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hello welcome back espresso workouters for this workout you will need a mat because we will do some down dogs and that's what we're just gonna be starting with right now right here is a nice down dog position to be opening your chest this is a really good workout this whole run now for counter movement if you've been sitting a lot like opening the chest opening the hips really good for the hip flexors for the shoulders we're doing a lot of mobility here and countermove man so welcome here we go with some walk up to plank and you decide if you wanted to take it a bit more sporty staying a bit more on the plank and working on your shoulder strength or if you want to do it a little bit more stretchy wiggling from one side to the other trying to figure out how well your hamstrings are taking and stretching today or even your calves so if you do want to do the more stretchy bit and try to get your knees as straight as possible when you crawl forward and when you crawl backward so you're getting into that nice stretchy bit when your hands get a bit closer to your feet and also stretch a bit in your calves and your ankles and if you do want to take it a bit more sporty then simply stay in the plank a bit more bringing your shoulders away from the ears and then just walk backwards with your hands to your feed feet hip width apart you can relax and ease a bit now we want to relax the whole back line of your body from the heel to your crown of your head or even your eyebrow so relax your eyebrows let your head hang down low so that your back and really relaxed forward if you want you can move your head a bit move your shoulders a bit and relax your shoulder girdle really nice so yes this body bit so we get warmed up a bit and this is a plank for 45 seconds and again up to you you can these on your feet or on your knees so half plank on the knees and if you having trouble with your wrists you can also take it down into Sphinx pose being your elbows on the ground and your forearms are parallel pointing forwards like a sphinx I think we can imagine while you do that always pull your shoulders away from your ear so that you had it's really nice of long your trapezius your stress muscle is relaxed and you don't like shrug your shoulders forward rounding your back keep your back straight your hips are up in line with your shoulders more or less and pulling your navel in very good and you can release again and there nice how sink stretch second time around crawl backwards with your hands to what you feed knees can stay slightly bent feet are parallel and hip width apart and out to you I sometimes like to wiggle and shift my weight more to the right having a nice little bend and twist in the spine and then shifting the whole weight onto the left touching my left foot with both hands and I'm just going back on to the other side and touching my right foot with my both hands oh my god here we come up roll it up and then bringing your hands behind your sacrum lifting both arms elbows are slightly bent is the chest opener so you do want to lift your sternum as much as possible lift the sternum up and bring those all the way down as low as you can see you next root along and straight really good enjoy this stretch perfect so here we go I told you this is Pilates and stretch it comes the Pilates bit so we're coming back into the plank position you can do this again in Sphinx pose or on your hands and I'll lift one leg at a time so this is three legged stands it's not so much about the leg lifting as high as possible it's more about the control that you can have your back stable in that same position not shifting too much left and right and the fact that you lift one leg from the floor and just having three stances two problems and one foot on the ground is really really good for your inner abdominal pelvic floor your transverse even your deep spinal muscles are really working right now so this is great spine workout for your back back strength alright here we go with some hip open step forward with your left leg so we're opening the right hip that's what I mean so right leg is back left like us forward and now try to release your pelvis down this is a great hip opener if you've been sitting a lot for today and I like to do this kind of stretchy workout at the end of a busy day not shamed leg so your left leg is behind and your right leg is forward we're gonna do some more hip openers later but for now just sink into your hip so it's just enough workout to get your blood pumping and get moving and get mobilized but also a lot of stretches so you can really release and don't feel too tight from the day I know how did that happen oh my god some push-ups you decide you can go on your knees there's days I stay on my knees or those days I want to do a my feet and come get enough so you decide you have 45 seconds to play around with the wide push-ups so the elbows are pointing out your chest is wide your shoulders are not contracting towards your throat but you stay open in your shoulder girdle so when you go down it's like you're opening and creating more space in your chest going as low as possible as to almost touch the floor with your chest with your sternum and if you need to go down onto the knees after a few bits then just go down onto these and if you need to rest and just rest this all can no must but try to have a steady work perfect here we go stepping forward with the right leg again releasing the left hip and now with adding a nice rotation having a left arm on the ground and the right arm pointing towards the ceiling sky or whatever's on top of you and if you want you can even turn your head and look into your right hand or right palm keep the twist open if you want to move it we go back saying the rotation very nice and step backwards and step forwards with your left leg so we're releasing the right hip flexor this time and adding that nice little rotation so the right arm stays on the ground and the left arm is rising to the top and you're gazing through your fingers to the sky imagining my stars you're gazing out through your fingers we go and move a little bit if you want to just to get loose so now coming back into a Down Dog step backwards with your left foot and then release your chest down onto the floor keep your hands firmly on the ground you do want to press the mound of your the base of your index fingers left and right into the floor to create strength in your shoulder girdle and not just hang in the joints nice opening and stretch for the calf and this is one of my favorite stretches it's just the right amount of active to be really relaxing so we're going into a squat and hamstring stretch and this is very experimental so you can go down and squat as low as you want trying to always keep you heels on the ground so this place a little it on the mobility of your ankles you might want to get your feet slightly rotated outwards when you squat and get them back parallel when you fall forward and now when you're folding forward there's days I keep my legs bent and there's days I just keep them straight pressing the heels into the ground really folding forward relaxing the head relaxing my eyebrows trying to relax the hair on your skull is if you want to get loose want to get rid of your hair that's a nice feeling isn't it to get rid of your hair and I've just said your hair hang imagine you had like a toupee alright then there I think the fun is over here we go we going into a reverse plank and this is again a very stable position in a three stance position you can start sitting then push your palms into the ground again making sure that your mount of the index fingers pressing on the ground and push your hips up try to stay as stable as possible and then lift one leg at a time again it's not that important that you live really really high it's more important that your hips stay stable you might feel that they want to sag on to one side especially when you live in one leg so try to prevent that today stay in shape stay parallel to the ground with your hips and especially don't sag in the hips so don't get too too relaxed here okay if your chest open your shoulders and here we go aren't a nice gonna lie on our backs bring some dead bugs for the belly so you do want to start starting position his hands over shoulders and knees over hips you can pick any spend and then diagonally then right just lift one on back and stretch one leg out diagonally and you want to make sure that your belly stays in without pressing your lower back into the floor you do want to have some space between the lower back and the floor you do want to have the nice natural curvature of your lower back no straight back it's not helping it's a nice natural curvature of your lower back pulling the navel in Polly putting some pressure from the top onto your spine to keep it stable and remember to breathe oh and here's a nice one mobilizing our hip socket this is gorgeous right leg up and then we start turning the leg inwards and outwards in a very light manner imagine that someone is pulling your foot to the sky so this is creating grease and oiling your hip sockets so we can have healthy hips until we 121 years old and you really want to do this without cramping you want to make this a very soft movement exploring the mobility of your hip socket keeping your hips stable and just making this leg work and move while creating space in your hip socket this is yummy alright let's do the other side left leg comes up you started 90 degree angle and we are turning inwards so imagine this hip socket with this cartilage and all this fluids in our joint and you would create some of these fluids and creating more space in our hip socket so imagine that this crew is going further away from you so you're pulling the leg you're screwing your leg out of your hip socket I hope you know what I mean in order to create more room and more space in your hip socket and this will be totally yummy when you go back up this will feel like walking soft gaze something very soft alright let's do one more turn creating a lot of space and here we go strengthening our hip you starting on your left hand side so lie on your left again bend your knees 90 degrees keep your big toes together and open your right leg like a book you don't want to go back with your hips so your hips stay stacked on top of each other your navel is always pointing forward and the rest of the body is not doing anything it's just a leg opening and this creates a lot of strength in your leg to allow you to stay stable when you're standing on one leg and believe it or not we are standing a lot on one leg the moment you start walking you're shifting the leg on to walk when you're shifting your weight onto one leg and we need to have strength for that so I'm at and running this is mainly jumping from one leg to the other alright let's change like and you're not lying on your right side with your head on your arm bring it all together and open your left leg like a book nothing else is moving and you can really keep those toes together if possible and just opening the knee if you want it a little bit more of of a workout you can keep the knee up like for one or two seconds before your back closing and this will strengthen your hip especially when standing running walking having to keep balance on one leg so this will prevent your hip from pointing out from sagging into your hips and losing a balance alright last one and this is either you can make this a belly workout by pushing the legs as far as possible to the ceiling really going into that long line and then releasing down very slowly or if you feel more like stretching you can try to get into plow pose and then lowering down really softly but bring those legs not towards the ceiling but up and over your head as if you want to bring your legs down behind your ears behind your head so you decide you can also do a couple of times pointing the legs toward the sky and lowering down exhaling really slow and then coming to plow pose or you just keep working abdominals bringing the abdominals in rolling down one vertebra at a time remember to breathe Wow and then just lie down we're gonna have a little rest here don't tell anyone the relaxation at the end of our little Pilates stretch and workout so that we can integrate what we've been doing for the day you're just for this workout so you can either lie on your back with your knees bent or you can also rest the legs on the floor if you want to let those legs pivot outwards just following gravity and your arms alongside your body now simply listen to your breath and try to slow down your breathing inhaling through the nose filling your lungs and then exhaling through your mouth pretty breathing out softly and I'll try to slow down this breath and really listen to your inner sounds as this breath fills you up good air and then let go of everything that you want to let go of so with every inhale imagine new fresh energy coming into your body with the floor holding you you're resting on the floor and with every exhale you're letting go of something that you don't need to hold on anymore and at the same moment you are sinking into the floor a little more you letting go a little more deeper inhale fresh and new energy coming into your body invite something new coming and exhaling let go of something that you don't need anymore can be a thought can be a problem can be something you've been worrying about a bit too much so just let go of it and again inhale fresh and new energy coming and exhale and let go this video is now gonna end however if you want to stay on the floor breathing a littler you can and if you have come to the end of the video then I will hope to see you soon next time or with another video and if you haven't subscribed then please do so and tap the bell celsium often

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