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Hi my name is Ashley Ludman with Seaside Yoga here to tell you a little bit about Maury Windsor Pilates Maury Windsor is a fitness professional who has been in the pilates business for many years and she has a very highly respected line of DVD and video products

Her forte is mat work so you will often times find that in working with her videos you may not need any fancy equipment maybe just a pilates ring or pilates balls but in essence it is all about the mat work Maury teaches in a way where you are going from one exercise to the next and she will offer many modifications to use so I'll just demonstrate some of the work that you may be doing So this is called mermaid and as you breathe and move you are creating the elongation of the muscles and pilates is all about eccentrically contracting so that means that you are lengthening your muscles and you are moving in a way that strengthens the muscles in their elongated, their more eccentric form so to transition you may use your transition as an exercise in and of itself as well so you re moving from place to place, you are breathing along with that and going to the next exercise of soft so pilates is all about breathing, controlling precise movement, fluidity of movement, centering, awareness and concentration and Maury Windsor Pilates offers this system of exercise in the form of DVD's and videos for all different levels It is a great thing to check out if you are just starting with pilates and that is the Maury Windsor system

Source: Youtube

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