Pilates Exercises & Equipment : Beginning Winsor Pilates

Hi my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga here to review Mari Winsor Pilates Mari Winsor is a fitness professional who has been in the pilates profession for many years and she distributes DVD's and videos in a way that helps you to progress in your pilates mat work out

So there are various levels of pilates If you are new to this and if you have any type of physical injuries or limitations of course you will want to start with the beginner level pilates As you become more comfortable with that level, you can work your way up to the more intermediate and more advanced offerings She is great about giving modifications and on the videos you will have different people to follow and different styles and different modifications of the exercises based on your ability to sustain strength from the center and increased ease throughout the places that you need to have ease I would recommend if you are just beginning this if you purchase one of her videos just to watch it through without actually doing the exercise first and that gives you a visualization of what is happening and what is going on and you can do that a couple of times before you pop it in the DVD player and try it on your own just to see what's going on so that is my review of Mari Winsor Pilates and I hope that is beneficial to you

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