Pilates Beginner Core | Stability Ball Workout Focusing on Glutes & Abs for Beginners and beyond

Hey friends, welcome back We are here again with another video on the Swiss Ball

And full body focus 15, 20 minutes max And I guarantee you're going to get a great workout If you want to know a little bit more about the benefits of working with a Swiss Ball then catch the beginning of my previous video right here where I explain that I also list it in the comments below And let's go ahead and grab yourselves a ball, a mat if you have one, would be more comfortable and let's get started

Okay For the first exercise, you're going to sit yourself down on the ball, and then just make sure you have space to walk forward You're going to walk forward until your head and your shoulders are comfortably resting on the ball, and I want your head to be higher than your shoulders, so not back here somewhere, a little bit down Okay Let's start with some freeing up of the shoulders and mobilization of the upper body

Reach the arms up towards the ceiling as you inhale, lift your shoulder blades off the ball And then press them down and inhale, reach up and press down Make sure your hips aren't dropping down and that you're keeping your hips parallel to the floor, and down inhale, reach up and exhale, down Inhale, reach up and exhale down And inhale, reach up, exhale, down

We're going to open the arms as you inhale, exhale, press up Inhale, open, exhale, press up Inhale, open, exhale, press up Let's do one more Inhale, open and exhale, press up

Now one arm is going to press down as the other one presses up to your head So inhale to prepare Exhale, one arm goes down, the other one goes up Inhale back to center Exhale, change sides

Inhale up and exhale, change Inhale up and exhale, change Inhale up, exhale, change Last time Inhale up, exhale change

I know your glutes are on fire here That's on purpose We're working multiple things at the same time Now let's circle the arms Inhale, open, and exhale, press up

Inhale, open, and exhale up Whole time you're keeping those ribs under control Inhale, open and circle down and around Let's reverse press down, inhale up, and exhale down Inhale around and up, exhale down

Inhale around and up Bring the arms down, and hands go behind your head now We're going to activate those glutes even more We're pressing the hips down, so you're folding right at your hips, pressing that tailbone all the way down to the floor, and then press the hips up and down Inhale, exhale up

Inhale down, exhale press up Inhale down, exhale up Down, and press it up Down, and exhale up Down, exhale up

Two more down and press up One more down, and press it up Good Walk yourself back, so you're on top of the ball again And we're going to swing it around to the front

Come to your side and lie down on your back The ball is against the glutes, but there is space between the knees and the ball, and your heels are approximately in the middle of the ball Okay Arms close to your side means there's less stability, opening out a little bit wider, gives you a little bit more stability So decide what you need

We're going to work the footwork series from the traditional Pilates reformer on the ball Okay, with a variation of it So we start with our Pilate's pose, so that means toes are apart, heels are together And inhale to extend the legs, lift the hips up, those inner thighs glued together, and then exhale down, bend it in Inhale up and exhale down

Inhale out and exhale down And inhale and lower down And inhale, lower down Let's do one more Inhale, inner thighs come together and down

Let's switch to parallel feet And inhale, press out, exhale, down Inhale press out and lower down Inhale press out, and lower down Inhale press out and lower down

Inhale press out and lower down One more time Inhale, press out and lower down Good Let's press

Now the tops of the feet are on the ball, okay? So the whole foot is on the ball, and you're going to press out as far as you can go with the pointed feet and then lift up the last moments, stay there and point and flex, and point and flex, and point and flex, and three, and two, and one Lower the hips Bend it in So I still want the feet flat on the ball Knees and hips are approximately aligned

This time the ball does not move, it's just the hips lifting up and down Really working those glutes Here we go Inhale, press up and lower down Inhale, press up and lower down

Inhale, press up and lower down Inhale, press up and lower down Two more Inhale, press up, lower down Inhale, press up

Guess what? We're going to stay and exhale, remove one leg and touch the ball Move the other leg, touch the ball Bring one leg up, touch the ball Bring the other leg up, touch the ball One more on each side and down

Last one, up and down Lower those hips, extend the legs for a moment Give yourself a minute to breathe Beautiful Good

Let's turn to the side again Come up to a seated position and come up and around to the beginning of your mat with the ball out in front of you So let's do our ab workout We're going to do our ab workout, focusing on different variations of plank that are fantastic for working the entire core, especially with an unstable surface So first one we're doing, we'll stay on our knees

You are going to have your hands towards the front of the ball, so you have room to travel forward And inhale to prepare, exhale to press out You're on your elbows I want the hips pressing to the ball, so it's a proper plank position, but on your knees Inhale here, exhale, activate the abs to pull back towards the heels

Inhale to prepare, exhale, press out Keep that nice plank position Inhale here, exhale, activate the abs to pull back Inhale and exhale, press out Inhale, exhale, activate the abs to pull back

And again, inhale to prepare, exhale to press out Inhale here, exhale, pull it back And inhale, exhale, press out In and exhale, bring it in Good

Next one we're going to challenge a little bit more We're going to go out Hold that plank Let's interlace the fingers if you can If that's too unstable, place your hands on the ball

So now I want you to move the elbows forward a little bit Don't let that lower back arch and then pull the elbows down towards you And away and in towards you And away and in towards you And away and bring it in

One more time And away and in and press back Sit on your heels for a moment Find the one that's stirring the pot So we're going to be doing circles

We're still staying on our knees for this one If you feel ultra powerful and you want to take those knees off, by all means Okay But for this video, I'm suggesting staying on your knees Hands low, press out, interlace the fingers if you can

Do not have that chest or the ribs resting on the ball Okay Nice plank position Circle to the right for three nice and slow Keep control all parts of that movement

Two and one, now reverse three You should be feeling that everywhere Two and one and come back onto your heels Hands resting on the ball Have a little stretch here

Good Let's come up So while we're on the topic of working the abs, let's challenge the obliques So this one is nice to go up against the wall You're going to bring your feet against the wall

The ball is right up by your hip because you're going to go lay over it to the side Okay So the top leg is in front The back or the lower leg is behind So let's bring that ball in really close to the hip

Okay So it's on the thigh and on the hip level Top leg in front, bottom leg behind, hip stack one on top of the other, and you are draping yourself over the ball Hands can be behind the head Okay

Take a nice inhale here, exhale We're just pressing up a little bit, just to where you're about parallel with the floor, and then lower down, or a nice straight line from the top of your head down to your feet, and up It really depends on the size of the ball that you have, but I don't want you arching all the way over to the right And exhale, press and lower Let's do three more

Exhale up and lower down And up, lower down Last one here, up hold five, four, three, two, one and release Take the opportunity to give yourself a nice stretch so you could grab a hold of that top wrist, and just give yourself a stretch here So good

All right Let's switch sides So I'll just turn towards the ball, keeping it in the same position, because I know that was a good position from before Okay The top leg in front, bottom leg just behind

Those feet are close together, hands behind the head, lower down And exhale, press up and lower Exhale, press up and down Exhale, press up and down Three more

Exhale, press up and lower down Two more Exhale, up and down Last one here, exhale up and we hold for five, four, three, two, one And everyone's favorite part, have a nice little stretch here

Breathe Good job Let's come off of that

Okay, so let's go back to having the ball in front This time we're going to just once again, place the belly over it, roll forward We are going to start off with the feet touching the mat, and the hands touching the mat, but make sure that your neck is nice and long, aligning with the rest of your spine And as you inhale, you're going to lift one arm opposite leg, and bring it down And then change

Inhale, other arm and leg and lower Inhale up Inhale up and lower And inhale, lift and lower And it's not uncommon to find that you can do one side beautifully, and then when you try to lift the other arm and leg, you're like, "What just happened? I am losing control

" Okay, and that's normal We always have one side that's better stabilizing than the other And down, good and up But what's great about these exercises, and if you do them regularly, it helps eliminate those inconsistencies And up, and release here

Take a moment Breathe I like to stay draped over the ball It's a nice way to release the back, especially if you breathe down into your belly Okay

It gives your lower back and nice stretch Okay, let's do a nice little Swan here A little Swan dive that works on the muscles of your back, your legs, glutes, and at the same time your arms are getting a little bit of a workout So your hands are forward, you're coming forward until your legs lift off the mat, but your whole pelvic region and the top of your thighs are supported by the ball You're going to lower down towards the mat by bending your elbows to the ball and inhale, stretch those arms, lower the legs

Exhale, bending those elbows, lifting the legs up Inhale, stretch the arms, lower the legs And bend to the elbows to the ball and stretch And bend and stretch One more time

Bend, inhale, stretch Beautiful job Press back Good work Okay, let's do a final stretch here

So we're going to have the ball completely supporting your back So lower back is against it You should feel even your sacrum is up against the ball You have a nice open squat position and you're just lowering that pelvis down as much as you can and really releasing your lower back into the ball Inhale, stretch the arms back, stretch the legs, and let your head rest on the ball as you open up the chest

Ease into this I don't want to see you guys flying off the ball So don't get too enthusiastic with that extension in the legs Take your time And then come back

It's a starting position And again, inhale over This is just a nice way to get a little opening in the front of the body, while supporting your spine and coming back down And let's do one more Inhale, reach back

Get that nice opening, nice release here Oh, if you want to stay a little bit longer, do Okay Open your arms to where it feels comfortable for your shoulders and let's bring it back Come back on top of the ball

There you have it That is another quick Swiss Ball workout for you Hope you liked it Let me know below if you did And don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already

And I look forward to catching you next week with another video Take care and have a great week Bye-bye

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