Hi guys, it's Bailey welcome back to another project summer body workout today We're doing buns legs and thighs which was the most requested in the Facebook group, so let's get to it Alright, let's get started using a pair of light weights However, if you don't have weights all of the moves are effective using your own arms for resistance We're going to reach the arms out in line with the shoulders And then we're going to lower them down squeeze the knee in lifting the thigh, and then we keep the shape of the arms But we lift to the outside so we're going to squeeze in using the top of the thigh and Then using our inner thigh the good balance challenge – really starts Warming up our thighs Squeeze your abs lifting with the knee Now if you don't have the best balance or the strongest thighs just focus on lifting in Maybe even just a little lift, and then out to the side And just forget about the arms Well you learn how to work through those thighs, Good two more Last one Beautiful taking the feet to hip distance, I'm going to turn sideways so you guys can see this one We're going to do a deadlift then two back lunges, so we're going to keep our back nice and flat as we hinge forward Then we'll stand up step back with one leg and Then the other leg Working our hamstrings, lunge back with one leg Nice flat back, this one really helps to work the back of the legs So we're wearing those short short Make sure you have a 90 degree bend then we push your weight off that front heel as you come forward This one works every muscle in the butt legs thighs- its a Big multitasker cuz if you're short on time you should try to get the most sort of burn Quick and effective Last one good Let's stand facing front and even out our thighs on the other side with those knee pulls so holding the arms in front we're gonna squeeze that knee in out to the side and let's squeeze controlling with your abdominals Now you might not get the same kind of height, could be here You just really want to feel like as you lift forward the top of the thigh is working I'm gonna Add you lift to the side the inner thigh is working Slow and controlled so you can really feel all those little tiny muscles working I'm all about the burn Think if you're not burning Kind of not really doing anything It also really works the low abs and the oblique One more each way Beautiful job All right for our next move We're just gonna use one weight And we're going to do a curtsy you with a sumo squat So I love this one it really starts to get into our hip As we step the foot back really thinking oppressing the weight out onto that hip squeeze the knee end Stepping to the end of your mat in your sumo squat So you might notice I'm all about pulling the knee in nice and high Breathing starts to really work the ABS So you're going to press your weight off the front heel really feeling those hips and then sticking your butt back Now you don't have to lift your knee and Super high, because it's gonna be harder to balance you can just rest the foot like in this version otherwise squeezing in Good three more To Let's pulse here Really pressing your weight into the front heel keeping that turned out shape will help us work more into that hip booty region We have five four three Oh yes It's burning – and one now stepping wide into our sumo squat again the time Let's squat down reach the arms forward Squeeze it in side leg list Reach sitting back on the heels and then little outer thigh left Squeeze your butt at the top and then lift really thinking of creating nice long lean muscles here Again you can do smaller range feel effective so a little list Or if you really want to get into it big lift really squeezing those waistline muscles Three more We're gonna do we're gonna pulse that leg to the side Really reach those toes away Working through your outer thigh to lift You'll get a nice Activation through the hips and glutes as well Good five more Three two and One beautiful all right ladies let's do it on the other side holding onto our single weight We are going to bring that knee in Step back to our curtsy

I'm really pressing off the foot stepping wide so making sure We're really taking that minute That's second in between movement so that we can really feel all the muscles that we're working All about that mind-muscle connection Sit nice and low Again if you're not balancing well today full moon Whatever the reason today is just tap the foot step from where curtsy top Our balance is always changing, and there's always gonna be one side That's way stronger than the other so let's just Keep pushing through strengthening out those imbalances whew, this side is harder for me Let's hold this next one back Little pulses we can get in to our thighs and into that hip dip area Really press your weight into the front toe keep that nice turnout in the leg keep tensing your abs Five more Just love that burn for two And one let's go into that on the other side so stepping out to our sumo squat Reach the arms forward Then as you exhale squeeze your glutes and transfer your weight over lifting the leg sit down nice and low Little shift and remember you can keep these small We just want to focus on really creating a nice long Muscle through the outer thigh, sitting low press your heels Good really sit back on the heels squeeze your butt Trying to keep it as controlled as possible Let's hold this next one get your balance little pulses Really thinking of lifting from that outer thigh Keep your core on tight, you'll feel that whole side line working Good we have five four three Two and one let's just do a set of pulses in our squat as well- really sticking your tailbone out behind Squeeze the glutes coming up, not all the way, so we can just keep that tension Gonna hold it low reach the arms for five four three Stay low enough burn for two and one beautiful take a forward fold here All right from our four point kneeling position Let's take the left leg long behind And then we're gonna flex as we bend the knee and do a little pressed by squeezing our left butt cheek, then lengthening it long flex it in little pulse and Lengthen so from this it takes a lot of control We're really working through the glutes and hamstrings, and then our abs are helping to hold us in this position Try to keep both hips facing towards the ground But squeeze them just squeeze it so it'll be very small If you have a sensitive low back come down to your floor And I want you to think of sweet to lift so really think of like Someone's poking you in the center of the butt, you're gonna squeeze right there Three And one now, let's just lengthen the leg and do tiny circles in It's really finishing off that Elongation of the leg really reaching the toes join tiny circles long leg muscles And then switch the other way Two more and last one Lowering the needs a little side stretch I just like to take like a half child's pose and give myself a little pat on the booty All right, let's go into that on the other side lifting my right leg taking it out long and then from here we're gonna flex our foot, little stamp on the ceiling and lengthen Stamp squeezing your body to get that lift And then because it is more for work if you want to do it from your forearms you can Try to keep that leg high line at the hip I know it burns But our butts are gonna be an inch higher after this so just breathe through it This next one up and just give me little squeezes so right from the center of the right, butt cheek Tiny tiny movement here, just like you're stamping on the ceiling Just lifting And once good now lengthen the leg long little circles inward Creating length you want long muscles so reach the toes away Switch the opposite direction And one lower down Oh yes, but on fire taking that little side booty pat Congratulating yourself for a job well done for Last move flipping around onto our back press your heels into the ground We're going to squeeze up butterfly those legs open squeeze them closed and top down lift open Squeeze and tap so we're pressing into the center of the bottom We're working through the hit, and we're squeezing our inner thighs together tapping down lift Squeeze and top this one is so good at giving us that nice peach emoji butt Really shaped the sides And top Good you're gonna feel every muscle fiber in those glutes, good squeeze those inner thighs Little butterflies Okay, try to keep the hips lifted as you butterfly it open Hold this next one little pulses just butterflying the knees you'll really feel that nice thigh glute area working Good for 5 3 2 1 then squeeze the legs together and then just tiny little pulses up and down squeezing the center of the butt Do another 5 4 3 2 & 1 hold squeeze Hold squeeze for five four three two and one good lowering down whoo Definitely felt the burn our bums are gonna be lookin real good after this workout thanks so much for watching this project summer body buns legs and thighs workout feel free to check out one of our other workouts or If you leave me a comment, I will film whatever workout you want to see next! these are getting real heavy Want to get nice and low oh My god how beautiful is this day? 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