Pilates Abs Flat Stomach Stronger Core

Ola! Hello! Chard?t here with Corp?o Fitness This is your Pilates Abs Workout

We're going to be doing eight different movements in this all for the core getting a stronger core getting a flatter stomach and I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite AB positions that really works well which is the recline So those will be the first half and then the second to last part of this video you're going to want to really stick around because it is a new movement I'm introducing to you guys and it is killer So let's go ahead and get started on those abs OK guys so we're getting in to our eight movements The first one you want to extend the leg straight

This is our half roll down Lift that felshy part of the bum really up high so you're sitting on the bony part of your bum here You're going to recline back pull your belly button in towards your spine and towards your back and just low enough that you feel it You feel the abs but not that you feel the lower back your arms are going to extend long in front of you Or if you need to modify they can be in prayer at the chest and we're going to come down to this position hold it and roll back up

You ready? Begin Rolling all the way up and then coming back down to that reclined position rolling up and then back down So you can feel or hear my breath here it's inhale rolling down exhale coming all the way up inhale rolling down and breathing Exhale up and hopefully this isn't too challenging for you This is kind of a warm up slash exercise of your 8

But it's not easy So keep pulling down and keep rolling up inhale rolling down a little further maybe exhale coming right back up Inhale rolling down Exhale coming back up Coming down as you inhale

Exhale back up We'll do two more here Inhale roll down Exhale up And last one inhale Hold and exhale rise

Now going into our second movement your arms are gonna be right here or at the chest as you want to And we're going to pulse This is a pulsing AB recline You ready? And begin Up an inch

Down an inch Up an inch Down an inch And you're welcome if you want you can bend the knees like this Sometimes that takes some of the pressure off

That's OK Again the hands can be at the chest if you like And the breathing is the same It's inhale exile back up and this is when you know the abs start to kick in a little more You start to feel it a little bit more here

Up an inch and down an inch pulsing Ab recline Make sure you squeeze in that belly button into the spine Don't let it loosen up Think of what you're working here for that six pack, that flat stomach Maybe two pack

Whatever it is Stronger core is what matters Up an inch and down We're going to do one more here Hold it

Take a second here hold Now let's go to our third position forearms come back down here It's a reclined tabletop drop I'll start out with the modification and then I'll take it to advanced with you So hands up on the floor

Legs are going to go to Tabletop I'm going to actually turn around here So you get a little bit better of a view of how this goes So we're reclining down and watch first It's a single leg tabletop drop from this reclined position

So I'm going down tap and bring it back down top Bring it back Knees stay over my hips Advanced you're going to drop both toes down You ready guys? Oh and before you begin, if you really need to modify, shoulders on the floor is also OK

So let's begin it's tap down and bring up tap down and bring up Now these first three movements are really good for alignment really good for strengthening the ABS feeling how it's supposed to feel the next part of this is a little bit more challenging but staying with it here you're good so far Remember advanced if you want both feet down and both feet up extending down and back up as you would like to go as hard or as easy as you want to make this You can also straighten the legs taking it away from a table top, still in that reclined ab position which I told is one of my favorites for toning the abs This is fine continuing to let it go and back up I'm going to go back to my single leg table top drop we're coming into our final few here and then we're going to go into our ISO crunch, our reclined ISO crunch

One more And now hold it here Now for your next part you need to come up You're still reclined, you're on your forearms, your legs are in table top if you need to feet on the floor your arms are going to come up towards the head holding here or in this position You're also welcome to do this instead

Take a second because this is 60 seconds and it doesn't feel nice I want you to take a moment before we go into this reclined ISO crunch Ready? Pull it back arms either here or up here high Your choice I'm going to be down here and we're going to bring the legs up or keep them here

We start in just four seconds in three two one begin So holding either here or here maybe the arms are up This is the hardest So choose your level It's fine to be here

Just breathe Keep squeezing the ABS feeling that nice little squeeze right along by the belly button Take it back up to that elevated movement here Reclines Iso crunch Holding ISO Abs as you like

Maybe the arms go up You can also have the arms up and have the feet down here Keep squeezing Stay with me I know it doesn't feel nice

That's why we had an extra break But you're nearly there Maybe you need to bring those back here Keep squeezing keep staying here So we're coming into those final five seconds now

Those last four three two and one open up the knees into a little butterfly And take a second I didbsay it was going to slowly get more challenging here We're going to go in to our Tesouro crunches or just tesouro on both sides 60 seconds on the left

60 seconds on the right I've done these before on my channel You've seen them before They're super effective I love them

I'm going to show you both versions and you choose from the beginning which version you want So version one everyone come down the floor and you hook your right foot underneath your left leg And everyone lift that leg up Now version one is the modification It's where you just lower the leg up and down with control

Version two for advanced, your elbows are going to come forward to meet that extended knee And as you lower the leg you release the crunch and then come on back up trying to get more or less to the center line OK So let's start with the modification and then I'll go to that advanced in a moment Ready? And begin

So we're lowering the leg and picking it back up It's exhale lower Inhale lift Exhale lower Inhale lift

There is no real release on this one which makes it very challenging there's no release in any part of it So we're slowly lowering down slowly lifting back up exhaling down inhale lifting I'm going to go ahead and add that advanced progression where I'm squeezing my elbows together and then coming back out Squeezing coming up and back down rising up to squeeze and then release Breathing

Coming down This is where you can feel shake in the legs and in the arms here keep squeezing It's not much longer Keep doing a couple more with me here Can you get one more with me? One more? Hold it

And release Let the knees rock side to side You know we have the other one right? So we're going to switch I'm laughing only because releases the tension here Left foot under the right leg

Again I'm going to start with the modification and then I will go to the advanced version with you guys Now leg comes up and we're gonna start in about five seconds Make sure this foot is hooked behind This leg is nice and long We'll lower together we'll raise together

Are you ready? And begin Lower the leg and raise it back up exhale lower inhale lift Exhale lower Inhale lift It's a really slow movement as you go

Making it slower I'm going to add the crunches Crunching here and then releasing This is tesouro and it means treasure Not a really fitting name is it? Keeping it going

I'm getting quiet because it's getting really challenging now Staying with me Staying in the crunches Modifying Taking breaks as you need to

This is hard It's not just you Do one more Bring one more up Hold squeeze and rock side to side

Now we're going to go in to our sixth move or our seventh move rather This is the second to last one and the one I told you that's new It's really good I love this one So it looks like this

You're going to shake it out Release the ABS a little bit Watch me first so you can see exactly how to do it I'm going to give you two options Option one is on the palms high plank

You start from a normal plank and you lift the hips up an inch and come back down an inch up an inch back down an inch If you want make it really challenging you bring it up back to flat up back to flat That's a lot harder than dropping the hips Option 2 is on your forearms so the same thing hips up back to flat or slightly dropped The drop gives you a moment to release but not to low because I don't want you to hurt your back

60 seconds This is one of my killer ones So this is your plank to pike or half pike I'm going to go ahead and do it on my forearms, I'm going to come down low and then I'll switch to high plank about midway through Open palms here

Walk it out and begin It's lift up and down So you see I'm not interlocking my hands It's a huge pet peeve of mine Because when you do that you take away the force from your abs and you take it into your shoulders

So try to stay open palms the best that you can and drop a little bit more raise it up a little higher Make sure you're squeezing from the ABS What you can also do with this one, if you wanted to, is you could put a small weight on your back, a flat weight, nothing, not a dumbbell, and then it makes it a little bit more challenging as well I'm going to come on up high to my high palms You're welcome to switch with me as well if you like

Down and up and squeezing Plank to Pike Feeling those abs engage Breathing through with me One more and release

Relax You can feel it in the shoulders yeah? So that is a plank to pike But it's really a mini pike a half pike And now we're going into piano plank which is possibly one of the more favorite ones I have You're down on the forearms

Review if you haven't seen it on my channel before It's single leg is the modified raising those legs And double knees up is going to be the full version Ok? Ready and begin So I'm going to start with my alternating legs and notice I got my belly button pulled in towards my spine keeping everything nice and squeezed not letting the belly hang out

Very important that This is your last move So we're getting on through You're doing okay Continue to breath through

Remember if you're doing that advanced one it's both legs bend and straighten Exhale straighten Inhale bend Unlike that pike movement you're not raising the hips up too high here And try not to interlock the hands

Most everyone does at this point Try not to You can always go back to that easier version maybe you need a break Still hard Maybe I need a break

And then we're going to go into it again Finishing up strong here Ok guys One more and release Extend back

We're going to go into some nice spinal twists here So you want to come on over Everything is done The hard work is done Relax and let the knees come down

And I'm curious to see how you found this because with Pilates it's a good mix of hard and soft Alignment and strength So it's not like a normal ab exercise where you're constantly just dying and pull the knees over to the other side But it's important to get that alignment right Otherwise you're dying for no reason

If you're going to burn here you might as well do it right Pull the kness in and we're going to rock side to side and then go ahead and roll on up to seated Nice job guys! You are done Thank you so much for sticking with this If you did the whole workout and you enjoyed it or you at least felt it make sure you give it a like

And please in the comments let me know what do you think about the softer movements which is versus the harder ones Can you feel the alignment? What does it feel like to you? Can you pull that belly button into the spine? Make sure you subscribe as well Click that little bell notification on so you know every time I put up a new workout And I hope to see you guys in the next workout Tchau

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