Peaceful Powerful Pilates

Hi I'm Kelsey and I'm a certified group fitness instructor here with Penn State campus recreation fitness and wellness

Today we're going to welcome you to our pilates from home class so all you'll need is a mat or a towel and just some open space so we do encourage that you exercise with someone however we do encourage social distancing, so make sure you have about six to eight feet between you and your neighbor friend family member whoever is it joining you here today We do understand that it is a very stressful time so today we're going to be doing a mind body class to get you moving from the comfort of your own home so if anything does not feel right to you, this is your workout not ours so change it up do what makes you feel good, what makes you feel strong at the end of the day what makes you feel better about you To start off class we're just gonna find ourselves in a nice comfortable seated position So that means either cross-legged, legs out front, however is comfortable to you to just sit here right now I'm gonna ask for a couple big shoulder rolls just loosen up all that tension

I'm sure we're spending a lot of time on our computer so we're spending a lot of time like this So it really tries to loosen it up right here I'm bringing it forward Just get the juices flowing in the upper body here and I want you to place your hands on your knees, closing your eyes, and sitting up nice and tall As we're here I want you to take a couple deep breaths

So in through the nose out through the mouth Start to set an intention for what we're doing here today in class so this is a little different than yoga You're not going to hear too much cosmic kumbaya But what we're gonna be doing is a little bit more conditioning focus but still setting an intention for class So really inhale that intention hold it for just a second and exhale

Opening our eyes placing our hands on our ribcage, we're going to change our breath between more lateral breathing so we're going to inhale, expand the ribcage, exhale engage the core, drawing the belly button to spine Squeeze the abdominals So inhale expand the ribcage, exhale, squeeze everything nice and tight So try a couple more of those hereSo almost think about an umbrella so your ribcage flares out, and then it tucks back in as we stay up nice and tall

Let's do a few more there So this is our lateral breathing, this is what we'll be seeing all throughout the class here today Give me a nice big inhale and using the arms extending up as tall as we can, shoulders press down, flip the palms, exhale, draw belly button to spine and come back down Few more of those here at your own pace however it is good for you Drawing all that good air in and exhaling feeling the engagement in that powerhouse so in the muscles between our shoulders and our pelvis that is our powerhouse that's where everything strength comes from in Pilates here

Give me one more big inhale at the top, clasp your fingers, reach as tall as you can elongate the spine that's okay if the shoulders rise up here and now we're gonna do what we usually show you not to do go around our back bring our shoulders forward, find that ball full posture So I want you to feel the stretch in your upper back really press your palms towards me Next inhale bring the elbows back and down, shoulders down, chest is lifted, feeling that nice stretch opposing what we just did there Hands reach out nice and wide Right hand comes down left arm lifts up and we look into our inner arm, shoulders that way from the ears, hips pressed into the floor so those sits bones press nice and deeply into the floor, just warming up the spine here

One more deep breath as we hold Next inhale we rise up, nice and tall Both hip bones press down, dropping the other hand towards the floor, looking up and reaching in and out Keeping our shoulders stacked, gaze is lifted, beautiful, beautifulGive me one word deep breath in this position right here

Memorizing back up and I want you to try to fold at the hips reaching all the way towards me, not dropping towards the floor yet, but feeling yourself elongating the spine up and over Hold for just a second Next exhale we release down So allow yourself to feel the stretch between your vertebrae as we're side to side I'm going to flip over and we're going to swing our knees behind us or roll over our feet I'm going to place our hands underneath our shoulders, knees underneath our hips

Finding a nice flat back right here so press the shoulders down away from the ears, feel that nice flat spine We're going to inhale drop the belly to the floor, lift the shoulders lift the gaze up to the ceiling On your exhale, draw the belly button in to spine Squeeze the abdominals, round it to the top So going through a few of those at your own pace here

So this should feel very active we should be feeling our core engage as we round up and we should feel that our back engage as we reach back so feeling that nice difference in contraction as we go front back After your next round up I want you to find that flat back we saw This is an active position always think about everything has a place and a purpose Gripping the floor curl the toes underneath and find yourself hovering right here so knees come just one inch off of the floor shoulders down away from the ears breathe in breathe out so think about keeping that nice long spine Gaze is just about six inches in front of us so no heads up, no heads down

Find that in the neutral spine and as we're here hovering, we're going to start marching it out One leg comes out, comes back in, other leg out, and in Feeling that warmth filled up in our body here right here Lower body's talking to us Soft bend in the elbows to be nice to our joints and next time we're the center

I just wanna hold it right here Hold, hold, hold Deep breaths as we're here Feeling the core engage, feeling the quads talked to us a little bit Place the knees on the floor, stretching back into our Child's Pose, just to give our wrist a little bit of a cushion right here

If you ever need to you can always fold your mat over to make sure you have a little extra cushion underneath your hands We can always come up to our fists or down to our elbows but we're coming into our quadrupeds position So we saw that nice flat back beforeSo we're going to extend our right leg back behind us as far as we can get here Keeping the flat back, we're going to lift the heel up in line with the hips and then drop it right back down

So I'm gonna scoot forward just a little bit so it's lift up and then back down Exhaling on the work face, inhale as we drop, so a lot of times as we do things like this we tend to want to arch our back and move with it so I want you to think of isolating the leg to just use the glute to extend a at the hip and then come right back down Yeah a nice little twinge in the glutes so it's starting to talk to us here holding it up about hip height Start to draw little circles so it doesn't matter which direction we go we'll hit both of them but your focus right here is to not allow idea that crazy stuff happening Everything stays nice and still except for the light that's going in a nice small circle

Can we switch up directions right here? May take a little more coordination going one way than the other We're going to hold it straight out hold it, flex the foot, bend the knee, to point the toe, extend, back out So flex, in, point, extend, flex, in point extend If you have to say it in your head you can do so then Let's final check: Has our booty popped up? Has our back drop down? Make sure we still keep that nice flat back

So hopefully our glutes are talking to us a little bit here making sure that we're not moving the thigh up and down so trying to keep just a hinge at the knee Next time our heel is in hold it in and start to pulse it up one inch at a time, making footprints on the ceiling above youTry to take that same one each and every time, all without letting the belly drop down so keep that lateral breathing keeping the core tight as we're here Deep breaths the entire time Always remembering to breathe

Our muscles need that working oxygen here and hold it up Slowly bring the knee down to meet the other knee but not the floor And take it out to the side and then bring it right back home so lifting out this side and then come right back So as we're here making sure we have that soft bend in our elbows

So our elbows are facing one another trying not to lock them out so they twist forward So these are our fire hydrants here and we can imagine why they're called that Either the next thing we're gonna do we're gonna hold it up to the side so hold it up We're gonna kick it out, bring it back in, still keeping our leg extend it out to that same height the whole time Couple more to go

I know It doesn't feel great but it will when we're done Let's hold it out to the side Can we lift up the opposite arm?Finding a nice hold Find that balance

Find that strength We may shake a little if that's okay Keep your alignment as much as you can Hands come down, knee comes in Release it back, Child's Pose, wiggle it out roll the wrists

Do what you got to do here So this is your time here so if you need to flip the wrist down and up do what you got to do So what we do to one side we do have to do together so we're gonna flip over to the other side Rise up give yourselves a nice little cat-cow Arch it out, round it out and find yourself in that strong quadruped

So that means, shoulders in line to the hips Shoulders away from the ears We kick back the opposite legs so this time we're doing left if you did right the first time that's ok Switch it up opposite leg lifts up, lower down, so exhaling all the way up, and inhaling all the way down Thinking about we're getting your breath with your movement

Thinking about how this feels Try to think about all of the muscles in your legs working here so have a nice straight legFeel the quads engage to keep a straight leg here Calves are working to point our toe I'm just lightly tapping our toes down and up

So find the pace that works for you whether you're listening to my music or you have your own that's okay Find what works with you Let's hold it up to the top, start making those circles Back check: Are we rounded out? Are we rounded down? Try to keep that nice flat line Keep It going

Nice circles Think about maybe the size an orange, the size of a grapefruit, and draw that same one over and over again One of the principles of Pilates is coordination and concentration so we want to make sure that we work through the precision of our movements here Switch of directions Deep breaths the entire time

I know this leg may get a little tired a little earlier because it was engaged as it was holding us still before And hold it straight up, flex the foot, bend it in, point the toe, extend it back So flex, in point, extend There we go Then have posture check as always

Make sure we're protecting our lower back by rocking the pelvis forward keeping the abdominals tight We've got just a little more to go here Deep breaths And holding it in, pulse it straight up and down just one inch at a time Keeping the hips square to the floor

Core is tight Deep breaths the entire time It's just small movements do a lot of work for us here And hold it Bring the knee down to meet the other knee and take it out to the side and bring it right back home so it's out and then back down

So going into those fire hydrants here So making sure as we're going here, we're not letting the hips drop We're not letting the shoulders drop Everything stays nice and still Focus on the isolation of the leg that's moving

And hold it out Kick it out, bring it home Kick it out Bring it home So hopefully our glutes are really talking to us at this point

We got a lot more glute exercise and then we had a nice little break And hold it straight out Pull up the opposite arm out Find that balance Breathe

Oh boy Give it five, four, three, two, hand comes down, knee comes down, stretch it back, wiggle it out oh oh And glutes are done So we're gonna come up into our next phase of class which is our Pilates push up So we're gonna find ourself in a nice knee plank right here

That means our shoulders are over our wrists, our core is tight, our glutes are squeezed We're going to tuck our elbows in to meet our ribcage Lower down to hover over the floor and then press back up So try to just three of those here Come down nice and close and come back up

If you'd like to, we can do it off of our knees coming into our tricep push-up hereSo just a total three and we're going to lift our hips up, walking our hands back to meet our feet and hang loose like a ragdoll right here Nod your head, yes Shake your head, no And roll up one vertebrae at a time as you get to the top again take a nice big inhale on the top

Reverse it at the top Chin to chest, roll down one vertebrae at a time We're gonna walk out to that high plank whether it's on our toes or our knees We're gonna do one pushup Lift up, hips come to the ceiling, then walk it back home do it all again

So roll up big up, and exhale Bring it down Inhale to walk out, exhale to hold Inhale to lower, exhale to push, inhale, walk up Exhale to roll up and we breathe at the top and again, take this at your own pace as we're here

Finding the stretch, finding the strength in each repetition And finding the speed that works for you so another thing that we may want to do is add more push-ups or if we hate the push-up just hold a plank Do what makes you feel good What makes you feel strong We got a couple more reps right here

Always remember coordinating your breath with your movement here And the next time you're at your plank, I want you to hold your plank no rush to get here Find the option that works for youSo we're either gonna be on our knees, on our hands We can also drop down to our elbows because we're just gonna hold a plank as right here

So shoulders down away from the ears feeling yourself gripping the floor if your hands are on the ground Now we're just going to bring our knee up to our same elbow and then bring it back so knee to elbow bring it home Knees to elbow, bring it home Let's go two more to each side, And then hold it in the center and we're gonna walk our feet in to meet our hands Squatting down and find ourselves sitting on our bum so find a nice little transition to get over here right now

So as you're here shoulders roll back I want you to sit up nice and tall so think about the shoulders stacked over the hips Feet a little bit wider than shoulder width or at shoulder width That's fine However is comfortable for you that we have flat feet on the ground

We're gonna take a big inhale to prepare, exhale as if we're being punched in the stomach and feeling ourselves rounding toward extending the abs and back here and lifting back up So engaging that's the word So we're engaging our abdominal as we come down And coming right back up so exhale press all the air out, inhale straighten back up so think about that nice controlled contraction as we're going through So do just a few more of these just to get the feeling of that abdominal engagement, that change of direction here

And next time we're low, I want to just hold a low, hands come out in front of us And this is where it's going to get weird Lift your hands up over a head, keep your heels on the ground, and then coming right back down So you're gonna feel a little bit of a shake If you want to do one hand at a time you can do one hand at a time

We're gonna hold ourselves at about a 45 degree angle so we're not fully down in a crunch Making sure you're breathing at each time and holding up at the top Bring your hands out in front We're gonna reach to the opposite corner of our mat If you want, you to come up in between

Reaching down and then back up I know it may be a lot on the hip flexor so if you shake them out stretch them out Do what you got to do here So think about keeping the heels down Really feeling yourself opening the shoulders to each side of your mat

And then we're going to hold it up Hold it a little bit lower so find that 45 degree angle and I want you to add one inch to that One more, One more Slowly lower yourself down to the ground

Give me a scooch up a little Scooch up Reach your hands up overhead and just feel a nice little abdominal stretch right here Hands, feet come back to that nice crunch position here I want you to place your hands on your belly

I want you to take a big inhale to prepare, exhale imprint your spine into the mat Feel all vertebrae touching the floor so no space between your upper and lower backOr excuse me, your lower back and the floor Making sure that it's nice and pressed into the mat So keeping it pressed down we're still gonna inhale and exhale

Feeling the engagement, that press down, that imprinting of our spine each and every time We're going to lift our head neck and shoulders up as we keep that engagement Knees come to a 90-degree angle Hands come straight out

We're gonna go into her Pilates 100 So we're going to change our breathe to go go inhale two, three, four, five, exhale two, three, four, five, inhale, exhale This is our Pilates 100 so we're gonna go through ten sets of this here If you want more of a challenge like come up straight or out to an angle but you want to make sure our lower back is pressed into the ground Here we go inhale two, three, four, five, exhale two, there, four, five, inhale two, three, four, five

exhale two, there, four, five ,inhale two, three, four, five Inhale Exhale Couple more to go Exhale

So nice strong pats of water underneath us right here Keeping the shoulders up off the ground find the challenge that works for you Just two more sets Making sure you're keeping that cool breath right here so inhale two, three, four, five, exhale One more set

And release it down Hands them up overhead reach as far as you can So as we're here reaching as far as we can, allow lower back to lift up for just a second to feel that stretch And on your next exhale, pressing your lower back into the mat as you lift your hands up one vertebrae at a time We sit up nice and tall reach up and reach over towards our toes

Big inhale up Slowly place one vertebrae at a time on the ground as we roll back down Rolling up Feeling that nice strong stretch of the front and then we lower it back so this is a Pilates roll-up Think about where you're at right now if you need to use that little bit of momentum, that's okay

Think that if you need to use your hands, that's alright as wellFind what works for you; But if it is too easy, to do that with momentum, avoid the momentumTry to keep your heels on the ground Find ways to make it more difficult Slow it down

Control it a little bit more This is your time to find your challenge So we only have a few more exercises to go Nice rapid-fire Pilates we got here today Next time we're down at the bottom, I want you to hug your knees into your chest

Give your body a little bit of love right here Rock it side to side We're gonna lift our head neck and shoulders up here Hold our legs in nice and tight inhale find a hollow hold as hard as we can exhale bring it right back in so inhale find that hollow press the lower back into the floor the entire time use your breath to move through this here so big inhale out Exhale, bring it all back in

tuck the pelvis forward If you feel like your lower back is lifting just kick your legs a little bit higher that's okay Changing that lever length is going to be a little less stress on your lower back Let's go two more wherever you're at And next time you're in hug it in nice and tight rock it front and back And were gonna sit it up with our feet touching the ground

Try to stick it Try a couple more of those Roll it back try to set up without it There you go double or without the feet touching the ground if it's too easy release the hands or try it with straight legs Next time up at the top no matter where we're at we're gonna find ourselves up

Shoulders roll back Release the hands Extend the legs if we can, if not we're right here We're going to try for three v-ups so that means we lay all the way down and then we find ourself back in this position again so if you need to use hands momentum do what you got to Butbut this is how we're gonna try to do it

We're gonna go all the way down and then bring it right back up Try for three Just three at your own pace Using your breath to get you back up Make sure the lower back is pressed out when you're at the bottom

And next time here at the top release it down Just slowly roll yourself down towards the groundHands come up overhead reach as far as you can Right arm reaches a little bit further than the left Allow the left to just collapse a little

Now taking the left side, reach the left as far as you can and bring it right back into the center Bring our knees in We're gonna rise it up take our feet out in front of us Take a nice big inhale at the top Exhale stretch it over here

So if we're at the top up here that's okay I want you to think about focusing on keeping the knees straight stretching out through the hamstrings And rolling up one vertebrae at a time, find something comfortable seated position your act to start I'm gonna take a big inhale up, exhale go over to the right keep the sits bones on the ground Reach it up Then inhale bring it up to the top exhale to the left here we go And bring it right back up

You have to inhales and exhales then we're out of here for the day so give me one big inhale up and exhale Last one biggest one of the day, of the week and shake it out great job today guys thank you for joining me for my Pilates class today I hope you enjoyed it and I want to just let you know that we're here for any questions you may have please follow and State campus recreation fitness and wellness for us and we'll be able to impose a lot of different videos for you for your journey coming forward so I hope you have a wonderful day stay healthy stay well

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