Pilates Exercises : Pilates: Leg Stretch With 100 Arms

I'm going to show you a pretty difficult move right now I'm going to show you first with a modification

It's a leg stretch with one hundred arms Remember, we always set up before there's any movement, so I'm going to set up Inhale big, ribs out; exhale, ribs are down, spine is long I'm going to pull my shoulders off the floor, and as I do that, my ribs are going to move toward my hips My arms are going to be palms facing the floor, shoulders off the floor, bottom shoulder blade is still on the floor

So this is the position for my arms Watch the head Make sure it's not hanging back, and it's not jammed; it just has a nice, slight curve to it, creating length through the back of the head The one leg is going to come up, and from here I'm just going to stretch it out, so I'm going to stretch it, and remember, not just straightening This is a straight position

If I can talk it's easy That is lengthened That is just a stretch and straight; I really want to lengthen out of it, and then I'm going to pull it back up If it's easy, you're not doing it right Bring it down, stretch it, and bring it back up

And that is your leg stretch with a modification, one hundred arms

Source: Youtube

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