slung here so that front knee will just sort of like go right over the ankle this is easy because we're we're warming up we're not warm to fully stretch so we're just sort of pushing our hips forward to activate our seat muscles so many of us sit all day so our hip flexors whoo oh my me our hip flexors are really tight I mean so when they're tight sometimes it's hard to get into the glute muscles so we just want to open them up here nice easy opening just a few more here make sure you're pushing into that front heel activate this hamstring a little you're not just letting go you're you're connected alright let's switch sides I do have a cushy mat underneath me it does help instead of like a fin yoga might be too little as you're rocking back and forth so getting into your breath getting into your belly muscles so you know all that jazz right now right so just make sure you're connected and focused here not just you know and aimlessly sort of going into the stretch bottom foot is pressing down back there good one more time excellent and then come to Center let's go down to our elbows all right send that booty up for a second and then what we're going to do is we're going to find a plank position so get those elbows settled get one leg up and you have the other leg down and we're gonna hold our stuff here into this plank I want you to lift one leg up and hold it and really squeeze the seat like race the leg reach it long and squeeze your seat make sure it's just the seat lifting that leg and then bring it down and let's try the other side just the butt lifts it up so try to get out of a hamstring yes the hamstring will work I really want you to get into the butt to lift it squeeze deep squeezes nice and long leg goes down other side and lift it up and lower one more time actually not one more time I lied okay about four more but otherwise that one squeeze sexy come on lift it and lower four more like shit yeah but warming up hopefully two more one morning good lower down push back safety heels and let's turn it around so lie down on your back for your bridges now and we're just gonna lift the pelvis up find your position that works for you and sort of feel your pubic bone up feel that seat so I had a teacher that told me once we're making apples not apples off so what do I mean by that is your cheeks should be hard as apples not apples sauce so rock-solid Apple cheeks all right now we're gonna tap down and we're going to squeeze up two more like that squeeze one more up hold all right so choose a leg I'm gonna take my right leg I'm gonna reach it up I'm gonna flex that foot and hold it there now you're gonna lower down and you're gonna squeeze hold rock solid you got a to B so we got five more hold for a pause get that deep squeeze that's what this is about today and if it's too much with one leg you can drop down to both legs drop it down square it off all right if you want to release back for a second you can all right hold it there on their side taking my left up now flexing that foot straight and get up Pell this down tell this up squeeze hold you got eight of them close your eyes if you have to okay into the zone here mental power to your buttcheeks go one more all right squeeze up hold hold and then articulate it down through your spine hug those legs in roll yourself up alright so we're gonna turn to our side here I'll do this side first come up onto your elbow bend your legs alright your heels are sort of in line with your butt and we're just gonna open in little clam shells here now you want to make sure you don't sag into the shoulder we want to keep our back muscles engaged that's what it's about abs and back as we work into the seed now I want you to flex the foot feel the difference you might get a little more rotation all right we can do the same thing but we're gonna lift the heels up oh yeah if you want to try to lift the bottom knee how do you do that try it oh yeah open it keep that back in belly engaged now you're gonna hold it open we're gonna stretch along you can keep that bottom you down if you want have a little lift hold reach press into there and then down and up five four three two one lower it down now now we're gonna get our body and long line and we're gonna race ourselves and lift up from the waist lower down lift so you're reaching those legs long you're trying to lift from your waist inhale exhale squeeze those thighs together two more and we're going to hold it up on that second one so I want you to hold it up there hold take your top arm we're gonna try to reach lengthen lengthen lengthen reach for those toes and then lower down we're gonna come up onto our elbow again okay now we're doing the same thing we're gonna lift and then we're going to sink back onto our hip and try to touch our toes bring it back out lift up try to touch the toes and back out up and out good job one more time good job lower down other side all right so we come up on to our elbow okay find those clams bend the knees just simple clams to start with so find it so you want to just try to find a posture no sinking right nice long back you start to flex that foot and get deeper rotations feel that seat squeeze place your hand there sometimes when you sort of palpate it the muscle wakes up hey I'm gonna lift those heels go ahead so notice it's a progression so stop where it's good for you okay these do get deep and it's also a lot on the shoulders but for two weeks in now right you got that strength if you want to try to lift the bottom knee you can that's too much on the waist or you feel too funky don't worry about it we're now gonna open we're gonna reach it long and we're gonna lower in lift for five for you right into there three maybe we swine two two one go ahead drop it down get yourself long briefs find it lift and lower nice long body here lift it's almost like little side bends oh it is little siphons not like one more time and lift up top arm reach reach reach good lower down up onto the elbow lift it up again and out back to the hip touch the toes come along and with the belly up touch the toes so you're trying not to crunch in right we want to keep the spine long even though we're scooping two more – one more one bring it out drop it down good job come on up good job today yes you're done all right let's just mobilize that's fine and up and over and over uh-huh and twist and twist good switch your legs let's do that again and over and up go ahead and over and over twist and twist now I'm gonna get a little hip stretch stretch if you don't have time for this you don't need to but in a little pigeon pose so I'm going to take this heel right underneath my opposite hip bone bring my body down stretch my opposite leg long and relax over this and it's just a nice good stretch on that hip relax the shoulders and the head and all that and I'm going to switch sides as well so take your time here whatever you need to do I'm just showing you here so you can stay and I'm just gonna move to the other side for time sake but feel free to stay as long as you want okay it's really good stretch into those hips that we just worked so I'm bringing sort of my pelvis towards that heel you'll get linked in that back leg and you'll get a nice stretch in that front seat area just more you can relax your upper body the deeper the stretch and then just breathe and release when you're finished with those cross leg and then you'll just center yourself front and center so please take your time into those stretches and enjoy and I will see you again tomorrow take care

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