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So you are what you think? that's really what it comes down to Your mind is like a factory What comes out of it is made of what it put it so what you focus on is where you become? Pay attention to what you feed yourself What do you spend your time consuming? Are you reading the negative news, or you're reading something that can actually fulfill you or make you a better version of you? If you want to become something you Focus on that if you want to live a healthier life if you want to make yoga part of your daily practice when you focus On that that's how it happens you can't say hey I want to include this in my daily living and then expect to think about it when the time arrives It's what you focus on

That's what you will become And keeping that focus on a daily basis is what helps you keep that commitment to yourself And it allows you to set those goals set those weekly Goals monthly goals and once you have those goals written down in front of you You have that laser beam to use to focus on that goal, and it's never gonna be easy it's gonna be hard and you have to stay focused and you get through it every single time you get to where you Want to go It's like setting your sail of a ship you know if you don't set a destination You're gonna Go too long direction or once you set that destination for yourself and stay to your commitment you will get there Alright guys we're gonna begin today at the back of your mat standing with your feet together let's start with a big breath in reaching both arms up to the sky and then exhale Slowly releasing yourself all the way over to your forward fold and walking into a high plank position Simply drawing the navel into the spine Inhale and then exhale walk your hands back to your feet coming up nice and tall Reaching the arms up and let's do calf raises four one two three four Five six seven eight and Releasing the arms take it down and walk it over into your high plank hold it there inhale Exhale walk your hands back to your feet and Roll yourself up inhale reach the arms up to the sky exhale one two reach those heels off the mat and six seven eight Awesome hold it lift and hold and release yourself back down come on over into your high plank position Hold it here now pull the navel to the spine We're gonna take our shoulder taps all you're going to do is touch your opposite shoulder with your opposite fingers one two three just tap it for Gently transferring the weight from one side to the other keep going tap and tap reach and reach reach reach you got this just tap that shoulder and Hold it here deep breath II Exhale drop down to your knees, and then let's just release into our Child's Pose Reaching the arms over to the top of the mat feeling that gentle stretch through the shoulders and Then rolling yourself up to your all fours Let's take our cat cow inhale arch the back and then exhale rounding the spine inhale arch and exhale round inhale arch and exhale release Let's come back to a neutral spine go ahead and extend one leg all the way out and come on out to your elbows From here, we're gonna work the glutes so all you're gonna do is first lift that straight leg and then bend the knee and then open the knee and around four once you're doing a big circle with that knee out to the side for three and around four five and six keep going and Seven we're targeting different areas of your glute reverse the circle same thing eight seven and six big circle lift that knee up nice and high and four and three and two And One beautiful extending that leg all the way up now Straight knee and just simply pump that leg up to the sky ready exhale one two three or five six seven eight nine And awesome hold it there come on up to your hands Deep breath in and then exhale You're gonna flex your foot and then opening over to the side first taking a nice big side stretch So reaching your fingers to the front of your mat the opposite foot is reaching to the back of your mat Deep breath and then exhale Let's come up over to that knee we're gonna reach both arms to the sky interlace your fingers index fingers pointing up Inhale reach to the side and exhale coming up for one so we're targeting the obliques here for two This is called your candlestick Dipper See how far you can stretch and then contract the muscle stretch and then contract very nice stretch and reach and pull yourself up reach and pull reach and Reach and hold Last one come on up and then let's go ahead and release back into that stretch And down on the mat inhale hold it here and then exhale Let's pivot yourself back into that all fours position and then come back into that Child's Pose Giving yourself an opportunity to catch your breath and then come on over to your elbows And we're gonna take it to the other side extend the other leg bend the knee open it around for one two big circle three and four and five And six Seven and eight let's reverse the direction out and around for eight and seven and six Big circle five four and three Two last one Beautiful job go ahead extend that leg all the way out and give me pumps from the glute ready exhale one Two lift it up three four five six seven eight nine last one Hold it there Awesome, let's come on up to both hands Deep breath in and then exhale Let's pivot on that knee and open up into that side stretch Now the other arm is reaching over to the front of your mat The other leg is reaching to the back of the mat nice big line here Deep breath in exhale Out reach as far as you can breathing deeply into that side of the body Wonderful one more inhale and Then exhale come on up to that knee reaching both arms to the sky interlace your fingers candlestick dipper on the other side inhale exhale up for a1 reach and two reach and contract the muscle for three we reach and four stretch and five stretch and six and seven Keep going and eight and nine Last one and Ten wonderful go ahead and come back to that stretch Reach that arm is far away from you as possible creating that beautiful straight line And then once you ready make your way over back to your hands and knees Your leg extended flex your toes and then from here

We're gonna come up to your plank Deep breath in Now you're gonna bend both knees you're gonna point your knees to one Angle of your mat hips to the other and then push out into plank other side Bend And then push out so come to the back of your mat, and then exhale plank twists and Plank again working the waistline here working the lower abdominals strengthening your upper body Good keep going twist and plank twists and blank whis and like last one and Bring yourself to flank inhale exhale chaturanga Inhale let's open into an upward facing dog stretch it out and then exhale release yourself back into your downward facing dog Take a moment here to really enjoy this posture stretch it out breathe it out Though once you're ready Hop to the top of the mat And then slowly make your way over to your mat on the ground We're gonna do a couple more abdominal exercises here, so once you're ready reach the arms forward with an exhale slowly with control Releasing your spine all the way down to your mat From here, we're gonna begin our abdominal series with our Pilates hundreds So let's take an inhale reach the arms over your head your legs are in tabletop, and then roll yourself up now you they're gonna stay here or Extending your legs into your Pilates stance ready inhale one two three four five exhale two three four five inhale two three four five exhale two three four twenty inhale two three four five exhale two three four thirty inhale two three four five exhale two three four forty inhale two three four five exhale two three four fifty inhale 2 3 4 5 exhale 2 3 4 60 inhale two three four five exhale 2 3 4 70 inhale two three four five exhale two three four five keep going Breathing deeply through your nose You can do it strong arms your lots of power You're on your last ten Let's go two three four five exhale five four three two one very nice release legs up Let's do our heel crosses cross two three four five six seven 910 keep going nine eight seven six five four three two one Opening up nice and wide feel that stretch in the hips in the inner thighs Bring the legs together one more set go one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten ten nine eight seven six five four three two One beautiful go ahead and bend your knees into your chest Arms reaching over come over into a little ball double leg stretch inhale extend exhale bring it in for one extend and two Inhale open exhale three make sure your lower back is pressing into the mat your back does not arch as the legs extend If your back starts to arch that means your legs are going to come up a little higher from the mat Keep going inhale open exhale bring it in inhale open exhale and work those lower abs and In very nice go ahead and reach both arms up hands behind your head extending one leg out other knee stays in touch your elbow to the knee and open for one twist and to reach and three reach four and five keep twisting and six and seven Hold it here bring that straight leg up to the sky Flex the foot inhale bring it down going to bring it up nice and controlled here Try to stay in that twisted position so your elbows reaching that opposite knee the other leg is working with control flex and lower point and up flex and lower point and up flex and lower point and up You're almost there Bring it up Flex and lower and then let's take our bicycles one two three or twist five six seven eight nine ten Beautiful go ahead and release and then from here Let's take it to the opposite side the other leg extends go ahead and twist and open for one Seething and keep that straight leg hovering above the mat If that's too difficult, then keep it grounded on the floor keep going twist and open twist and open opposite elbow to knee last one Hold it there bring that straight leg up flex your foot inhale lower Point exhale bring it up This movement is done with lots of control Don't kick the leg

Let's slowly lower and slowly bring it up flex and lower pointin up flex and lower Point and up staying that twisted position in the upper body very nice flex and lower Point it up flex and lower point and up Flex and lower hold it here bicycle twist one more set two three four five six seven eight nine Ten beautiful release And give yourself a big hug here inhale and then exhale extending arms and legs away from each other big stretch on the mat inhale and Then when you're ready as you exhale You're gonna push Those arms forward and roll yourself up to seated reach the arms up and then Pans come behind your back squeezing the gluts and releasing yourself into reversed upper play Hold it here and breathing inhale Exhale out slowly make your way down with your hips And then coming into a seated position on your mat sit up nice and tall let's take a big breath and reaching the arms up to the sky and then exhale hands to heart Thank you so much for joining us today in beautiful sedona Love and light to you, and I look forward to seeing you again bye for now

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