Neutral bridge for lower back & glutes – Exercise for weak lower back

Hi this is Sonya we're going to do this exercise to work on our core and glutes these muscles are so important to keep our lower back and hips healthy and strong when we spend a lot of time sitting our glutes can get lazy and weak and then our lower back hips knees or ankles will take on extra loads so it's very important to keep our glutes function well this exercise is also good for people with lower back weakness it will teach you how to move your body from your hip joints instead of so much from your lower back hope this exercise will help you lie down on your back knees bent feet flat on the floor about hip distance apart a yoga block or a pillow in between your thighs your back lengthen in the neutral spine position that means your lower ribs and pelvis on the floor tiny curve in your lower back area squeeze to the yoga block and feel your abs turn on and firm do it for five times don't change your back or pelvis when you squeeze the block once you feel your abs working keep your spine neutral and lift your pelvis off the floor for few inches then lift your hips up towards the ceiling come down to the halfway position then all the way down do it for five sets your back is in neutral position throughout the exercise try not to curl your back at all your movement is in the hips and not in the back hips halfway up all the way up your hips halfway down then all the way down you should feel your lower glutes muscles around your sitz bones working make sure your abs draw in the whole time so that your lower back is not working this is mainly working your glutes after five sets we stay on the top and do ten pulses to feel your glutes working even more then come down to the floor and repeat ten impulses one more time if you feel in your lower back only lift your pelvis off one to two inches and make sure you are not rounding your back if your hamstrings the back of your legs are cramping you can do some stretches to loosen up your legs then come back to your exercise if your hips are tight you may not be able to lift your hips too high which is okay doing this will help you to loosen up the front of your hips and thighs if you liked this video please press like and share you can find more videos on my channel for workouts exercises and tips to take care of your body welcome to subscribe remember to hit the bell by the subscription button so that you get weekly upload love your comments and see you soon in the next video

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