hi there today we’re gonna do an ABS and arm workout You’ll need a set of weights so I would suggest anything from one pound to five pounds and if you don’t have any weights that’s okay you can do the whole series without weights as well my name is Gretchen founder of balance to the core and I’m here every week with a new video so be sure to hit that subscribe button as well as the Bell next to it to get notified whenever I have a new video because I’m here every week okay so let’s get started so go ahead grab your weights you’re gonna stand tall we’re just gonna do a couple roll downs to warm up I’m just gonna drop the chin to the chest you can roll it down through the spine let the weight sort of drag you down take an inhale at the bottom and exhale roll it up stacking up through the spine and we’ll do that two more times inhale at the top exhale chin to chest let the head just drag you down allow your knees to soften inhale at the bottom let the head go and then exhale draw your belly in push your tailbone down and stack it up one more inhale here exhale it down and take an inhale at the bottom really let go especially of the neck and then roll it up using your belly to back down from here we’re gonna do some sit squat so you’re just going to take it down and up so you’re just hinging at the hip and bending at the knee you got a nice flat back going as well I’ll do eight more here keep the ribs pulling into the spine and the shoulders down three two hold it down on one so we’re going to hold it here your booty is back behind you here those pull your elbows back into your ribcage and you’re just gonna press out and pull it in reach so you want to make sure the tips of your elbows aren’t reaching too far back they’re actually connected to your ribs that way you can really focus on your upper mid-back muscles keep them engaged let’s go eight and pull seven six five four three two hold it here on one and just pulse it out for eight seven six five four three two hold it here we’re gonna stand up as you bend it the elbows in and then push it out we can get the hip and press it out we come on press it forward when you eat more now every time you reach your arms I want it to come from your abs come from your core don’t rely on your shoulders for five three two one hold it here now you lift your heels up and find your balance we’re gonna stay here for a second and just pulse the legs six five four three two stay right here now we’re gonna keep the knees bent we’re going to come to a vertical pelvis and then reach the arms forward then those elbows Bend and reach four seven six stay tall three two one reaches out now bend the elbows into the ribs again stick your butt out lower those heels and press it out reach let’s go four three two hold it straight lift those heels bring those knees forward come to vertical pelvis shoot those arms up bend it let’s go four more here four three two one pull it back hinge lower the heels press it back three two one swing it through find vertical pelvis give me four nice long vertical back bring it down lower give me two now swing it through and give me to bring you back lower it down one give me one so this is gonna be a lot of balance here just find your own rhythm two more through one more no stay here then come to a 90 hold right here no just the legs eight seven six five four three two one come on up lower those heels down get your legs wide turn them out bend your elbows into your sides and find a little stance here where your pelvis is under your chest your knees are lined up with your second and third toes pull those weights in we reach it out we pull it in reach good so you’re trying to keep your torso nice and square forward pull your elbows into your ribs and as you reach those arms reach from the core not the shoulders let’s go eight and pull seven six five four three energy out of the crown of your head go ahead now as you bend we lower and we press up eight seven six good doing great three more two one hold it down reach it out no hug a tree press keep those elbows lifted but bent eight and open seven six five four three two one come on up we’re gonna turn it to the edge of our mat we’re gonna roll down put your weights to the side and walk out into a plank position grab hold of your mat with your hands get a nice long spine we’re gonna lift the hips up and we’re gonna find our place and you lift on an inhale lower the heels exhale to plank two more inhale exhale one more time lift lower then add a little leg extension you’re going to lift and reach up and then pull it into the chest press it out other side lift and pull inhale exhale keep those shoulders away from your ears three two one find your plank hold it for five or deep breaths no shallow breathing and then drop it down we’re on our knees set up push-ups here we’re gonna inhale pull our elbows to the back of the room exhale push it up for seven you can go onto your toes if you’d like as well but don’t do it if you’re sacrificing core if your shoulders why four three two one come down to your elbows hold elbow plank take your hand we’re gonna I’m gonna grab my right hand swing it over to my left elbow and then open it up so my bottom meat is down for support if you’d like to come up with both legs you’re welcome to the shoulder pulling down and use your back and core to hold you up lift the waist and stretch that top arm up hold it five four three one drop the hip down cross those ankles take his hand down pull that shoulder down you’ll support in your back in your core we’re gonna lift up into a mermaid we’re gonna inhale take it over really drop out of your head stretch out of your head lift your waist and exhale bring it down two more like that inhale up and over exhale down you got one more inhale up stretch reach out of your head as you let it drop a little lower down I’m just gonna turn to the other side you can just turn to your mat for your plank again other side we’re gonna take a nice deep breath long spine turn your left hand in to your right elbow you’re gonna open it up keep long in your spine and make sure it’s your core keeping you up and not your shoulder stretch our arm up lift long and tall no shallow breathing nice deep breaths one more drop the hip down come up on your hand plus your ankles from here lower that shoulder now I’m going to show you a modification on the side you can keep that bottom knee dropped as you take your body over and then we lower it down two more times this is called your mermaid really squeeze the thighs stretch it over and lower it one more time watch when you lower that that shoulder doesn’t shrug into your ear over over over good lower it down turn to the front of your mat sit up as tall as you can throw off your sitting bones bring your legs up to tabletop stretch your arms off always hold your thighs if you want some more support, ガールズ&プッシー we’re gonna roll back just comment towards their shoulder blades exhale lifted your hands your arms parallel with your thighs you can also do it here as well extra three more you can go all the way down if you want four three two one more come up grab your thighs find your posture stretch your leg dog stretch your arms long open my chest deep breath inhale exhale drop those legs down stretch it over roll yourself up crisscross those legs you can sit on a cushion stretch your aren’t your legs long if this isn’t comfortable take it over to one side on an inhale exhale it up other side in fell over exhale up give me a little rotation look over your shoulder as you inhale and then one more way the other way come to Center scoop that belly really hollow it out and then come forward in the chest and come to Center and a giant inhale up find your hands and then your exhale just bring your thumbs front and center chest ah good job so I hope you had a good workout today if you liked this workout and you want to check out more I do have two weeks pre for my online members Club I’m sweating my eye sorry but I have two weeks free so if you want to check it out I’ll put more information in the link below it’s called the core Club and I would love to have you okay I’ll see you next week take care

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