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– Hi I'm Kimmy Kellum, founder of East River Pilates And this is Trainer of the Month Club

Today, I'm going to be walking you through and obliques and outer-thighs workout Or, in other words abs and ass That's fun to say So we're going to be targeting obliques, core strengths, and your glutes, or your bootie All you'll need is a mini stability ball for this workout

If you don't have one at home, you're welcome to grab a blanket and roll it up It just increases your range of motion And another way you can modify is just doing it on the floor, it'll just be a more limited range, but you'll still get a really, really awesome workout So, let's begin You'll start by positioning your ball in the right place

Now, this is the hardest thing to get You wanna make sure the ball is really in the center of your torso We simply lay down For me, because I have a slightly longer torso, I want to move it a little bit higher up If you have a shorter torso, you're going to have it a little bit lower down on your body

The bottom leg is 90 degrees at the knee and the hip, and the top leg is extended, in line with your spine Once your set up, test your balance So for me, I'm a little bit too back I'm going to bring the ball back slightly So when I get set I don't have to adjust

Yeah, takes a little while to get That's the hardest thing All right, so let's begin To begin, we're going to be doing an oblique curl Keeping the legs anchored down

So both legs, actively pressing into the mat Bottom arm is tucked in Top arm is open We take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, again, draw that belly button back to your spine Your pelvic floor is lifting as you press into the ball and lift your chest

The leg doesn't change position, keep them firmly anchored down This bottom elbow opens and then it closes as you lower down We do it again Exhale to lift and inhale to lower So you're not only going to be feeling this today in your obliques, but also your lats here

Exhale to lift Inhale to lower And exhale lift And lower We'll do one more here and hold it

And now we add a Leg Lift As you lift the leg, try not to move your pelvis in any way So we're not squeezing more at the side, we're trying to keep the pelvis stacked on top of each other So top hip to bottom hip like you've got a barbecue skewer, going from top to bottom

And again, we fold that elbow in, we lower everything together with control We exhale lift pressing down into that bottom knee And inhale to fold in and lower We'll do three more, Exhale lift Now you can really do as many reps as you'd like

We're just doing five of these right now, and lower Good And then we're going to hold it up there, for a little pulse Now we're not bouncing, we are slowly pulsing I'm going to rest my hand on my hip

Which is modification, it's a little bit easier If you want to take that more difficult progression, keep your hands behind your head You want to add a little leg lift, go for it We'll do five more Exhale lift

6Exhale lift Nice, natural breathing Good, and then come on down Take a little stretch That feels really good

And then meet me back up in that lift Now I'm going to extend the bottom leg so I have a little bit more pressure and little bit more base I'm not gonna fall over backwards We bend the top knee and twist towards that leg And inhale come back to center

Now, I need to readjust If that's you, and your ball has moved, just move it so that it's comfortable and you're able to actually turn your back in towards the ball So we're really rolling the ball from the side of the body, to the back of the body And it's rare that you get it right the first time So just persevere

Might take you a couple times to get that alignment, but once you do, it'll feel quite comfortable You're squeezing that gluteus medius muscle to bring the knee in and twist Inhale center You're finding slight extension of this hip joint as you reach the leg slightly behind your body We'll do three more

Exhale twist Inhale center Exhale twist Inhale center And last one

Now, if you love a challenge, hold here with the elbow up, take your other hand to your hip and just lift that leg up and all the way to the floor If you'd like a modification, let the head be down, let your elbow lower to the floor, but keep your lats engaged So you're going to be lifting slightly off the ball Okay, so we don't want the head to be out of alignment with the spine So nice and long here

If you want that extra challenge, then lift Oh yeah I guarantee you having a little guilty smirk on your face will help you through this You can think of anything you want to, to get you through this series We're almost there, guys

Keep your breathing as natural as possible, you don't want to be over working your shoulders You don't want to look like this Keep it down Make it look easy Last one, hold it up there and then point your toes and take little circles

This is your grand finale, tiny circles It can be really as tiny as a little marble or as big as an orange The bigger the harder Okay, you're also challenging this strength here Reverse the direction

Our favorite word Reverse! Ooh, it gets harder as you go Your leg now feels like it's a ton, or at least double the weight it was when you started All right And I think we are just about done

Hold it up there and then come on down and enjoy that gorgeous stretch that you so deserve Deep breath in, expand the ribs, open up those intercostal muscles And guess what? We have the other side to do Lucky, we only have two sides of our body That would be awful for us fitness instructors if we had to do like, five sides

You're going to come down again Hopefully the second time, you'll find setting up a little easier, finding that center point on your ball, top leg extended, bottom knee table top Bottom elbow bent and relaxed, head is soft Again we start with a deep breath, as you exhale, engage your abdominals before you put pressure into the ball, inhale to lower We exhale to lift

And inhale lower Now you'll see I'm not moving very much I have a very, very small range of motion You can take it really, really up But, I just don't want you to move your hips out of alignment

So I'd rather it be small and controlled, then big and kind of all over the place All right, so then we hold it up here We lift the leg, and then we can coordinate the leg and the torso We exhale to lift Inhale to lower

Good, three more here Inhale down And again, you can really do as many reps as you'd like, depending on how strong you feel or how much challenge you want Okay, and then we'll take it into our twist So we hold it up there

Sorry, before we do the twist, little pulses You almost got away with that Three, four, five Deep breaths! As natural as possible And then hold it up there

Good, take a little stretch And we'll meet now for our twist So you're gonna extend that bottom leg Again, this is just an option to help make it a little bit more stable in the base You can do it with the leg table top if you prefer that option

So, meet me here We bend the knee, we twist the body and then come all the way back to center Again, if you need to adjust the ball for this one, do it at the beginning of your series Inhale back to center You're pressing heavily down into this supporting leg

Exhale twist inhale center You are half way there, guys You have five more Let's do it together

Exhale twist inhale center Exhale rotate Try to keep those hips stacked on top of each other Three

Inhale reach Starting to feel the side glutes now Two Last one And then hold your balance Hold it, hold it, hold it If you need to, lower the head down but make sure we're not kicking the neck here, Keep engaged, honor your neutral spine at all times

All right, let's give it a try Holding it up there, lift the leg, And lower Your neck is starting to get fatigued here, you can try looking up to the ceiling or down towards the floor Lots of choices You're almost there

You got five more lifts Exhale lift Inhale lower (breathing deeply) Abdominal still staying active here, hugging those abdominals in Good, and then we take those twists, those little circles

So point the toes here and circle around, keeping everything else frozen in space Again, if you need to let the elbow rest down, take that option and then reverse it Tiny circles Five four three You still breathing? Last one, hold it And then come all the way down, bend that knee

And take a juicy stretch You guys did it! All right, so that is both sides done Thank you so much for joining me for abs and glutes Obliques and outer thighs All of the things that you guys love and request so much in group classes

And if you have any questions or feedback, please write them in the comment section below And if you haven't already, subscribe today Thank you for watching Trainer of the Month Club We'll see you next time

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