hi there my name is Gretchen founder of Balanced to the Core today we're gonna work spinal mobility and flexibility in order to improve your posture when you work your posture from your spinal column that's when true posture improvement can happen so often when we find ourselves hunched over what do we do we jam ourselves into position right what you want to do though is really focus internally and focus on the spine that life-force of our body the center of our body to improve your posture and that's what we're gonna do in today's workout also with poor postural habits come weak and overused muscles the vulnerable areas are like the shoulders and the hips so we'll be working into those today as well oh yeah before we get started I want to let you know that I'm offering two weeks free and my online members Club so if you want to check it out it's everything pilates the link is below in the description just hit that link it will take you to the page and you can check it out pull up your mat let's get started we're gonna start lying down on our backs what I love about lying on your back is the weight of your body and gravity you can just let you fall into the floor and really anchor yourself and the more that you rise here the more you're gonna chew your body just get heavier and hopefully release some tension get your legs sit bone distance apart and find a neutral spine the natural curves of your spine and maybe some Auto bear breaths if you want they have the loose tension inhaling through the nose exhaling through the mouth use this time to transition yourself onto your mat and roof surface on you so as your tab on the back of your pelvis your hoods your shoulder blades are anchored in I want you to reach your arms up towards the ceiling and let's get some scapular movement here so without changing your spine I just want you to reach your arms up towards the ceiling and feel your shoulder blades stretch away from each other and then allow them to just fall heavily back into place inhale stretch up exhale pull back now as you stretch up make sure you're not pulling your hands together keep that doorframe space they stay parallel try one more inhale exhale and just let them stay heavy now we're gonna open out to the sides don't let them form the floor keep the hands up and then just feel your shoulder blades sort of curl away from each other to stay wide notice what it feels like to keep a right upper back and then bring them back into place inhale open stretch your fingers from right away really reach and then bring back up notice how the foundation of your arms comes from your back muscles so your movement begins there one more time inhale now stay right here and try there glide your arms up so and we're just how your shoulders rotate try not to tense anything and then reach up turn the palms to face each other open them up reach right away and then as we reach out of your arms stretch them up without popping the spine and then take them up one more time inhale exhale all right let's reverse it we reach the arms up turn the palms up to the ceiling circle it around and bring it up inhale exhale that's that one up and reach yes all right so take those arms out to the sides really stretch them and then let them lower to the floor and you might have to lower them a little bit if you're feeling too tense squeeze your thighs together keep your neutral spine and then without moving the feet they just sort of turn I want you to let your knees fall to one side try to keep your head neck and shoulders where they are and then keep your feet so they're lined with your spine they you don't come up they stay in line with your spine breathe here bring your back to Center take it over the other way just let the knees fall over and notice do you feel different on one side so your spine is probably a little tighter on one side and then let them just fall back and forth inhale exhale one more each side letting that rotation happen in the spine keeping your chest wide come back to Center now bring your hands down by your sides open your feet step son distant and pull your heels a little closer towards you roll your hips slightly just a little like hot bridge and then try to get through each phone as we lower down inhale exhale I lower backs are super tight and sitting all day so I don't want you to go through this too quickly because I want you to really focus on each vertebrae on the way up on the way down and if you just focus on each vertebrae your belly is going to naturally engage you don't have to overthink that if you want to start to lift up a little higher you are welcome to I just don't want you going all the way up I want you to focus on mid and low back here so I not to tense up the shoulders keep a nice wide open chest and back and then just lower it down take one leg up to tabletop try to keep the natural curves of your spine as you pull the other leg up to tabletop this is a great place to feel your posture with the added element of the knees add a little bit more pressure into the abdominals now if this ever gets too much just lower one leg for a closed chain okay hold up and we're gonna tap our toes inhale exhale I want you to focus on the length of the spine as you keep those natural curves so your tailbone reaches one direction the top of your head and the other direction when you try to pull your vertebrae apart naturally your bellies wouldn't be a jand hold you there one more each side now close and seal those inner thighs together now from here I want you to really get those knees above your hip bones I want you to really squeeze the back of your inner thighs and focus on that length of your spine inhale let the thighs pull away from you a little bit don't let that spine arch and then play right back into over the hip bone inhale squeeze those inner thighs exhale pull in it's a really small movement and I all I want you to focus on is keeping your spine neutral without popping it up keep pulling it in that opposition as well creating length even though I'm holding it still we're creating flexibility good and then just hug it in keep your tailbone down and weigh yourself up alright so now we're up nice and tall and I want you to hold underneath your thighs and sit up nice and tall roll your shoulders back all I want you to do is concentrate on your linked tailbone down top of the head up start to curl the low spine back from the tailbone through that low back and feel that stretch in your body and now let's roll it back again rockin scoop tailbone top of your head the other way one more roll it up into five portions and really create length again use your shins to help create more space between your vertebrae and maybe open the chapter good so we're gonna cross our legs here and if you're not comfortable you construct your legs straight below okay so I'm going to stretch my arms out to the sides and turn my palm slowly pull your shoulders back and press the tops of your hands back away don't do it so you sacrifice your spine keep your spine neutral and long reach the top of your head to the ceiling let's just open so we're focusing on the spine here open up the spine two more stretch longer and taller as you anchor the pelvis one more time correct finger to finger to hold wall and in the center now as you stay here keep reaching those arms long I just want you to turn the spine and come to Center the arms are just coming along from the ride you're really working the vertebrae get taller one more each side combo Center open one more time just the mid back come the center grab those shins and just scoop that good come on up all right let's go to where bellies turn for you so I want your pelvis down your legs long let's just concentrate on the mid-back opening again maybe a little bit more so my tailbone goes in one direction the top of my head and the other one more time stretch long in your spine pull it in opposition now take your arms out to the sides with your palms down we're going to do the same thing but the arms come up we inhale up new back opens exhale down stretch your legs away from you as you press your feet down and really reach out at the top of your head inhale exhale you have two more create my length in each rep one more time he has detailed in this last one as you were in the first one and lower good push your body back get a little stretch here we're gonna do some side bends now so what I want you to do is cross your ankles and get one arm underneath your shoulder maybe a little bit higher than your shoulder a little bit more away from it and then as you're staying here just pull that shoulder into its pockets and hold it with your back muscles so you don't want to hang out here okay I'm gonna keep my bottom and you down so as you pull the shoulder down I want you to start to lift your waistline up and you might have to adjust here to what feels good okay so as we're here I want you to just lift your spine and drop your head and feel all your spine stretch over you can take that top arm over to push your hips forward and really lengthen the spine and then drop down without letting that shoulders sink to your gear okay try it again pull it down stretch your spine long reach it out top of your head reach out of it and try to get your tail in the opposite direction can you feel that stretch it stretch it and lower waiting if you want to try you can cross your ankles and bring your bottom knee up with you here we go inhale over drop that head lift the ribs stretch that spine and low it will be one more so we're doing a total of four think about the spine nothing else okay everything else will fall into place Hale okay yes good job other side you're gonna start with me is down so you can just make sure you get into your limit all right so flying your hand placement that works for you bottom knee stays down as we come up a little adjusting and let me stretch over and lower yeah right again good if you want to lift both legs just move them out a little further and cross the ankles stretch the spine out of the head out of the tail good one more time watch the shoulder it likes to pop this dub let's turn it so we're gonna bring our knees bent we're gonna take our hands behind us and then I want you to turn your fingertips towards you okay roll the shoulders back and then just pull the heels in so from here I want you to pull your shoulders down and you're gonna lift your seat up and push your tailbone away from you and the spine in the opposite direction look at your knees a little bit I don't want your way back here I think lengthen your spine and then as you lower down feel yourself push away from the floor without elevating the shoulders try it again inhale lift up stretch your spine long squeeze your seat up and lower inhale up exhale down two more two get that spine long one more time and lower stretch those legs long stretch up and over well we're gonna keep those legs on stretch your arms forward and all imma do is you're gonna roll back tuck that tail and then stretch your fingers to the back corner of your mat as you look at your fingers bring it back up other side inhale exhale now what's your spine doing your spines rolling and then we're getting it to twist so it's a link as you twist that will fuck your Plus your big-time three more three two one we reach those arms up take your hands behind your head flex your feet lift all out of your spine tailbone down head up elbow shouldn't be too far wide you should see them in your fur feel and then just lean back on an inhale stay tall lead with your chest as you come forward keep the head pressing in the hands and keep reaching out at the top of your head try not to let your heels lift two more one more and reach up flex flow it again roll it up through the spine good all right we're gonna lower down for one fi'ty you I'm not screaming around just good so in my own fingers stretch that leg up keep this bottom leg down for right now as you anchor your pelvis feel that stretch and then turn this by slightly so it faces your nose and circle it without letting your hips lift just little quick circles try not to let your spine move at all don't let your opposite leg move either and then circle the other way little itty-bitty circles quick and then hug it in good other side stretch it up turn that inner thighs slightly towards you anchor everything and circle quick nothing else in your body moves other way anchor the back of the pelvis spine long you three then good plug it in hug broken and let's just turn to our side hug your head and your bottom leg stretch the opposite leg length good and then just a little lift and lowers here all I want you to focus on is your long spine tailed on top of your head and the other four three two hold it right there we'll do those circles again but on our side it's a little bit more into the side hip stay long don't tense anything up other side other it's a twist I meant circle the other direction my mind is somewhere else what not to do while doing Pilates good now hold hold hold and then click little pulses right into that gluteus medius but all I want you to concentrate in these belongs 5cu one and release that other side cradle your heads get long in the spine bend the bottom leg lift and lower top arm is just here for some stability so you can really get that shoulder down and really focus on the deeper connection to your spine and then keep it up hip-height and circle it without moving your torso keep that spine long and still and then circle the other way get longer and then little quick pulses as you work the leg you are stretching your spine like a rubber band good and release it alright let's turn to our hands and knees hands under the shoulders knees under the hips nice long spine so tail one direction head in the other feel your shoulder blades connect and then just tuck the tail and scoop push the tops of your feet down alternate the other way open up and get linked each vertebrae gets a separate reach stretch it fold them away from one another one more each side goon send it back come to a seated position crisscross applesauce elevate your hips up if this isn't comfortable put side bend over stretch out of your spine anchor the tail over the other way and then just keep going side to side try not to collapse reach out of the spine four three two one come up twist your shoulder use your thigh to help twist you two more and come to Center scoop round it out lock open the chest bring back to center reach those arms up on an inhale exhale pull Center good job I hope you feel great I hope you feel lengthened it's a great one to just sit at your mat and do every day if you want and that fell next to it to get notified whenever I have a new video because I am here every week for you and I love working out with you and again check out that two week free trial i have in my for club love to see you over on the other side thank you so much for watching today and I will see you again next week take care

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