Pilates Focus On Bottom Core & Legs – Firmer Flatter Stronger

[Music] calathea I’m going to take you through a Pilates class today using one of these little beauties it’s a lovely ball that specifically designed for Pilates that helps you really focus your attention on the muscle groups that you’re using if you haven’t got a ball then maybe a little pillow or or if you’ve got children a small ball whatever it is just make sure it’s not that you’re probably bored or a medicine ball and it’s really weighty it’s got to be light and just with a little give in it as well but the lighter the better and I’d like you to stop you know like we always do Pilates just working on our posture so I’d like you to place the ball between your legs between your knees and keep that tension so there’s a little bit of a squeeze between your knees so you’re working your inner thighs all the time also you lift the pelvic floor muscles and keep those perky and lifted all the way through your class so from here your feet are nice and rooting down to the ground and you’re going to reach your shoulders up and soften them down so your shoulder blades feel like they’re kind of winged just gliding down the back of your body hands nice and loose Society first of all we’re just going to focus on our head and neck so taking a look over your shoulder come back to the center take a look over your other shoulder just checking that you’re not like this to begin with and then drop your chin to your chest now you had to be heavy maybe give it a little shake and then looking up and bring your chin forward looking up to the sky good the head pulling your belly into the backbone pelvic floor still lifted the legs nice and strong making contact between the legs take a breath in and breath through the nose with browses interlace your fingers and out-breath through the lips and breath through the nose reach out breath through the lips in breath through the nose reach out breath and to reach your fingers down and reach your fingers across still squeezing those knees come up and other side we change breath good in breath brilliant bring your arms forward shoulder height and then come down into a squat good as you come up really push your bottom forward exactly push and then come back down again and come up push come back down good you can do these for your heart’s content still squeezing the knees together activating the inner thigh really working the front legs strengthening your legs making you stronger push your hips forwards to work should wash them as well as your thighs squeeze good we’ll do one more but we’re going to stay down this time and you’re going to just take a little pulse dropping your bottom down pulse six five four three two one come up give the legs a little bit of a relief maybe a little rub and take hold of your ball okay we’re going to take our feet a little wider and body nice and upright belly pulled in and you’re just going to squat squat good keep going coming down nice and deep so when your inner thighs start to warm up you find that you can come down a little deeper 3 2 lovely go down and when you ready pulse 6 5 4 3 2 1 come up good brother heel toe your feet together they’ll need a little bit of a break knowledgable do chest and keep your hips facing forward it’s going to take a gentle spinal rotation keeping your spine mobile for longer so you breathe in lengthen and breathe out just breathing in and breathing out twist and take time over these you’re keeping your spine healthy really important to keep your hips facing forward as best you can and really turn your chest and shoulders it’s you’re getting nice stretching the shoulders too good one more each side inhale now come to the back of your mats nice posture again and you’re going to reach up and take a little backbend and then reach forward round your back we just spread across your shoulders breathing in come up breathing around this time you’re coming all the way down standing forward fold hands resting on your Warren if you’re there or on the front of your legs if you’re not quite touching the floor and let your spine length and how little wiggle move into it come down a little deeper maybe have a little sway and then you know move the ball to the side and walk your hands out into the plank love bank it works the whole body tuck your tailbone under really activate your core good and then to lock your knees and just give your belly a little bit of a break okay I’d like you to come to sit on your bottom I’m coming in to roll that ball and I love this it always gets a beer in a glass and it’s really fun and it lifts your energy to ball you don’t want to pop it and you don’t want to lose it so hold it between the thighs and the chest and you’re going to roll back and roll all the way up now just put my toes but next time I’m going to keep the toes lifted so roll back and roll up heavy good hold it lovely roll back and roll it up hold lovely keep going in your own time rolling up and down move the spine good and just notice the effect that has on your energy levels it lifts your spirit but also it’s working your core breathe oh it’s really powerful but because it’s so much fun you know what you feel it now I want you to hold at the top here lift your legs arms lifted keep your chest lifted good now see if you can lift your arm other side maybe both really good just let go of you both for a minute move it to the side and I’d like you to you’re gonna stretch off that bit so around your belly is to the side Rock forward and come to the side so keep taking a few of those just releasing the muscles of your tummy and back go around the other side nice go take another well okay again on your posture working the front line of your body you’re going to have the ball between your knees again a little squeeze between the thighs and roll down gently one fiber at a time these nicely left hands onto your thighs and all you’re going to do is take your breath free then prepare your body breathe out reach to your knees breathe in breathe out inhale deeply breathe out good Jim as you fight more reaching reach as far as you can three squeezing the knees two and dress down well done this time take your arms overhead reaching as far as you can breath in breath out come up sitting nice and tall roll it down one vertebra at a time dropping each photograph a heavy bead and taking your arms overhead okay reaching up slowly coming up and rolling down so if you’re finding that you’re not quite making it up then you can grab hold of the thighs and use that as you have coming up you still work from the front of the body still working really hard but eventually you’re going to work up towards coming up I do I need to do two more of these slowly super slow roll down and have a good full stretch reach in each direction nothing and then bring your knees into your chest a little rock from side to side taking your arms out to your inner t-shape feet off the floor that’s kind of the more advanced level so you could have your toes down to the ground if you prefer breath in breath out twist inside inhale up exhale down inhale up exhale down squeezing your knees together to give them the benefit of working the inner thighs and the waist now if you want to take it a little another step you look to the opposite hand get a lovely diagonal stretch through your body inhale up exhale drop inhale up exhale drop coming back welder hug your knees in probably in a little rock from side to side just releasing any tension you might built in your lower back now this one I love but it requires a lot of compare coordination and concentration but they are to be a lattice principle to it so I would like you to straighten out to a bottom leg your right leg let’s start with that straight and then the vent left knee tucks into your body and you’re going to pass the ball underneath take it up and swap and swap out breath in breath two more each side very cheap really good I feel it make my tummy burn fantastic sensation okay rolling it went to your side we’re going to work our hips now and our inner and outer thigh so it’s a little bit like the plan where you’re gonna squeeze the ball behind the back of your leg and bring the knees forward they always make sure when you’re lying on your side that you’ve got your weight lifted to come to D but can you see now waists lifted so my spine straight resting a head on your arm or a pillow and what I’m going to do is lift and lower good and really squeeze that ball so I’m working my glutes my thighs getting a nice sculpted backside squeezing down squeeze down three two one more down in fact I’ve done it but you can do keep going to your heart’s content feels really good rest your leg on your wall it’s slightly more tricky and your hand in front watch that waist lifted take your hip away from your shoulder and to go to the lift and lower and on the right the top leg to have energy all the way down to your fingertips children with your fingertips your tiptoes to feeling up your body with strength all the way down you’re squeezing down four three two and one keep it hovering and then you’re going to take little tiny circles watch your balance pull your bag in pelvic floor lifted to remember and remember to breathe brilliant I can do that my thighs take it the other way and feel it in my hips perfect target areas three to really rest oh okay coming up let’s do the other side so resting the ball behind your knee squeeze it knees stacked nicely bent and you’re resting on your arm weights lifted lift no squeeze it down remembering your breathing get your focus and the muscle groups you’re working three two and one so good okay rest your leg oh your morning get your balance waist lifted and just a simple lift and lower now if you wanted to make it more challenging you have the leg on the thigh it just makes your balance a lot harder and you require all the muscles strokes you’ve got to keep you steady you can take this a lot slower if you prefer use your breath three two one well done hover quite your toe ng all the way down to the tip toe and little circles well don’t keep going a little bit of a wobble take it the other way four three two one fantastic okay you’re gonna lie on your back and essential to stretch after every muscle group of work so I’d like you to cross your leg over and draw it in it’s the perfect stretch of the thighs give it a good wonderful swap sides and just use your core to bring it in you’re not wrapping or bringing you back up there’s no strain it’s just a nice deep stretch using your core to do all the work on the stretch one rocking up and then coming into a wide leg position I’m having a ball in front of you and you’re just going to roll out toes active reaching forward get comfortable if you have this loan you can rest or maybe making a little stack with your fists activate those toes nobody’s sitting up and then you’re gonna tire to the side rest down here come on come to the side the rest activate the toes normally walk all the way back up and come to cross legs and well done I hope you’ve enjoyed your parties today nice day [Music]
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