Pilates | Abs and Butt workout (Tone and Shape)

Hey guys, Chard?t here with Corp?o Fitness This is your Pilates, abs and bum workout

No equipment needed It's super fast, but very effective So let's go ahead and get you started Okay, guys, we're gonna get started on your Pilates inspired or workout here, every exercise is 60 seconds, we're only going to do one set, so you only do the exercises once unless it's an exercise that needs to be done on both sides OK

Switching between bums and abs as we go, we're gonna go ahead and get started with bums with a combination So it's two movements that we'll be doing together each 60 seconds Roll on down with me First one is going to be a single leg bridge So go ahead

Straighten your left leg Nice and long Flex that foot Arms down by the side Palms relaxed, shoulders down and be lifting straight up and down

Let's begin now raising it up and back down You really want to make sure that you're doing this right by squeezing your glutes as you raise up and also squeezing your abs It's a very active exercise here Don't go lazy Make it pretty please if you can

And then if you want to start to make this more challenging, take your arms off the floor like you're reaching towards the sky For help, continue to squeeze here also keep that heel off the floor These two modifications together are killer Now going to be moving into our second exercise still on this side here in a moment, so just get ready for that It's a fast transition

Last one, to hold it to finish, good hands go back down Just in case heel back down When going to the bridge, kickbacks starting now, the knees touch and then the leg goes back up Knees touch, leg goes back up So by now, your opposite cheek is on fire

And that's exactly what we're trying to do We're isolating just that one side so that it feels a little bit like agony If you want to make it even more agony here, which I always encourage, arms can go up towards the sky That heel can also lift Just make sure you're not falling all over the place

When you do this one And if you can hear me, but I'm breathing, so it's exhale as I lower the leg inhale as a bring it back, letting my body get some air, keeping the muscles going here We just have a few more and there are going to be switching sides See if you can do just one more and release quick Open up the legs, get those hips flexors

This is the area that starts to burn So open it up They're going to set it up on the other side That single leg bridge, right leg goes flexed and straight arms by the side to start Same thing

Single leg bridge begin When I start having trouble speaking, that means I'm feeling it Remembering to keep that belly button really tucked in tight, don't push your belly out Keep your belly button tucked in You can start to add modifications if you want by raising that heel up

That's a possibility Maybe even adding those arms, if you like Raising in up And back down a few more And they're going to go into that kick back, that bridge kick back that you know

See, you can do one more here Now hands back down Heel back down Going into that kick back when you're ready Knees together, drawing the belly in and begin raising my leg up and back down inhale lifting it

Exhale, lowering And if you feel any pressure on your back, which you might do right now, you can go ahead and do one rep and then lower the hips back to the floor That's going to help you if you need it here Ok? Lowering it down and back up, maybe add those variations that heel lift that arm reach so you can feel this a little more I feel like this cheek is stronger for me

You know, maybe you guys are doing the opposite What's your stronger cheek here? Definitely this one is stronger Got to even them out Just a few more here Ok last one and release, hug those knees in, rock side to side

Now going to move on to ABS So this exercise is a slow bicycle Interlock the fingers, put them loosely behind your neck, open your elbows, keep your elbows open, legs in tabletop knees just above the hips The thighs are almost or the shins are parallel to the floor Raise it up to begin

Drop one leg, rotate with me back to center and release This is how slow and deliberate we want to go in this really slow bicycle You want to pretend that you're so tired, you just went up the hill Maybe you don't need to pretend that much And so you can't pedal fast

It's just as slow as you can go with that bicycle Watch those elbows Don't let them come close They're going to want to as you get tired, they're going to want to close, keep them wide Just a few more here to go

Making our way right through One more, if you can And relax Rock side to side Now we've got a little combo

But it's just one exercise So the combination of a roll up and a crunch So a roll crunch combo So when you start a roll it up and slowly roll down with me, until just your back hits the ground and your shoulders are here And then you're going to take the arms forward and crunch 4, 4, 4, 3, 4, 2, 4, 1

Hold it for a split second Then use your bodyweight, not your legs, your upper body to pull yourself all the way up if you're stuck, don't worry And then slowly coming all the way back down, don't let those shoulders hit again We're going to pulse for four Make these rolls here for three

That's how tight we want to push with two last one hold Use the strength of your abs to lift you up using the thighs If you're going to cheat a little bit and then come on back down slow Keeping those shoulders elevated Pulsing 4 4 3 4 2 1 roll on up nice job

Last one roll down pulse 4 4 4 3 2 1 Rise up and relax Let's move back to the booty here Yeah So if you need to roll up your mat or grab a pillow, go ahead and do that

We're gonna take our right leg, put it nice and long Top arm goes up If you feel like balance is good on the hip, if it's medium on the floor, if you struggle raise this right leg up, flex it This is a combination of a pulse and a circle for the thigh, but it works into the bum here We're ready

Let's begin with that pulse So it's 1 minute per side here Now, this is if you need a lot of support, you're going to keep both hands down Less support You can see that hand to the hip and least support

You can take it up here It's your choice Continuing to pulse that leg breathing through the entire time I'm going to go into the second part of this in a moment Get ready to pulse

Just three more Two more Last one to hold Point the toe And the second part is a little circle

Thigh circles if you need to lower the leg, lower the leg If you want to test yourself, next level here on the hip or up here, try it out Should start to feel this in the side bum, circle the other way to finish This is a challenging one If your knees are hurting, remember, next time, use a pillow

Use a mat Now get through this one with me here Last little circle and relief going into the other side Same exercise and we're going to do it the same way I'm just gonna fix myself here and go ahead and begin guys flexing and pulsing, staying in that nice long pulse here

Keep squeezing the abs Maybe take us to the next level if you want, or highest level Less stability you have the more challenge, it's your choice, what you want to do here You've got those circles coming in a moment Get ready for them in three, two, one hold point the toe

Circle forward Now I'm going to the hand back down just to get my orientation But you stay wherever you would like to stay Breathing through the whole time

And then hold circle the other way Nice, long circles The good thing about this workout is you only do one set really, so once you've finished has you're going to a one more exercise and done can hit the side bum Little pat, wiggle and final exercise for the ABS to finish And then we are done

You want to go ahead and come on down into a plank on the forearms Do not interlock your hands Open palms This is a plank drop Come into the plank whenever you need to

Back to child's pose Let's begin by dropping the hips a little bit to the floor and back up So they drop down a little and back up Stay really tight in the squeezes here If this is too much

Feel free to hold a plank Feel free to drop to the knees, even if you like But then come on back with me and give yourself a challenge as soon as you can Squeezing the abs every time you lift the hips, don't lift them up too high That's gonna be easy

You want a hard plank drop here Get some bonus arms Just a few more You can do three more two more one release, press back child's pose, relax Nice job, guys

You are done like this video If you felt it, you enjoyed it Let me know in the comments how you feel about these Pilates exercises What other type of Pilates workouts you want to see Make sure you subscribe to the channel

If you haven't already and if you kind of look a little bit more of a workout, I really recommend doing either a booty workout, get some extra booty or doing one of my arm workouts so you can tone this area as well And I will see you in the next workout, guys Tchau!

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