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Welcome to the magical city of Cusco Peru We are here amidst the beautiful mountaintop ruins and today is going to be a Pilates class that focuses on Toning your entire core and lower body This class is perfect for beginners or for anyone that is looking to ease their way into this kind of practice So if you're ready to tone and strengthen your body grab your mat and let's get started For full length Pilates and yoga classes check out bo-beautiful complete where we have everything from Pilates bootcamp yoga workout program and of course our yin yoga journey Whatever your goals may be We are here to help you reach them with that said let's get back to our practice All right friends, we're gonna begin today's seated on your mat with your feet in front of you Go ahead and just place the hands behind your knees and start with a head roll big roll to one side Warming up the neck here and then a big head roll to the other side letting go of any tension here Beautiful and then from here, let's inhale arch the back look up to the sky

I'm gonna exhale extending the elbows Round out the spine inhale look up and Exhale let go Inhale look up seated cat cow and Exhale round out the spine extend through the elbows Stay here, and then just extend the arms forward drop the shoulders away from the ears We're gonna begin by lifting both arms up palms down Push the arms down palms up arms up palms down bring him down Keep going lift those arms Turn the palms and down Inhale as you lift exhale as you push Inhale as you lift Exhale as you push try to keep that core engaged Exhale push you want to keep the spine? slightly rounded so you're engaging your abdominals here lift and Push beautiful hold and I'll slowly make your way all the way down to your mat Reaching the arms over your head and just start by windshield wiping the knees side to side allowing the knees to fall to one side and then the other warming of the spine here Great job one more time and Then returning back to centre drop the arms place the hands on top of your ribcage Let's take an inhale expand the ribcage and then exhale Pressing that lower back over to the mat bring those ribs in together And then once you ready come on to your tabletop position arms down we're gonna start with our single toe taps simply tap the toe exhale bring it Center other toe and Center inhale as you lower exhale Center inhale lower exhale Center so keep going We want to keep the back, press the whole time so we're engaging the abdominals here Beautiful keep going just tapping the toe and then bring the knee up Good now slowly from here bring both hands behind your head and then go ahead lift up So in a crunch position, we're gonna start with our single legged extensions inhale You're going to extend one leg away from your body Exhale bring it in there leg inhale exhale and keep going extend the leg and in Extend the leg and in and just like in our single toe top So you want to think about keeping that lower back pressed towards the mat? inhale sale inhale exhale Keep going You got this Your last one here Awesome hold it go ahead extend the arms over your head on your exhale pushing the arms down curl up We're gonna start with our 100's if you like to take it even easier place the feet on the ground Otherwise a little more difficult is the Nisa inhale, one, two, three, four, five exhale, two three four five inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three four five inhale, two three four five exhale two three four thirty, inhale two three, four, five exhale 2 3 4 40 inhale, two three, four, five exhale two three four nice strong arms pushing him down Keep that core engaged draw the navel into the spine You're almost there Inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three four five inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three Four five inhale, two three, four, five exhale, two three, four five you're almost there and your last stretch keep going and three two one beautiful job that was 100 go ahead and relax your head on the mat

Drop the feet to the ground Just take a second for yourself Let's stretch out the core muscles by lifting up into our bridge posture Keeping the feet grounded Just go ahead and lift up squeeze the gluts here Breathing deeply and then lifting one leg Drop the foot and then switch other leg drop the foot So by alternating one leg at a time we're engaging the hamstrings here strengthening the glutes at the same time Beautiful keep going You Nice Now from here last set Bring it up bring the foot down now lift that leg up I want you to hold it and just pump it to three Or keep going five lift as high as you can six seven and Eight awesome release Let's switch sides right away

Bring the other leg up and let's start to pop one two Three four keep going five lift as high as you can seven and eight awesome Let's slowly bring the foot down reach the arms over your head lift the hips up a little higher now really squeeze those gluts together Even higher as high as you can and then drop the body down awesome Go ahead and hug your knees into your chest Let's just start to gently rock side to side massaging the lumbar spine here Just let it go And then as you release extend the legs head drops Let's take our next abdominal exercise opposite elbow to knee and then just rest back down So you're just lifting and down all trimming legs need to elbow and down Knee to elbow and drop Nice and controlled air see if you can get actual physical contact with the elbow and the knee a Wonderful exercise for the obliques for the waistline Keep going touch and open touch and Open and then from here go ahead touch your obstacle bow to knee and just hold that position for me Open those elbows If you like to challenge yourself, go ahead and lift that straight leg off the mat Let's just hold and breathe be engagement in that oblique You're almost done

Keep holding open up deep breath in and then exhale switching the legs Dropping the straight leg down Go ahead and reach with the opposite elbow to me Now again, if you like to challenge yourself lift that straight leg off the mat Let's just hold this position Breathing into your nose pulling the navel into the spine keeping that connection with the elbow and the knee and Release beautiful job Go ahead and reach both arms Over towards your legs extend the legs all the way up point your toes Just taking a moment here to breathe and then taking one leg towards your chest The other leg is gonna drop down Let's just hold it here

Think about pulling that forehead to the knee Really? feeling that stretch through the entire hamstring and Then drop the head down Let's switch legs Same thing the other leg drops down and Then pulling yourself up Think about your forehead reaching for that top knee Feeling that stretch through the hamstring take a deep breath knee on your exhale your opposite hand comes behind the knee straight single X switch 1 2 X Co 3 4 so a little pulse with the legs 1 2 X Co 3 4 inhale 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 you got this open those legs as wide as you can three four one two three four almost done 1 2 3 4 full Small's pulse pulse Some last one xeo3 for awesome legs together Let's take our rolling like a ball exercise now so hands behind your knees Roll up to your seated position round through the spine and then come back up So you're rolling onto the shoulders and then using the strength of your core to come up roll back and Up, let's hold this bow posture to make it easier to drop your feet on the ground Otherwise keep those feet lifted Let's hold here

And just breathe All we're doing is holding And then crossing the ankles we're gonna transition over to our plank so whatever way is most comfortable come on up Hands grounded shoulders above the wrists to modify your plank bend your knees and just stay on the knees just like that Otherwise if you're up for the challenge come up to a full plank And all we're gonna do here is just focus on our breath Imagine is if somebody placed a ruler on your back You want to match that ruler you want to stay straight as possible here Pulling the navel into the spine Awesome and now let's come on down to your knees If you're not already there, and then we're going to open into our side knee plank from here all you're gonna do is just lift that straight leg up and lower down for one lift and two lift and three now this exercise tones your glutes and Strengthens the lower body you want to make sure that your front knee is pointed towards the screen Wonderful you got one more lift it up Now, let's hold that position Hold a navel to the spine Just hold that leg up feel those muscles engaging Go ahead and now flex that top foot and just start to pulse it two three four five six seven eight Nine and ten awesome drop it down Go ahead and bring yourself over back to your plank position same thing you can modify stay on your knees or if you're up for the challenge stay in your foot like Holding here for about ten seconds

Just breathing deeply Think about that navel reaching the spine Awesome from here drop down to the knees and let's go over to our side knee plank on the Opposite side reach the top arm up and let's lift that leg up to the sky four one and lower two Hips are square three Four By Six Seven you got this and eight And let's hold this one Breathing deeply here Just finding that Center flex the foot and let's pump it 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Beautiful extend let's release come on over back to your knees Now for me here, we're gonna come onto our elbow plank So drop down to your elbows again, if you're beginners stay in your knees Otherwise come up to your elbow plank from here We're simply going to tap one knee to the mat extent of pike switch knees extend just a little tiny tap good tap the knee and plug me and plunk me and Knees stay centered You're almost done shoulders on top of those wrists Let's hold up plank Now if you're tired drop down to the knees otherwise hold deep breath in Pull the navel to the spine

You're almost done two and one Beautiful job take a baby Cobra stretch here Let's just stretch out the core muscles let's take a deep breath in through the nose and Then exhale pushing your way up to your knees and Rounding out the spine into your Child's Pose Or head down Reaching the arms to the top of the mat Let's just take a moment here for ourselves Being that nice gentle stretch through the shoulders or head reaching for the mat Some one more deep breath a Long exhalation through your nose let everything go Wonderful and slowly coming up to seated reaching both arms up to the sky exhale arms down Inhale arms up exhale Release awesome one more time last one big breath in and then exhale releasing the arms down Amazing job you guys Thank you so much for joining us in Cuzco sending you lots of love and we'll see you soon Thanks so much for watching if you enjoy this video, we'll give it a thumbs up And of course subscribe to our channel if you're looking for full-length videos and programs check out our website below beautiful dot life or you can find everything from Pilates programs yurga workout programs and our plant-based eating guide lots of love to you guys See you soon

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