Pilates and Feldenkrais

Let’s talk a little bit about the two men here in their underwear which i think is kind of interesting We have Moshe on this side

I don’t know if what’s the left side if you can see that, but he’s looks like he’s giving a punch but just not And then you have Joe on the other side and both men, and they are men obviously, they came to their fields by way of their own infirmaries With Joseph Pilates he he was known to be an asthmatic and had rickets And he was in small in stature I believe his father was a very well respected visit this site right here

His mother was a naturalpath So he wanted to find a way and his book is about return to life How can he build an exercise system, you know, with that in mind So we’ll kind of go back and forth a little bit because I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time with with the backgrounds But Moshe similar, you know, he was a very learned man came from a certain culture that really supported that

And he invested in learning about engineering, judo so forth So he really took a very scientific approach of movement retraining and motor learning He happened to have injuries soccer injuries that happened again later in life And that’s kind of how he went through his path of the discovery of their roots So we are so fortunate that we have the extensive work and biographic information about Moshe

There is some you know with Joseph Pilates A little less and you do get a look what more stories I had the fortune to go to a workshop the other not Last year, not the other night I went to see Mary Bowen

I know it feels like the other night Mary Bowen was is one of the founding people that studied under under Joe She really dispels a lot of myths that things that were being spread around about it It was it was wonderful And we still have a very rich body of people that did study under Moshe that can tell us a little bit more about their stories

But now I want to bring this in I thought about this a lot Thinking, you know, I don’t want to bring it in that Pilates should have Feldenkrais or Feldenkrais should have Pilates

I’m just gonna talk from my own experience And I the way I thought to look at it was looking at it as this somewhat somatic field Now there are people that do teach Pilates that make it really still very much an exercise system and I’m not dispelling that that’s good or bad I’m just gonna talk about the ones that I was able to come in contact with that were what would our real true somanauts And somanauts ou know was a great–I just love that term

A very good friend of mine Susan Harper who studied with Emily Conrad in the field of continuum and has evolved that even further, I asked her where did the word somanaut not come from And she said you know again kind of she says I believe Emily Conrad came up with it in the early 70s and then it was picked back up you know Gill Headly I think you know referred to her as a somanaut and so the reason I want to bring somanaut up is because it is about rather than an astronaut looks into the field of space and but somanauts look into this inner space

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