Pilates Anf?nger Ganzk?rper Workout/12 min sanftes Pilates Training zum Nachmachen/ohne Hilfsmittel

Lay down on your back your legs are hip wide apart start with the mobilisation of your lower back push your back softly down and up with your next exhalation roll up into the shoulderbridge go down with the next exhale take a deep inhale exhale, roll up again bring your right arm behind your head then your left arm bring both arms together back with your exhalation roll down again one more time roll up right arm left arm inhale with the exhalation both arms to the front inhale back exhale to the front one more feel the power in your legs and your butt push your feet into the mat try to keep your legs aligned and slowly roll down relax a bit activate your powerhouse and lift your right leg change change again your pelvis is fixed your powerhouse is activated pull your bellybutton in right leg up left leg up close your knees and your feet your hands behind the head lift up your upper body and your shoulderblades push your head against your hands feel the tension in your core and release one more and release a third time pull your right ellbow to your left knee change side with your exhalation rotate with your inhalation to the middle one more time release pull your knees to your chest and go from side to side go to table top position push your heels together turn your feed outwards first just feel the strength in your inner thights release once again push you heels together feel the tension in your core try to lift up your butt to the ceiling release bring your hands behind your head lift your butt to the ceiling and press your heels together as strong as you can and lift up your upper body try to let your breathe flow feel your core and release one more time lift your upper body lift your butt and now try to lift up your sternum and your butt to ceiling at the same time dont pull them together you lift up to the ceiling hold for a second and release straighten your arms and your legs and take deep breathes into your belly go into a kneeling side plank your upper arm pulls over your head go down one more pull your arm over your head feel the length in your body push your shoulderblade away from your ear and make small movements with you pelvis try to stay aligned feel the tension in the side of your body breathe deep and steady hold and release change side your ellbow is straight under your shoulder straighten your upper body lift your pelvis release pull your arm over your head and feel the length again release one more time feel the strength and make with your pelvis slowly movements to the ceiling feel the power hold breathe deep and steady and release come onto your belly your hand right left beside your ripcage push your pubic bone against the floor lift up your upper body inhale up exhale down contract your back muscles not your arms add your left leg your right leg and down again right up lift up right down left down left right pull your belly button in one more time right and left and come down with your next exhale release activate your powerhouse press your pubic bone against the mat lift your upper body lift your legs if you want lift your arms spread your fingers and start with a swimming movement in your legs fast end tiny movements deep breathing pull your shoulderblades away from your ear hold and release bring your hands beside your ribcage push up with a straight back inhale come to the front with the exhalation go up into reversed V go down with your knees and go back one more time in to the front ex V feel the stretch and the strength in your whole body down with your knees and go back to the front and up push your hands into the floor your tail bone is the highest point pull your heels down to the floor bend your knees try to go back with little steps relax your neck with 5 steps go to the front hold the plank position pull your heels away the top of your head to the front and make 5 steps back to your feet if you want straighten your leg full stretch enjoy the stretch bend your knees again and go forwards again try to move your butt as less as possible hold the plank position go back for the last time release your neck feel the weight on your toes and one more time to the front take a deep breathe bring your knees down and go back to child position roll up to the front and go back inhale roll straight back one more time and stay bring your left butt to the left shoulder change side you are trying to side bend your spine change again left butt to your left shoulder your waist is getting tight change to the right side come to the middle cat and cow inhale cow exhale cat go back on your heels release your shoulders relax your neck while doing half circles from right to left comfortable soft relaxed movements enjoy the movement stay in the middle and go up deep inhale lift your arms exhale down inhale up exhale arms to the side one more in and slowly in the middle down I hope you enjoyed the class see you next time

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