Pilates 4X4 For A Stronger Back And Core Fast

[Music] now your next session is called paratus 4×4 now this session is a short short session for exercises that target four parts of your body everything that we need to target in Pilates outer thighs inner thighs tummy and back that's your four key areas now if you aren't wound up go to the warm-up section that Pilates warm up section and just to make sure your body is warmed up before we do this because this is short sharp and we'll give you a quick fix to a nice trim body so you'll start off lying down so come in to make sure you got a nice back to liar there are things lying down and that will come on to forums so have your elbow underneath your shoulder and as always you've got this nice T shape so your spine is straight your hips are parallel lovely you're going to bring your knee bent we're going to target some inner thigh work first of all so get in there deep quickly so with that leg strong and straight and your body lifted you're going to breathe in and breathe out lift breathing lower breathe out lift remembering your breath all the time lift and lower and what you like to do eight of each of these exercises good and then come up I'm going to pulse three two one keep it lifted swings forward and bring it back swings forward come back and again forward and five four three two and one brilliant bring that leg back now you're going to lift your leg so it doesn't matter if you're here maybe you're here or holding here doesn't matter where you are as long as you've got hold to that leg and it feels nice and strong as straight and your body is strong and you're going to lift first one's always the womanist and squeeze and six more squeeze out breath in breath out breath and four three two and one can we hold it seven six five four three two one lover well though okay resting your body down this time completely and you're going to lift the legs and a little bit of a banana shade and then lift and lower good keep going and you're squeezing the leg down so you're not dropping the leg down it's like there's a pool between your legs and you're squeezing and remember that gap underneath your waist here squeeze squeeze good keep it up two and one well done that's four on that side so let's do four on the other side of that same inner thigh work right so resting down and come forward on stuff elbow underneath your shoulder lovely bending the knee behind you and we lift prepare your belly pull your belly in the lift good Nick it's really heavy but keep at it lift keep that leg strong the way down to the toe lift keep it up three two and one keep it lifted sweet forward bring it back and forward good forward and get some nice movement so you can emotion in your hips good keep going three two and one brilliant rest that leg down toward your leg okay doesn't matter where you are remember doesn't matter where your flexibility is as long as this leg is strong and you're giving lift super strong your inner thighs squeeze squeeze five more five four three whoa hold it up there eight seven six four three two one West you certainly arranged for a rest after that one rest down well then lift your legs little-little boomerang shape in your body and lift and lower whoo good strong legs all the way down to the toes notice my toes are pointing my legs pointed my belly's pulled in three two and one brilliant okay that's all the inner thigh work done so we're going to move on to working on the outer side of our legs so come back to the other side almost over same on each sides we've got good balance okay now it's totally up to you where you'd rather be I think forearms is nice for this one but your legs are gonna be straight then I pull them nice hip alignment and you're going to swing your leg forward scratching the tummy and then kick back swing forward pointed turn flexed foot kick back and point and flex feel it in your bottom and point and flexed good point yes I'm three aren't you lovely let's power and lift good keep going and your leg will come up here because your hips are parallel and it physically can't so if your hips are in the right place and you're like why don't you come up so high three two and one rest down okay lift that bag with the heel draw a circle the size of your dinner plate four more take it the other way this is your number three out of uniform rest down brilliant one more for this side bend your knee now can I prefer it lying down the rest your head on your arm take your hip away from your shoulder and that if you noticed lifts my waist so that the spine is straight and like a t-shape and your heels are in line with your bum and your knees forward and you lift and you squeeze down squeeze down but there's a squeegee ball between your legs and useful these they were just squeezing an orange squeeze and four more three two and one well important apples of recycling leave it for a little punch with your fists and then we're going up to do the other side okay so you come onto your elbow first nice alignment in this joint hand in front of you for stability and legs straight and you're going to sweep scratch your tummy and then kick back when you know what you're doing then you're going to point your toe and kick back and point your toe and kick back your body wants to stay quite straight because if you're throwing it all forward or back there's no strength happening here at all so your body is nice and firm for and keep going and wait and flex and point and flex good rest your feet together again I'm body nice and strong and lift remember you can't come to you high if your legs your hips have good alignment left at four go three two one okay keep lifted there's dinner plates eye circles that are a killer just keep going three two one and then the other way keep it up eight seven six keep going three two one and rest clown bend your knees rest your forearm down lovely could be awesome a little tap heels in line with your hips and lift and lower waist lifted lift and squeeze closed lift schoolies closed squeeze squeeze keep going put your belly in a box on it three two more brilliant give up often the time I would like you to just have another stretching the West before we move on to doing our back and our tummy so stretch across good and then we're going to swing around the other side and stretch across okay we're coming to town on our back and we're targeting the front of our body now so some nice familiar partakes exercises for this one so have your feet hip distance apart and you're going to roll down super slowly lovely take your hair accessories out so that you've got three important that your neck has the nice position away from your ears your hands down by your sides and your spine is neutral to this so this one is just basic scratches so lift up check your knees are in line and your hands behind your head what always happens when I'm in class I see this that now nothing's happening there other than these strengthening your neck and giving yourself neck ache so all scrunchy inhale exhale lift inhale then exhale lift and down and six and five and four keep going and scratch and lift us higher town well relax down I'd like you to draw the knee in and extend your other leg and draw that lead close close in point the opposite toe and then again we will lift it so you're not going into Chile your chin maybe have a little grapefruit underneath and you lift and swap and swap good a let's start so eight seven six five four three two bring it when you lacks your feet and just have a little rock from side to side good release like that nice strong tummy and then we're going to lift your legs up hands down by your sides are going to do two round two these and they'll give you two options lift your bottom good and you're gonna do two same sex lift and just maybe even just lifting an inch well maybe the sensation of lifting if your bottom isn't coming off the ground it doesn't matter it's that sensation of lifting that's key now if you're finding that quite easy I'd like you to come into but I can't trakula wrong so you've got your hands on your shoulders and your elbows are bent and so that makes it that they're harder you're not pushing into the floor and you lift and lift and six good keep going five four three two and one lovely relax your hands you're keeping your legs there though for your final one of the tummy four-by-four sex and this is holding on to the legs is amazing for your flexibility lifting up again remembering that grapefruit and again it doesn't matter if you're here it doesn't matter where you are so as you're feeling the stretch now they're like extend the D on the floor hold it lift you just a little higher and then when you're ready eight Stoke so instead II five four three two and one and rips well with your tongue a little bit of attack draw your knees in cross your ankles and you're gonna grow up if that's okay or coming up and we're always good for you tuck your feet in and we're going to come to lying on our tummies to do a little bit of back work now back work is always really uncomfortable because the muscles are so small that interlace down on the vertebra but it's descendant sure to balance out the front by doing the back as well and also by strengthening your back than you're less likely to injure okay so with your hands underneath your shoulders all you're going to do for your first one out of the four by four is lift and then when you've got the move you bring in your brace and I like to breathe any come up and breathe it out come down inhale up exhale down three to oh good letting them house resting underneath your forehead forehead down and do these knees was wide as your mat and toes together and lift and lift and this strengthens your bum strengthens your lower back and we lived and in it and it's rather like those leg lifts your needs might not come off the floor but it's the sensation and the scratching of the gluts that will strengthen you so four three two and one do it rest and straighten your legs this time you're going to bring one foot in and point point and rest point point and rest keep going point point and rest stretching your hip flexors and improving your posture point point and flex keep going simple exercises with fantastic results point point lovely one more on each side good resting well then turn your heels out this is number three and you're going to tap tap tap tap tap and rest and again tap tap tap tap tap and wrench then you keep this going three four and dress so we're going to do four more [Music] then you feel your bottom scrunching and you feel your inner thighs working and your lower back and your hamstrings to squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze lovely and final one for by and I rest Wow strong stuff okay extend this is your last one of your four by four so let's really go for it coming into swimming now we want to see classes we go faster swimming but I like to take it slow looking after my body so I'm going to lift and we're going to eight seven six five four three [Music] two one left in their hands underneath you let's stretch you back off ease back resting child pose so really stretching the fingers forward swing your body down and let you spine totally stretch in the necks and take a few deep breaths here letting all that Pilates magic happen and then when you're ready you bring yourself back up to sitting sitting cross-legged you've done your Pilates four by four quick fix thank you very much [Music]

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