#OFFDUTYABS Muffin Top Abs Workout (17 mins)

Hello guys! Welcome to Day 3 of Off Duty Abdominal Challenge! So today we're going to focus on that muffin top area So a lot of us like to have that sculpted waistline and we always want to work that extra bulge on the side

So today we'll focus on just that and we have ten exercises for you 40 seconds of work, ten seconds of rest and two sets minimum So you are welcome to do more than two sets if you want to, okay? So the workout might get tough towards the second set, but if you want to reap some good results, try not to give up, okay? So we encourage you to also take a before and after photo or video or a progress video if you want to To show us a transformation that you've gone through with us over these 14 days And you stand to win a chance to do a private session with either Julie or myself Okay? So are you ready? Get yourself a mat and let's go guys! First exercise, Oblique Can Can

We start by warming up our abdominal and oblique muscles Bring your legs up to tabletop drop your knees to one side while keeping both shoulder blades firmly down on the mat Extend the outer knee and pull the legs in Focusing on using your abs to do the work Make sure you do not arch your back and keep your spine as close to the mat as possible

Do this slowly to feel the work coming from your core and not leading the movement with your legs Exercise 2, Tic Toc Start by bringing a legs up to tabletop again Extend both legs straight out towards the ceiling Now with control drop both legs to one side, while maintaining the back of your ribs and shoulder blades firmly on the mat as you move

Again, pull your abdominals in while bring the legs back to center Your torso must remain as stable and grounded as you move your legs Keep your chest, neck and shoulders as relaxed as possible throughout the exercise Third exercise, Oblique Criss Cross or Bicycle Have your hands behind your head, bring your pelvis to imprinted position

Legs up to tabletop and now we crunch our upper body up Extend one leg while bringing the opposite elbow to reach towards the opposite knee Keep your chest wide and elbows open Initiated the twist from your torso by crunching higher before rotating Maintain the pelvis as stable and level while twisting from side to side

Fourth exercise, Elbow Plank Knee Tuck Get into an elbow plank position, engage your glutes and keep your abdominals tight Tuck one knee towards your shoulder on the same side, making sure to feel the crunch on the sides of your waist to get those obliques working hard Do not sink your tummy too much towards the floor and keep your shoulders protracted while in the plank position Now you may turn your eye gaze to look for your knee to allow you to get into a deeper side crunch

Exercise 5, we are doing Plank Hip Twist Now let's get into the same elbow plank position Squeeze your glutes and maintain your abs engaged Very slowly try to twist your hips from side to side, turning your pelvis while ensuring the upper body stays stable You should maintain equal weight throughout both shoulder blades

Now take note not to pike your hips up towards the ceiling Maintain a strong plank position throughout as you twist Lots of oblique work here to get you that nice sculpted waistline that you've always wanted Now, we're starting to feel the work on our core, but let's not give up Exercise six, Mountain Climber Oblique Tuck

Now let's come out our palms Hold a plank while tucking your knees towards the opposite elbow Maintain even weight across both shoulders and think of crunching abdominal more while you draw the knee in Now your shoulders should also feel the work by now, but let's not give up and keep going I'm starting to feel it, I hope you guys too! Exercise 7, Side Plank Side Bend

Now, let's come up into a side plank position on your elbows Drop the side of your pelvis towards the mat and lift up to go into a nice side bend Leading the movement with your top arm Now for that nice sculpted waistline that we've always wanted, this is going to get your obliques working really hard We can do this! Don't give up and this is for yourself

Next, we repeat the same exercise on the other side Again make sure you are pushing your elbows into the mat and as you drop your hips to the mat, your shoulders will sink slightly, but protract it up to get you back into the side band position Keep your legs tight together, squeeze your glutes and engage your abs Now it's starting to feel harder, but remember all progress takes place outside the comfort zone you are going to get stronger from this! Last exercise, Side Plank Rotation Pike So we do the same as the last exercise, starting with a side elbow plank

Rotate your upper torso and pike your hips up to push your shoulder away from the front elbow Bring your hips up towards the ceiling creating an inverted V shape Reach your hands towards your knee to deepen the crunch As you twist back in to face the front, make sure your body is in one straight line Not an easy exercise, but what hurts today, makes you stronger tomorrow! Let's keep going everyone! Now, we repeat on the other side

Now as you reach your arm towards your knee, try to bring the hips just that little bit higher Using the arm on the floor to push your hips up as much as you can My shoulders are feeling it and I think you guys too Okay and now, we're done with one set Let's repeat everything for one more set

Are you ready? Back to lying down on the mat for Oblique Can Cans Now when you are into the second set, you're going to feel the muscles a lot more, so again you want to make sure as you're doing this exercise you are feeling your oblique muscles initiating the work It's not getting easier but you all can do it Okay back to exercise 2, Tic Toc Now make sure you keep your spine firmly on the mat

Extend both legs out towards the ceiling and we drop the legs from side to side like grandfather's clock Making sure you keep your spine firmly down on the mat, so you're not going to act your back Again keep our chest wide, shoulder blades pressing down and the only movement comes from your lower torso Now tell yourself you can do it and we're going to do this set better Next exercise, Oblique Criss Cross or Bicycle

Now you may choose to go a little faster on this set, but again make sure your pelvis stays level You're not rocking the whole body from side to side You're only twisting from your upper body Reaching our legs nice and long, curling up higher and see whether you can crunch out just that little bit more Exercise four, Elbow Plank Knee Tucks

Now let's get back into the elbow plank position, keep your glutes and abdominals tight and tuck your knee to the side of your body Now you don't want to be bringing your hips too high up towards the ceiling Try to always remember to engage your glutes as you return back to your elbow plank position Exercise five, Elbow Plank Hip Twist Staying in the same elbow position, squeeze your glutes maintain your abs engaged, twist your hips from side to side

Now I'm really feeling my obliques for this one now Again you want to check that you are not piking your hips up towards the ceiling Maintain a strong plank position throughout Exercise 6, Mountain Climber Oblique Tuck Now let's get back to a full plank position and we're going to tuck our knee towards our opposite elbow

Now for this set try to bring our knees closer towards the elbows by crunching the abdominals a little bit more My shoulders are totally feeling it right now as well as my abs They're burning I hope all of you are breaking a sweat like me Exercise 7, Side Plank Side Bend

Starting on whichever side, get back to your side plank position Dropping the side of your pelvis towards the floor and lift yourselves up into a side bend Think of drawing a nice rainbow shape up towards the ceiling Next, we repeat the same exercise on the other side Now whichever side is weaker we are definitely going to feel it more

So let's not give up and it may hurt now but one day this is just going to be your warmup Let's push through this together guys I know I'm doing it, so are you Last exercise, Side Plank Rotation Pike Okay now, this is not an easy exercise so again you want to make sure you're doing it correctly by twisting and piking your hips up towards the ceiling

Push your shoulder away from your elbow and reach your hand towards your knee as far as you can go Tell yourself you can do it and if you don't want to start all over again do not give up Now we are finishing off with the other side 40 seconds and that's all you need Now, if you're shaking, tell yourself it's going to be over soon

Okay now, keep reaching, keep pushing we're going to finish this strong together And three, two, one and you're done! Congratulations guys! You guys did it! It was so tough, I was actually shaking and I was sweating towards the second set I hope you guys have fun So, for Day 4 do book into one of our online classes Where you can mark that as a tick to your completion of your Day 4 challenge

And Day 5 we'll have some more exercises for you okay? So, that's so exciting! Post your progress, we can't wait to see your transformation and do share with us on Instagram – remember!

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